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Gender: Female
Hometown: Deep South, USA
Home country: USA
Current location: My favorite chair, or maybe out on the porch.
Member since: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 04:54 AM
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The Republicans are our huge danger. WHO's deflecting you to Manchin?


Try not to shoot yourself in the head. The Republicans will destroy ALL progressivism in government if they can.

You do want to keep Social Security and Medicare, ACA, labor rights, etc, etc, don't you? You have a personal interest. This is not just ideological or theoretical. YOUR future is at stake.

It's not too much to predict that, if we lose and they win, some on this forum without family to take them in will end their days living in cardboard boxes and hiding behind bushes. Like the pre- 1930s "good old days" the extremists who've taken over the Republican Party intend to return us to.

Yes, we did. My best guess is the Republican takeover under Trump

could have succeeded but began to fail 2018 with the enormous setback of losing control of the House of Representatives to the Democrats. After that loss and despite 4 years of trying, Trump never advanced much beyond the support of the Republican senate, some state governments, the RW press and trumpist voters.

Without 2018, congress's transfer of its own power to a dictatorial presidency and high-level court appointments might have encouraged more in strategic positions in the military, intelligence services, and judiciary (including appellate and high court levels) to commit to the planned taking. As it is, Trump and his Republican insurrectionists didn't have control of congress or support from the judiciary, intelligence, and military and were unable to steal or overturn the election.

The Republican Party unquestionably has become increasingly antidemocratic and authoritarian, and many experts believe Republican leaders would have gone all the way this time if they could have won. And that if the tide does not continue to turn away from them, they'll try again.

Guessing one good thing about having so many elderly, wealthy Republicans in power is that they fully intend to continue their highly privileged lives and were unwilling to risk their current positions, much less their all, on an insurrection that could fail. That's for younger traitors without high position and wealth accumulation to lose.

Oh, absolutely! We're not talking Democrats who used Sanders

to pressure the party to "do more." They're Democrats. They're us.

When it comes to Sanders's subset of Disgruntleds, we're talking about both those angry whites who went to Trump by way of Sanders to fight against too much equality and also the always intransigent leftists who refused to vote Democrat in 2016, 2018, and 2020 (also 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, etc). They all claimed to be "Progressive" because that's the label Sanders gave them, but half voted Republican in 2016 and the other half voted third party -- also to defeat America's progressive party.

Sanders didn't exactly have to drug his so-called "purists" to make them believe Democrats were corrupt and "just as bad." They always knew and insisted that, and that's what he used to scoop this leaderless group up when Elizabeth Warren decided not to run in 2015. She wouldn't have run a populist anti-Democratic campaign anyway, ceding the most intransigent to Jill Stein or some other anti-Democratic whackjob.

Umhm. I haven't checked but feel most Americans have an

undefined but firm notion that their democracy is government, as Lincoln said, of, by and for the people, even when the power structure technically varies from nation to nation.

How much it is and how people want it to think of it also varies from person to person. Some are really not comfortable with the responsibility, have a dark view of human nature that insists "the people" will always fail, and want at least an unofficial ruling class made up of people proven overall deserving by earthly success and belonging to the "right" party.

As well as Lenard Larry (no wonder he changed his name),

who'd have shut himself the fuck up long ago to stay alive if Democrats weren't protecting him from them and himself. I'm so sick of stupid and hypocrisy and not taking evil seriously. And scoundrels marketing antagonism for self aggrandizement.

He'd do better to fear the day we might not be able to.

He also "named" Biden donkey of the day. Mirror badly needed.

:) Are you suuure? The pandemic's going to be raging,

shortages of everything needed to combat it and move immediately to limit deaths. How about body disposal? Hospitals forced to shut down wings for lack of staff? Problems x1000.

Plus, all the other disasters are also going to land on the new administration and congress like a million tons of bricks. The economy, possible additional epidemic disease, national and international food shortages and supply chain disruptions, climate, direct threats to national security, natural and possibly unnatural disasters, massive ongoing corruption outside as well as in governments and military, on and on.

Just filling positions is an enormous task, and most appointees will be new to enormous jobs. Many offices have been gutted of the career employees who knew how to carry on, mission statements trashed and procedure manuals and critical working data deliberately destroyed. Some employees were replaced with saboteurs chosen to corrupt and destroy, but not all can be identified and fired at once.

They'll probably already have spent the last 2 months dealing with the current administration -- still in power -- and whatever problems Trump, McConnell, Russia, etc. do their best to use it to create. The bigger their losses, the less the ruthlessly corrupt predators still in power will have to lose.

I'm thinking our people are going to be just slightly overbusy next winter.

Nor do many of those assigned to black and white descriptions.

Red, yellow and brown are no longer acceptable.

Given the realities of this troubled and angry transition to a better future, including free expression of black and white racism that's not even recognized and often considered acceptable when it is (!), those terms are picking up some very bad history. I fully expect the children of those of us who insist on still calling people white or black to have to sit us down to a firm talk on the language they allow in front of their children.

What'll replace them as simple describers, who knows? But I do know that our current behaviors are not the end of our societal evolution to better times, just...behaviors of a troubled transition.

No. Recognizing Russia's role is appropriate and extremely necessary.

Addressing this huge national security threat in no way takes away from the systemic domestic problems Russia is pouring fuel on.

This isn't done for no reason, you know. I'm guessing you don't want Putin getting his asset reelected to the presidency, right? You might also wonder where you might be in four years if that were to happen.

For all the noise about social and economic injustice, many of the noisiest have no real experience of the worst of either. That can change, and that IS Putin's plan.

Skittles, google Truthout and Biden OR Obama OR Hillary OR Pelosi,

check his writings right up to TODAY and say he should be forgiven. Imo, he should be sentenced to 10 years in a cell with Trump. And that's if this is all just personal malice, not even if he's a paid agent for one of our enemies. Smearing Democrats is a lot more than merely an avocation for him. He puts a great deal of work consistently into it.

Just hoping people are noticing. "The Party of Lincoln"

did not allow Lincoln's name on the ballots of most southern states, a massive attack on their sovereignty that most loyal conservatives were similarly supportive of then as well.
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