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L0oniX's Journal
L0oniX's Journal
June 22, 2015

It's just some "folks" killing some "folks". As long as it isn't our "folks" it's all good.

This country thrives off of war. Bomb and missile makers can send their kids to college because of war. It's a jobs thing. We've made it normal and comfortable to have war. We don't see our "folks" bloodied and coming home in caskets. At least we do see how our vets get treated afterwards. People who think war has a minimal affect on our society should look at the militarized pigs shooting unarmed people. IMO you can't have a country perpetually at war and not have it affect attitudes on killing. Demonizing the enemy is standard psych in the military so no wonder "folks" are also demonized for their race back home. There's just too many connections between war and its affect here at home to deny it has an real affect on what can cause murder.

January 5, 2015

The sentiment of OWS is not gone by any means. IMO it is getting stronger...

as more and more realize that our Democracy is dead ...killed by the oligarchy. Zombie voters is all that remains. The US government is a Mafia with its protection racket for the rich. Revolt and or revolution is the only way to take back the government ...and that is not going to happen. We're fucked!

October 27, 2014

The production of solar cells is highly toxic. Taking a step back is no where close to achieving...

an equivalency. Energy use world wide is at an all time high and growing with the population. We will end up using coal in the end and the necessity of energy use will trump global climate change. Many who were once advocates of clean energy change after examining the facts. There was one of these converts on PBS the other night who was saying the same thing. If you look at enough pie charts concerning fossil fuel use compared to clean energy use you can see the enormous and impossible challenge it really is. There's no way to stop the train that has left the station a long time ago. I wish it was not so but then I'm on my way out in the next ten to 20 years.

October 7, 2014

Too Big to Jail? Obama at the top of bankster fraud.

http://billmoyers.com/episode/full-show-big-jail/ ---video well worth watching

Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation last week reminds us of an infuriating fact: No banking executives have been criminally prosecuted for their role in causing the biggest financial disaster since the Great Depression.

“I blame Holder. I blame Timothy Geithner,” veteran bank regulator William K. Black tells Bill this week. “But they are fulfilling administration policies. The problem definitely comes from the top. And remember, Obama wouldn’t have been president but for the financial contribution of bankers.”

And the rub? While large banks have been penalized for their role in the housing meltdown, the costs of those fines will be largely borne by shareholders and taxpayers as the banks write off the fines as the cost of doing business. And by and large these top executives got to keep their massive bonuses and compensation, despite the fallout.

Yea I'll say it ...Obama was picked because of the banksters over the deal. The deal? Don't prosecute them for the fraud they were/are committing. The fraud still goes on because of Obama and Holder. Face it ...there is no real justice in this fucked up country. It really is one set of laws for us and ...well ...no laws for them. Our war criminals and banksters run free. They wanted to make sure that there would not be another round of prison like it did for the savings and loan crimes of the past where over a 1000 went to the slammer. Remember the Keating Five? Some Dems there ...huh. But now the system is fixed for them and they are free to do it again. Obama installed Geithner one of the chief crooks in charge. What does that tell you? I knew it was bad when that happened. I knew we had been had. It really doesn't matter who gets elected anymore ...it's just a good cop bad cop show and entertainment for the rich. They are laughing at us. You believe in this system? Fine ...vote then ...I will ...but I know it doesn't really matter. I'm just another zombie party voter. It's pathetic. Bottom line for me is ...until the rich controllers are expelled from politics we have no chance of changing this system. Since the rich are part of the House there's no chance that will ever happen. Poor people can't contribute enough to really assist in a election campaign ...but the rich can and do so to our ruin. I fully expect another financial crash or worse. Debs had it right...

September 1, 2014

Slavery by any other name.

The idea was to keep your slaves healthy enough to keep working hard on your plantation. It's the same idea in play today only it's not abducted people from Africa, it's people enslaved all over the planet (irregardless of race) and the plantation owners will have their crops made where ever it is the most profitable for them to do so. Profit over people is the mantra of the greedy sociopath. "people over profit" is worth fighting for.

August 24, 2014

Any ideas and principals from the opposition are automatically bad. Right?

Good ideas and principals come from many sources ...less from some and more from others. The key for a candidate is to be the person who has the most of these good ideas and principals incorporated into their person and not just well put together campaign speeches. For those who are not locked into zombie Dem voting some and not all by any means, of Paul's ideas will indeed resonate. If Dems really want to win on principals based on what really are best things for "we the people" they better start collecting and implementing the most good ideas and principals now before 2016 or we will be stuck with Hillary. What would you rather ...to be wrong and win or be right and lose? Being right does not need to mean Dems would lose.

- Poor people don't vote and or make huge enough donations to politicians = a 1% win ...change that or kiss real freedom and democracy good by.

August 22, 2014

If we would have helped Saddam more to fight the war with Iran...

there wouldn't be an Isis. (hind sight puff) Ruthless as Saddam was he did keep his country in check. (I'll bet more young black men have been killed by the pigs since then than the people who died from Saddam gassing people) Helping them win the war with Iran would have at least subdued one of the Bush axis's of evil. Should the US be ashamed it helps the Saddam types now ...after it has always given its support to whoever gives the us a strategic advantage? I know ...I am saying we are dirty and been dirty going back to at least Kissinger and then Reagan. This is not a Superman tv show where "truth justice and the American way" as it was supposed ...prevails. IMO the biggest mistake this country has made is to not follow the warnings from the past from those who knew about the MIC's ideas and goals. We can be a country of war but we will never be a country of peace. Just look at Ferguson. That's what a country who's economy would fail without war turns into.

August 20, 2014

Hmm a militarized country using excessive force in other countries has a militarized police force...

what could eventually go wrong? I mean if this country can go kill hundreds of thousands in Iraq because of 911, wmd's, yellow cake and eventual mushroom clouds then why wouldn't it's police do the same ...to it's own population? After all a lot of police are x military so they are all ready for this shit and have the equipment to do it. Maybe Ferguson is a warning to the population that the pigs are ready to kill us should we revolt against the corporations and rich people that control our country and our lives.

WARNING: We must stop those dangerous hippy girls before they spread peace and destroy our (economy) military industrial based country.

June 25, 2014

IMO the change is in the party labels. Dem doesn't mean liberal any more than Rep mean conservative.

Reps are having their own identity problems with the TP vs conservatives. Likewise the liberals are not falling into place with the Dems anymore. The Dem party has moved so far to the right that it is attracting Rinos which might as well be brothers to the Dinos. Then there is an effort IMO to re-brand liberals as something they haven't been and the attacks are coming from both parties. I think liberals embarrass the Dems or shame them and they don't or won't look at themselves as to why. The are not FDR Dems. Yea I know FDR wasn't perfect but he went a long way into the right direction. I even wonder if some Dems are pro human, equal and constitutional rights anymore other than giving lip service. They don't seem very willing to do battle to defend it ...maybe they've given up with this fucked up SCOTUS. I don't blame them ...SCOTUS is off the chain. It doesn't help that Obama has selected Reps and insiders to his admin ...wanna talk about being demoralized? Of course the fawners don't and won't talk about that unless it is the form of attack snark or alerting. Well they don't need my vote ...they will get plenty enough to replace mine with those from the Rinos. I don't see much of a problem coupling up with progressives, populists and socialists as long as the direction is away from the centrists, 3rd way, DLC and corporatists. This fucking country is owned but I am still a liberal and always will be.

June 23, 2014

I reason I knew we were wrong "before" the Iraq war started is ...

because of the emotional pride the nation was being buried in. Pride always comes before the downfall. "The Power of Pride" bumper sticker ...I always hated and marked whoever had one as being stupid and dangerous. Just like those that were quick to attach a flag to their vehicles. Those flags were warnings of danger to me ...their was another idiot driving. Besides the US pride there was the whole twisted idea that Saddam attacked us floating around. I was amazed to find out that so many really believed that. This is what happens when emotional blind pride takes over ...it's dangerous not just for america ....but all the 100's of thousands of innocent people who died and are still dying. Those people and children didn't attack us on 911. People need to wake up about what the US government, the MIC and the 1% are doing to us and everyone else in the world. We are being played!

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