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Member since: Tue Aug 6, 2019, 12:25 PM
Number of posts: 1,229

About Me

Expat Michigander living in the middle of England.

Journal Archives

Great Tweet Re the UK government chaos


'nuf said

IMO What we vote for..

...over the coming generations can be boiled down to two threads.

1) Absolute Fantasy and rule by Tyrants

2) A strong Republic based on facts and reality

Our Republic's foundation is our shared democratic values and the systems we have built around them that allow us to have such votes.

That's a clear message. Unfortunately it won't fit on a tee shirt (Yet)

Ken Starr dead


Kenneth Starr, the polarizing former independent counsel who led a highly publicized investigation of then-President Bill Clinton, has died at the age of 76, according to his family.

He died at Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center in Houston of complications from surgery, his family said.

/end snip


The Servile War

(I used this term in another thread - I think it works better then Civil War - and we should start using it.)

There they are, in service (servile) to the orange mango. Ready to kill anything to assure their pro-life stance - to them Every Gun Matters more than a woman does.

They stand ready to march into battle with their red hats, tiki torches and nail guns in hand. That is until the actual people who defend the actual constitution show up with the actual constitution in-hand, a properly led justice department in the lead, and a president and vice-president who are in service to the the nation and not themselves.

Wait... Does the second amendment apply to nail guns as well?

Independant counsel?

Just saw a tweet regarding garland and his upcoming speech.

Independant counsel was suggested as a topic he will discuss.

Posted by Layzeebeaver | Wed Jan 5, 2022, 09:15 AM (3 replies)

I'm in a bit of a pickle...

My mother is severally ill in Phoenix. I’m living in the middle of the UK. I’m a Michigan Expat.

I’m not sure she’s going to make it. Gout, Bone infection, Kidney failure… its not looking good.

My wife and I have had both Astra Zeneca jabs. Unfortunately, the US doesn’t recognize it.

If I travel back, I’ll be forced into quarantine for 7 to 10 days.

She might die between now and then

Is there anyway possible to obtain a medical pass to avoid a quarantine?

Do I need to write my congress-person or senator?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards to all…



Is it...

1) Kaa-Tar


2) Cut-er

I'm from the 60's I'm #1

what is with CNN?

just remembered this video from 10 years ago...

I made it almost verbatim from an initial conversation with my friend Tom a month before I permanently left for England. We had these weekly breakfast meets for years. Every one was a total sendup to some topic.

Just watched it again and it still cracks me up.

Hope you might enjoy.

The Devil Mug, Spargelfest and the Rainbow of Hate.

There are a few more episodes, but the first just cracks me and my wife up to pieces...

Just started my first germination since 2003

Double grape auto - sprouted!
ESL auto - still waiting…

10 weeks of nurture await. Wish me luck!
Posted by Layzeebeaver | Fri May 7, 2021, 06:16 PM (6 replies)
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