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An (im?)modest proposal for resistance.

A friend’s righteous rant sparked this as a point of organizing resistance:

Revoke (or do not sign) organ donor cards, and instruct next of kin/medical POAs to not donate your organs after death.

(I hear the cries of knee-jerk outrage already.) Look, it’s simple. Women are going to die because of these abortion bans. Do not let their organs be harvested to save their murderers. Women will suffer, become disabled, lose their livelihoods, lose their opportunities for education or a career, or die because abortions are denied them, when they are unable to access abortion care hundreds of miles away. Ok, then, I guess organ transplantation should require medical tourism as well.

Nothing in this scheme says that a person should not live-donate a kidney, etc. to a person they know and trust. It just means that women and their allies are drying up the flow of organs to strangers who may be their oppressors. It means that women and their allies are taking back control over their bodies. Will people die? Yes. That’s the point. What, did you think this war wasn’t going to have casualties? Besides the piled corpses of pregnant women? Decisions have consequences, and it is time for women to be fighting back ruthlessly.

After all, nobody is interested in even ending the filibuster for us, or expanding SCOTUS for us. Why, exactly, should we continue business as usual?

Who knows anything about PacToTheFuture?

I have been receiving spam from them. Are they for real? If so, they are the slimiest, worst-managed Dem PAC that I have ever encountered.

1) Emails read like clickbait that 17 year olds wrote for InfoWars.

2) You can't opt out.

3) Their contact email doesn't work - it bounces.

4) There is virtually no useful information on their website that would help determine whether this is a travesty of a Dem PAC, or right wing trolls.

(For reference, it's www.pactothefuture.org)

Because we all need a laugh, 13 curses to mutter against Ted Cruz while you boil snow to drink.

1. May you wait in line outside the only open grocery store for four hours only to find that there is no food left, save a Pop-Tart that slipped under some shelving. May the Pop-Tart be the weird cherry flavor. May you buy it, cut it into quadrants, and eat it over two days.


3. May you record yourself making a snow angel for the first time in your life only to realize that you’re lying on your neighbor’s dog’s frozen deposits. –Forrest Wilder

4. May snow slip off an overhang as you pass underneath it, nailing you right on your noggin while you’re heading outside to pee.

5. May you make direct eye contact with your neighbor during your yard pee.


The rest at:

Of course. It's 2020. Why WOULDN'T some mystery disease crop up?

So now there's a mystery disease in India, with 300 people hospitalized. Headaches, seizures, nausea, passing out - fabulous. Might be the water, but they can't find any contaminants. They don't *think* it's a virus...


Once again, Rudy goes unhinged.

How much judgment does it take to avoid stupid opportunities to humiliate yourself (and your client)?

Imagine you’re Rudy Giuliani. You’re prattling along, giving a press conference, and you spot a way to reference one of your favorite movies to make your legal case … BAM! Twitter rips you to shreds.

That was the crux of a truly bizarre press conference that President Trump’s personal attorney gave on Thursday, which CNN, MSNBC and Fox Business anchor Neil Cavuto declined to air. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, was arguing that Trump campaign reps were not allowed close enough to properly observe ballot counting in Pennsylvania for the presidential election, which Trump and his team have refused to concede despite the Associated Press and other major news outlets naming Democratic challenger Joe Biden the winner two weeks ago.

Giuliani decided to re-enact a scene from the 1992 comedy “My Cousin Vinny,” which starred Joe Pesci (no relation to the author of this article) and won Marisa Tomei an Oscar, to call out just how far away the Trump representatives were from the ballot counters.


And the New York Daily News, one of Giuliani’s hometown newspapers, ran an op-ed by one of Giuliani’s former speechwriters on Thursday that called him “pathetic” and lamented his dive “into the deep end of a fetid pool of manufactured election conspiracy theories.”

The presser got even stranger as a black stream of what appeared to be hair dye began rolling down Giuliani’s face as he sweat at the podium...


What's On Your Playlist When The Election Gets Called?

What song(s) do you want to blast when this is all over, and you have a big drink and party?

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman hit with 15 new felony charges

Of course. These clowns even represented themselves. How fitting.

Weeks after Michigan prosectors hit the pair of right-wing provocateurs with charges in an alleged voter-intimidation robocall scheme, Jacob Wohl, 22, and Jack Burkman, 58, have been indicted by an Ohio grand jury on separate felony counts.

Local prosecutors charged Wohl and Burkman each with eight counts of felony telecommunications fraud and seven counts of felony bribery for allegedly sowing false fears about voting by mail in targeted minority communities in Ohio, plus multiple other states. Warrants were issued for the pair's arrest, who face up to 18 years and six months in prison if convicted.


The duo, representing themselves, testified one day earlier before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) in a civil lawsuit brought on behalf of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation in relation to the same alleged scheme. The suit alleges that Wohl and Burkman violated the Ku Klux Klan Act with the calls. (Wohl and Burkman are both Jewish.)

Recordings featuring a woman's voice falsely told recipients that mail-in ballots could be used to "collect outstanding debt," "track down old warrants" and "track people for mandatory vaccines." The recording cited in the lawsuit said the calls were made on behalf of Project 1599, Burkman's group.

Bye, asswipes. You thought you were untouchable, but you got caught red-handed.


Whoa. Pro-life evangelicals endorse Biden.

A group of anti-abortion evangelicals on Friday endorsed Joe Biden, saying that in areas other than abortion, the former vice president is more "pro-life" than President Trump.

"We believe that on balance, Joe Biden’s policies are more consistent with the biblically shaped ethic of life than those of Donald Trump," the group said in a statement. "Therefore, even as we continue to urge different policies on abortion, we urge evangelicals to elect Joe Biden as president."

The group, which includes several pastors formerly involved in Republican politics, former Christianity Today chairman John Huffman, and Jerushah Duford, the granddaughter of conservative evangelical leader Billy Graham, emphasized that while they remain opposed to abortion, Democratic policy proposals, such as "accessible health services for all citizens, affordable childcare, a minimum wage that lifts workers out of poverty" will reduce the number of abortions.


Could've bowled me over with a feather.

I posted a while ago that in our small, rural, red town my still very Republican ex-GOP-county-chair and ex-GOP-County-Commissioner neighbor has been flying Biden and Vote Blue signs. They are now behind barbed wire. But since then...

Our house has been flying Biden banners on all sides of the corner.

Our neighbor’s daughter from across the street the other way came to thank us for doing it, saying all these Biden signs make her feel like she’s in a good neighborhood.

More Biden signs - and Wendy Davis signs - are popping up all over. There are a few more Dump signs, but The Side Of Light is well ahead.

Today, our banners temporarily went down for porch painting. But wonder of wonders, our GOP neighbor made up for it. HE PUT UP A BLACK LIVES MATTER FLAG SIGN, Y’ALL!!!!


Louis DeJoy Reportedly Reimbursed Employees for GOP Donations Through Bonuses

Source: Slate

We already knew that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's profile in Republican circles grew on the back of big campaign donations. The North Carolina businessman who became the first postmaster general in almost two decades to get the job without being a career postal employee, built a reputation as a superstar Republican bundler, which came with numerous benefits, including presidential and gubernatorial appointments for his wife. But it turns out at least part of that success in fundraising had to do with pressuring employees to donate to GOP candidates and then reimbursing them through bonuses, reports the Washington Post.

At least five former employees who worked for DeJoy's former business, New Breed Logistics, said they were not-so-subtly pressured to write checks and attend fundraisers. DeJoy would then personally direct that bonus payments be made to certain staffers that would make up for the cost of their financial political contributions. "He asked employees for money. We gave him the money, and then he reciprocated by giving us big bonuses," David Young, who as director of human resources had access to payroll records from the late 1990s to 2013, said. An unnamed former employee said DeJoy didn't hide his requests: "He would ask employees to make contributions at the same time that he would say, 'I'll get it back to you down the road'."

Read more: https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/09/louis-dejoy-reimburse-employees-republican-donations.amp

I do believe the correct terms are "money laundering" and "election fraud."

Edit: another great article on the laws broken:
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