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Member since: Thu Feb 2, 2017, 06:43 PM
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Travel ban not reinstated

The appeals court ruled not to reinstate the travel ban. Oh, my god, thank you, thank you, thank you! The families from the seven countries can continue to reunite, and the LEGAL immigrants don't have to fear, for the moment, anyway. My husband is a Mexican citizen and a green card holder. We have planned to visit his family in Mexico this summer, but I was scared, y'all, really scared. No, he's not from a Muslim country, but apparently trump likes to make irrational laws on Friday afternoons barring legal immigrants from returning to the US after going abroad to visit family members, conduct research, etc. I was seriously afraid that if my husband went to mexico to see his family my family would be split up. WHAT THE HELL KIND OF POLICY SPLITS UP FAMILIES LIKE THIS????!!!!!This is all hitting very close to home for me, and I'd like to humbly thank everyone who has supported refugees and immigrants through this terrible time. Just, please, please, remember, its not over yet. My family thanks you all, but we still need each other to get through this frightening time.

I am a waitress

And recently, I have noticed male customers being more demanding, putting their hands on me, etc. Maybe men are more emboldened by trump's disrespect, or maybe I am more sensitive because of it. Fortunately, I have many large friends in the kitchen ready to get my back at a moment's notice. But seriously, what do you think?


Its my first day! I look forward to working with y'all to save the country, and the world. Peace and blessings.
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