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No TOONS post today

Computer trouble. Might be for more than one day, depending on what it is and what I need to fix it.

Thank you for amplifying ads attacking Trump from someone other than NeverTrumpers

Who are these guys?

Ben Meiselas, Brett Meiselas, and Jordan Meiselas.

Basically, Colin Kaepernick's lawyer and his two brothers, one of whom is an award-winning video editor (including for Ellen DeGeneres' show) and the other's a marketing guy.

The Race To Go Viral: Three Brothers’ Anti-Donald Trump Videos Draw Millions Of Views
By Ted Johnson
Ted Johnson | June 12, 2020 7:25am

A day after Ivanka Trump posted an online commencement address that was scrapped by a Kansas university, a different version appeared on Twitter that also generated a great deal of attention.

It was a spot that, among other things, interspersed her words with scenes of cops firing smoke canisters and pepper balls to clear out Washington D.C.’s Lafayette Square and soldiers occupying the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. From the group MeidasTouch.com, the video, with a hashtag of #ByeIvanka, generated more than 6.5 million views.

MeidasTouch.com is a new political action committee that is the brainchild of three brothers who believe that they have hit on a formula for drawing attention: Using Donald Trump’s words against him, or those of his family.

“There is a thematic piece that goes throughout the videos — we use real pictures and real imagery and juxtapose them with their words,” said Ben Meiselas, a partner at Geragos & Geragos who represented Colin Kaepernick’s lawsuit and settlement with the NFL. Also spearheading the videos are his brother Brett, who served as head of digital post-production on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Jordan, who works in marketing and advertising in New York.

--more at link--

Paywalled, so I haven't seen the full thing either, but for those who can:
With MeidasTouch, 3 Brothers Are Creating Visceral Ads by Using Trump’s Words Against Him
Exclusive: An attorney for Kaepernick, an editor for Ellen and an agency pro are generating views by the millions
David Griner | June 1, 2020
Some of 2020’s most viral political ads have come from a liberal organization called MeidasTouch, and if you’d never heard of the group before the past few weeks, there’s a good reason: they didn’t exist yet.

It doesn't need to be Lincoln Project ads

Give a thought to supporting these groups, who aren't responsible for fostering a Republican base that would love a guy like Trump.




You're proving my point. There's no system to back and promote our attack dogs.

The NeverTrumpers have the connections they've built up over decades of working on Republican campaigns and in conservative media. They can tap into people who don't care for Trump, can see what disaster he can bring to the Republicans, and back them financially.

On our side? I can name a bunch of bloggers who've been on the attack but have been jeered at as "alarmist" and "not pragmatic" to the point they're burned out. Their problem was being right "too early."

And more recently? Well, tell me who these guys are:

and these guys

and these guys

Why don't we know their names?

There are more. People who make ads for candidates (we've seen good, hard-hitting ads over the years), activist videographers (we've seen plenty of them too, over the years), writers who know how to tell a story, a story that unequivocally paints the Republicans as bad guys. People who recognize how conservative media has worked to frame the terms of the debate and are willing to undermine that the way they've done it to us.

We don't know their names because they're off on their own trying to eke out a living, a situation that rarely includes publicists. But you can bet your bottom dollar the NeverTrumpers have people flacking to get their faces on camera, to help them push their own views, at every turn.

I suppose I have a minor quibble with Joe, or maybe he's simply more diplomatic...

Trump's presidency isn't a 'gift to Putin,' it's a purchase. Vlad has all the receipts.

Al Franken breaks down the Trump Tulsa Totter


Al Franken
6,200 people at Trump rally in Tulsa. Acts that had bigger crowds at the same venue in 2019:

- Sha Na Na
- The Pips (w/o Gladys Knight)
- Loverboy
- John Tesh
- The West Virginia Touring Company of La Traviata

That one wasn't from Lincoln Project, they're just spreading it.

It's from this guy:



Unlisted reason:

You can't munch on popcorn and other concession snacks with a mask on.

The findings empirically answer the age-old question of whether it's better to charge more for a primary product (in this case, the movie ticket) or a secondary product (the popcorn). Putting the premium on the "frill" items, it turns out, indeed opens up the possibility for price-sensitive people to see films. That means more customers coming to theaters in general, and a nice profit from those who are willing to fork it over for the Gummy Bears.

Indeed, movie exhibition houses rely on concession sales to keep their businesses viable. Although concessions account for only about 20 percent of gross revenues, they represent some 40 percent of theaters' profits. That's because while ticket revenues must be shared with movie distributors, 100 percent of concessions go straight into an exhibitor's coffers.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about red triangles and white roses....

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about police work stoppages, call outs, and "blue flu"....

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