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Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2016, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 27,707

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Liberal. Liberal. Liberal.

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Moon over Lake Arenal and the first night in our new home.

The moon last night. The sky was really this color.

When you know you are late filling the feeder....

It is pouring ran so I was procrastinatingÖ

Wow you are an early bird!! 👁👁

Incredible dog breed.

My parents....

HEAR YE! July Photo Contest has a theme so prepare your lens!

urbanhermit was the winner of the Seasonal Spring Contest. Congratulations on your always great photos.

However, itís the winner of the May Contest, HAB911 who chooses Julyís theme. HAB911 gave it some thought and has, with gravitas, chosen the theme,

ďI have my eye(s) on you", people or animal, where the subject(s) see and have their eye(s) on the photographer.

With our great tribute US holiday July 4, letís set the Submission start Wednesday July 6. So for now give it some thought. Catch someone/thing looking at you looking at them and ďSnapĒ.

JULY 6th to JULY 13 Send your Submission. Entries will end when there are 30 photos. However, if submissions lag, itís customary to open up for second entries. I will notify when able to enter another photo.

"I have my eye(s) on you", people or animal, where the subject(s) see and have their eye(s) on the photographer.

July15th - July 17th: Preliminary Threads

July 18th - July 20th: Finals Thread

July 21st: Announcement of the winners.

As this is my first opportunity to host this contest: All above is subject to correction or change with notice. I hope you have fun as itís meant to be!

The problem is that Luntz was extra good at formulating talking points.

Like SS becoming an entitlement.

He opened the pandorian box and now his shit has spread world wide.

Questions for trumpbutts.

Did trump make America again?

If he did then why do they protest so violently?

If trump didnít make America great again after four years, why do you still support him?


If you donít love it, why not follow your own advice and leave it?

Lying Repukes say one thing in public and another privately.

Jim Jordan caught in undercover video saying the rioters who attacked police officers on 1/6 have ďgot to be held accountable."

Secret video revealed Senator Ron Johnson admitting that trump lost the election to Joe Biden by MILLIONS

When will they learn cameras are everywhere. Or do they just donít care?
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