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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Calif
Home country: United States
Current location: Eugene, Or
Member since: Sun Feb 23, 2020, 09:57 PM
Number of posts: 9,689

Journal Archives

Trump cost Fox News $787.5 million because he is such an ass and had the power he did

over the Republicans and the network. They well knew better, but Trump had them by the .... and they had to do what they did. It cost them $787.5 million. Just the beginning, I hope. All cause of Trump. And he is running again boys. How much is the next time gonna cost your network. So lmao. A worthless human being accomplished a $787.5 million loss.

People, I need help with cheapest long term tv entertainment.

Here is the issue. I got rid of cable over a decade ago. Maybe 15 yrs. I got Netflix when it was $7 a month. That is all I had. My son set it up on my tv and if I watched tv, that is what I used. I had no channels, news, anything, just Netflix and dvds. About 3 yrs ago my son put a fire stick on my tv and I got other options for freetv. Again, he explained nothing so I had no idea what it was about.

A couple weeks ago I started getting text from Amazon saying something was wrong with account and if I did not address I would be canceled. Zillions of text over a period but thought it a scam. I have not been paying for anything. I do not know that I have ever bought anything from Amazon, not big on shopping so was clueless. Then the other day everything was shut off and told I had to call them to fix. Totally clueless. But son said when he moved to Ecuador 7 months ago he closed the account, so I am assuming that is what happened and just took a while to catch up with me.

Now... All my stuff is about two decades old. Way expired on what is happening today. As you can tell from this post, I have no idea or information on what is out there and the best cheapest way to set stuff up. I have a fire. I am paying monthly for Netflix at about $15 a month but do not know how to get Netflix on tv now. I have no one that can help me. I go long periods, like 6 months, without watching tv then will watched continuously then stop again for long periods. I do not want to put much monthly money into watching tv but I want something simple, that will give me some channels that I set up so I understand it this time and not dependent on another to fix any problems. I am even good with getting a new tv if need be and they are not too expensive. I mean clueless what tv is going for too.

Can you give me some ideas please? I tried googling for info, but this is a vague question and when there is no knowledge at all makes it hard to put in search.


My Pc is saying "doesn't currently meet the minimum system requirements"

This PC doesn't currently meet the minimum system requirements to run windows 11. Get the details and see if there are things you can do in the PC Health Check app.

And I am having trouble loading pictures from phone to my email, that is why I was checking. I have had other bothersome issues.

Why? Anyone know what I am supposed to do, if I want to do, who do I take it to, or get a new laptop?

Edit to add: When I try to send me pictures from my sons text it tells me: 9 unsent messages. They are setting in my outbox and when I try to down/upload from phone it tells me: Cannot send mail. The connection to the outgoing server failed.

So, I got a new battery for my iphone6s. Yes an old phone and I do not need more.

My phone wasn't holding much of a charge and was juicing out quickly and since giving my new battery I did make it to 50% by the end of my day, work shift where I talked on the phone, did some text and looked at FB. But still it seemed to me when I first got the phone it lasted longer. Significantly longer. Why does it not feel like me paying for a new battery gave me all that or is this just a norm.

What are the odds of Feds finding out employer offers HC while employee uses ACA instead?

Has anyone heard of a person using ACA healthcare when the employer offers hc and what happened?

I know IRS is pretty well on top of verifying the amount a person makes to the amount they declare but I have not read anything on people using ACA when employer provides hc and how easily they are caught.

UPDATE: Hey, my pot smoking friends. Give me your best guess.

Update: Anyone interested, last Thursday bought a drug test at Walmart and it showed negative. Friday I went down to take the pee test and found out today that I passed. Yea me. I start Friday. Hoops to jump thru to get a job. Thanks for everyone's help, telling me about the tests sold in stores and giving me the confidence taking the test with all the information provided in this thread.

I have a job I am starting 11/15 and there is a drug test, urine. I have only done it once before and I know it came up that I had done pot because I was smoking almost daily and just a couple days before I took the test, but they hired me anyway. That was 3 months ago. I got another job and I will have to do another test. I do not think this job will hire me if I come up with pot. Upside is I haven't felt like pot for a couple three months. I ate an edible a couple times in Aug, none in Sept. Oct a friend came over on 10/9. Two puffs from a joint and less than a week after that I had an edible. And I have not had any since, I do not think. Maybe one more edible somewhere around beginning of Oct but I do not think so.

I have not done the test enough to have experience how it will show. I know we do not know, and all kinds of factors involved but what is you best guess on this test. I do not want to quit the current job if I do not pass this test, for sure. But I would rather not go to work tomorrow.

And I am in Eugene and just as legal to have an edible as have a glass of wine, for anyone thinking I am a law breaker.


A call today. Message to provider. Got her first vacc. Headache and nausea.

I asked her how long since she got the first vacc. 20 minutes. Say what? The more conversation I had with her, she was so nervous getting it I suggest maybe the headache was her angst at getting the shot. She acknowledge could be why she had an upset stomach. Fuckin' sad. She said no problems getting the flu shot, but this one she had trepidation. So sad, what the right did with misinformation.

A woman that works in my cubicle called in yesterday but at work today. Boss said this morning at

pre work meeting to be sure to wear masks in common areas, that illness going around. I asked, "Covid? I need to be more diligent if so.". He said, act as if, but they did not know. I specifically and clearly told him, give me a heads up if covid. He acknowledged he would. The gal that was sick came in late and never faced me, all the while toward her computer, away from me. I put my mask on. (Not wearing when in our space so we can be heard on phones). Afternoon I get my afternoon coffee, and take mask off, look at co worker and she is masked. I drink coffee, then mask up again. Finally I ask her what sick she had. Her friend in another office across the way tested positive around 2 this afternoon about when my coworker put the mask on. This is a couple hours later I ask about illness having her call out yesterday. She is looking flushed. Boss will not let her go home. She gets tested tomorrow morning. She and her daughter were sick all weekend and coworker said only an upset stomach now though she looked flushed to me. In a little space, but now she is masked. My boss said nothing, though he was well aware.

I am a little bit pissed. Covid looks different on a 60 yr old smoker than these kids I am around.

Covid surge and a new job.

Reason this with me. I am sitting in a small office Friday with 3 people, in a small room that holds about 36 people (3 per cubicle, 2 or 3 per office) all having to wear masks but the whole job is talking on the phone, expelling breathe. I am sitting in this office with two others, door closed. The gal that is training me, while wearing a mask, though some times pulling down and speaking out or readjusting and touching everything tells me.... I do not have a vaccination. As a matter of fact, I have been trying to get covid for the last year an half.
Small office, door shut for 8 hours listening to her answering calls and helping customers trying to get info on covid testing sites and vaccination, and ya, other health issues. 8 hours in a small room, no ventilation telling me she is trying to get covid.

I mean, I get I have to go back to work. I get UI can't be forever. We have morgue trucks pulling into hospitals to refrigerate the dead because too many dying and being overwhelmed in funeral homes.

What do I do with that? A year and half, not seeing boys, not going out, doing all the things I need to do to not get covid cause I doubt my lungs could handle it, though the rest of me is healthy and weight on my side, though blood type not on my side.

I cannot talk to the 30 something young boss having only just been hired. Who knows? He might not have been vacc'ed either and think it his right. Just where do I put this and walk into the office tomorrow?
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