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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 05:21 AM
Number of posts: 656

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Always be scared of the tall white man

Always be scared of the tall white man!!!

My rumination of the day regarding presidential accolades

Historically, recieving an honor from the POTUS has been an indication that you are a massive credit to the country and likely a hero.

An accolade from Trump seems to indicate that you are a gigantic, possibly criminal, asshole.

We are still a young nation. Does that increase or decrease our chances of recovering from this orange tweeting shit gibbon?

I can't decide what is weirder

The fact that my poop is neon green....or that it tastes like bananas.

Think of the bunnies.

Melodramatic opening lines to unwritten stories..

Ever get a line stuck in your head that should start a tale but nothing ever comes out of it? These lines can haunt you for a long time. My "mindworms" are usually very emo and over the top. Here's the brain fart that is running around my skull this week.
'It's been a long time since I have been able to look at a gun and not wonder what the barrel tastes like."

See? It is hacky as hell but somehow it compels me.

Share your stillborn lines here and give me something else to think about!

Why does my wife get mad when I fart on the cat?

I am happy to do it and the cat doesn't mind.

Should I tell her to mind her own business?


Got a lot drunk last night (being an expendab... I mean "essential " worker is tough. I had to blow off some steam) Looking back through the haze I got way out of line in my misguided creativity. I apologize for my conduct and make no excuses.

But fear not..though I am but a nobody on this site, I may tell you if I think you are making an ass of yourself, but I will never report you. Everyone has off moments in these times. We are human and we care about our country and the future of our people. It is a wonder that every post here is not an incoherent sputtering string of despair and expletives.

We are all fighting a hard battle. Stay strong my friends, and if I see you venting, you have my empathy, not my scorn. In my mind, this is freedom hall. You can spit on the mat and call the cat a bastard.

I wish I lived in a blue bubble where I was not called libtard or Hillary 12 times a day. It is making me harder than I am comfortable with.

Posting is lagging badly again

I hope it s a local issue and we aren't getting fucked with.

Seems to be a lot of new comers recently

Welcome and well met.
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