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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Member since: Sun Oct 14, 2012, 10:45 AM
Number of posts: 13,260

About Me

Always a Democrat. I can't understand conservatives. I try to understand them, but I can't. They don't make sense. Our country has gone so far right since 1981. I was just an average American who took many Democratic values for granted when Reagan was elected. It was like the rug was pulled out from under our society. Reagan ruined our country.

Journal Archives

Good Gawd - Can the Senate (Mitch McConnell) can refuse to certify the Electoral College?

Someone talk me down...I'm sure Mitch will do this.

Then it goes to the House, but then the only majority of states. (Not House, vote) Each state will get a vote: And the vote will be a majority of the house delegation per state. Biden will lose. God gawd!!



James O'Keefe confronts Mauro Garza (R) - Joaquin Castro's challenger


You can't make this up.

Gross!!! The rallies are starting again


TRUMP campaign is exploring having him hold an event (not a rally) in Pittsburgh on Monday, per 3 ppl familiar with the discussions. They're setting up possible travel plans for him all week, with later in the week seeming more solid.

(She says it's not a rally, but Trump can't do anything but have rallies)

Newest NISD High School will be named after Justice Sonia Sotormayor!

The 12th comprehensive high school in Northside ISD will be named after United States Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

The NISD Board of Trustees voted on the name Sotomayor High School at a Called Board meeting Tuesday evening. Per the Districtís policy, the high school was named after a United States Supreme Court Justice.

Eighth graders in the potential attendance areas wrote essays to name the new school, which will open in 2022. The naming process began in May 2019. The new school is located across from Government Canyon off Galm Road at 12801 Tall Timber Lane. It is anticipated to help relieve Harlan and OíConnor high schools.

Justice Sotomayor is the first Hispanic and only third female to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. During her tenure, she has been identified with concern for the rights of defendants, calls for reform of the criminal justice system, and making impassioned dissents on issues of race, gender, and ethnic identity.


(Northside ISD is in Bexar County..My husband was a principal there and opened John Paul Stevens High School in 2005. Stevens came to the opening!)

Question about superspreader event

This event at the WH sure seems to be a super-super spreader event.

The reason I say this:
People were tested before attending
Although masks weren't worn, due to the formal nature of the event there was more social distancing than a bar, church and many other social gatherings.

It does seem like a high percentage of positive cases

My daughter got married in August and it was the first time the venue hosted a reception since the pandemic. (I know..I know, but I can't control my kids) The venue really botched up the social distancing. There were no seating arrangements. There was an open buffet, bowling, open bar, loud music, halloween costumes, dancing etc. We wore our masks as much as we could and tried to keep our distance, but the music was very loud etc etc. Thankfully there were no reported CV 19 cases that originated from the event. I put myself in quarantine for 2 weeks afterward...LOL I was thoroughly convinced at least a handful of people were going to come down with CV 19 from the event. There were about 125 people in attendance, including my 88 year old mother in law.

Something that happened at this particular WH event that is different than other events. Maybe the reason there were no cases from my daughter's wedding is that no one who attended the event had CV 19, but the odds were against that since 1% of the population of Travis County already had been diagnosed with CV 19.

Just curious...I know the Trump admin has been playing Russian Roulette with Covid 19. I looks like they finally lost.

I remember when Stephen Miller's wife and Trump's valet had it, we expected it to spread through the WH like wildfire, but it really didn't go very far. Something about this is very different.

White People Emergencies...

Satire featuring: Sarah Silverman, Louis Black and Sarah Cooper

Too many white people have proven they canít be trusted to use 911 responsibly Ė and itís costing Black people their safety and sometimes their lives. So Color Of Change
is introducing a new emergency number, just for all the 'Karens' out there.


Could not log on into my computer after KB4571756 and/or KB4574727

I got an error message, that my password was incorrect. (Tried about 20 times!...Plus I have never had problems with typing it wrong or anything)

I have a desktop and my password is easy. I called Microsoft and they said my Windows 10 Home Version 2004 installation was corrupt. So we downloaded an installation file from Microsoft on another computer.

Meanwhile, I was really upset that I had not made recent backups. I managed to get into my computer using system restore and my password. So now, everything is backed up.

I know the system restore is a temporary fix, but I would love to have held off on reinstalling Windows until after the election.

I also cannot figure out how to create a password reset disk.

I click "Create a password reset disk" and absolutely nothing happens.

I also had problems in another computer today after KB4571756 and/or KB4574727. It seemed almost like a new installation. I had problems with the password too and Microsoft wanted a PIN...it was so bewildering. I ended up setting up a PIN although I didn't want to. The other is a laptop with a dead battery that is plugged in 24/7, so it isn't going anywhere.

Our Democratic Zoom meeting was hacked with "Death to Democrats", and Trump Emperor God stuff

Pretty much the same as DU 2016 hack.

We only had 36 in the room. It was an orientation type meeting. She starts sharing her screen and suddenly weird writing appears on her screen. Then it got worse. Then there was this really strange shouting with "Donald Trump is going to kill all Democrats", "Democrats are going to die" etc etc.

So, we stopped the meeting. Got back on it happened again. This time it was much worse. Porn showed up and there was all sorts of profanity about Democrats. Then my voice was hacked. I was trying to communicate that I was not the troll, and all of a sudden my voice turned into the troll voice. It was like something out of the exorcist.

I'm not much looking for advice as much I wanted to "share". I know DU was hacked. And this was so similar. There were no Russians involved. Just a bunch of local right wingers.

The invite for the event was sent to a group of trusted Democrats via email. (Email contained link) The email could have easily been forwarded.

We shut down the meeting again and the host did something different and the meeting proceeded.

Just thought I would share.

100 Days!!!!!!!!!! Flush the turd on Nov 3rd!!!

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