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Not entirely true. Conservatives did that first, the Russians copied, adapted, and added a few...

...of their own tricks.

Conservative activists like Richard Viguerie pioneered direct mailing for political fund-raising and action in the 1970s, using early forms of data mining to identify which people would respond to which hot-button issues. Punching their hot buttons made them more likely to cough up some cash and to single-issue vote, which helped find ways to break up the Democratic Party's New Deal coalition.

Going back farther and continuing into the 90s or later were political newsletters (such as Ron Paul's) where conservatives could get "the real deal ignored by the liberal media."

Also far back and continuing thru today is conservative radio. Rush may have been given free reign by Reagan's ending the fairness doctrine, but before him people like Bob Grant got a widespread audience (including far outside his broadcast area). And you can't leave out shortwave stations and, even more, the hundreds of AM stations across the country owned by religious broadcasters. They had a lot of leeway in what they covered as long as it had a religious hook, and they blanketed much of the country long before companies like Clear Channel could buy up stations to get similar geographical coverage.

These all gave their readers/listeners a sense that they were getting the straight dope, from people brave enough to come out and say it, not just conform like "the sheeple." They, and their favored sources, were the ones who were right.

Moving into the late 80s and 90s, add USENET groups, dial-up BBSs, and early online forums. My recollection is that these skewed strongly to conservative or libertarian views until the late 90s, when liberal forums started catching up. This is also when RWers started their habit of aggressively taking over any political talk on nonpartisan forums, not through compelling argument but through the now-familiar habit of disregarding sources outside their own favored places, dismissing it as "liberal propaganda." Other people got tired of arguing with a brick wall and, being less obsessive about it, stopped bothering. And there was belligerent trolling, of course.

Let's also not leave out e-mail forwarding networks, through which they could circulate articles and posts without having any pushback. Quite a few of those were also frauds (e.g., taking the transcript of Sen Al Gore questioning Ollie North, North talking about Abu Nidal, and the circulated transcript edited to replace Abu Nidal with Osama bin Laden in order to make it look like North warned about Bin Laden years in advance but "stupid, traitorous Democrats" ignored the threat).

There's a reason why Russian bots are indistinguishable from RW foamers. It's what they were patterned after. Why re-invent the wheel when it's already there. Just install a second set of controls.

A reminder for Republicans calling themselves "NeverTrumpers"...

Trump did not come out of nowhere. He did not spring ex nihilo like Athena from the forehead of Zeus. The road that he's drag-racing on took years to pave.

The following are a list of requirements that you must have been before you can claim to be a NeverTrumper:

For at least a quarter century:
Bonus add-on: NeverJoeScar

For the past 18 years:
NeverBushTaxCut (double that one after Iraq war launched. war+tax cuts /= fiscal responsibility)

(I am admittedly missing a whole passel of things that belong here -- JHB)

For the past 10 years:

(More missing stuff)

Failure to check ANY of these boxes means you are NOT "NeverTrump". You were fine with all the stuff that lead to him. Your only real problem is that you don't like his style.

Just thinking of a show where an outside power helped the illegitimate gain power...

Happy New Year.

Mueller Meets Trump, and Finally Puerto Rico Catches a Break

The Professional Left Podcast, with Driftglass and Blue Gal

Ep 420: (Blaze It!) Trump Wins The Very Easiest Thing

News of the week for 12/22/17 Great, Trump got tax cuts for the rich from a Republican Congress. Not exactly a miracle, but don't tell Mike Pence and Ben Carson that. Driftglass gets five minutes to rant about David Brooks, and hooray! J20 Protestors are found not guilty and Twitter proves that Both Sides Don't is really catching on! More at http://www.ProLeftPod.com, where we have a new Patreon and GoFundMe account in addition to our Paypal account.

(skip to the 6:00 mark to bypass opening banter)

The same "credible news outlet"s that "credibly" flacked every RW claim about Hillary?

The same "credible news outlet"s that were just dying for a claim about a Democrat so they could retreat to their "both sides do it" comfort zone?

The "credible news outlet"s that have long been so eager for salacious news about a Democrat that if you pointed over their shoulder and said "Holy shit! Is that Bill Clinton's penis?" their heads would whip around so fast they'd snap their own necks?

Those outlets?

Fiscal Vandal Republicans. Use it every time you use the "R" word.

Hammer it constantly the way they hammered "tax & spend".

The Professional Left Podcast, with Driftglass and Blue Gal

Episode 417: Burn the Lifeboats, It's Mueller Time

Michael Flynn and the GOP Tax Scam, plus holding the GOP accountable. NOTE: Blue Gal talks late in this podcast about why she's a #MeToo participant. It's not difficult to talk about and she doesn't cry, but people easily triggered by recollections of molestation might not want to listen. We talk Flynn, the terrible awful GOP Tax Scam, and the news of the week. More at http://www.ProLeftPod.com

Hmm ... Just days before an indictment, sTrumpets start a push to putsch Mueller out...

...and the Top Tovarisch is strangely silent about leaks lately.

Just Putin it out there.

Y'know, for people so incensed about stuff "rammed down their throat"...

...they both swallow, and lose, certain substances with amazing alacrity.
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