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Gender: Female
Hometown: Deep South, USA
Home country: USA
Current location: My favorite chair, or maybe out on the porch.
Member since: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 04:54 AM
Number of posts: 21,512

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Whatever! Moser's a weak candidate in an era when

all that matters is that DEMOCRATS TAKE CONTROL OF CONGRESS.

Democrats aren't trumpsters, we're Lincoln and Jefferson, Obama and Hillary.

Democrats aren't right-wing fascists, we're the protectors of democracy.

Democrats aren't right-wing Kochsters, we're protecting America from those hyenas.

Democrats aren't corrupting and dismantling our institutions, we're fighting to save progressivism.

Democrats aren't trying to destroy the EPA, we're trying to save our planet from climate destruction.

Democrats aren't international criminals, we secured 70 years of peace between world wars.

Democrats aren't right-wing, white supremacists, we're the party of America.

Imo, YOU are playing appallingly dangerous partisan games, Melman. Defeat the best efforts of the Democratic Party to take Congress at your peril, your family's, your nation's, and your planet's. Indulgence in intraparty squabbles is for another, much safer era.

The royal family will be looking more like the people

of UK and the former empire. I like that. I like that the nasty reactions to her race are so minor that it's happening. I see it as an advance.

You seem really hipped on this whole subject of England's royal family, in a very negative way. Maybe examine why you object so much to them becoming less what you imagine you dislike so much? They're not half as important to me. I didn't even know until today that she existed or that her mother is black, PoC, whatever people prefer to call it. I just think it's nice and I was glad to hear about it.

If it's any perverse comfort to you, she's really as much white as black. It's not as if both her parents were Somali or some such. You can still despise the royal family for being appallingly wealthy (I'm with you to the point of very strongly disapproving that, but not to the point of becoming overcome with hostility) and failing to break that barrier.

Lol. Points to be settled only after professional evaluation.

Of course, we do know that sociopathy/psychopathy is so common that, on average, every sizable school class and department at work will have one. 5 in every 100 or so, and more, so no surprise that everyone who reads a book about, say, personality disorders starts understanding what was going on with some unforgettable, and frequently very harmful, people they crossed paths with.

Also that unusual degrees of charisma have been identified as a characteristic in many (certainly not of all). Also that they are typically very manipulative and tend to seek positions that give them power over people.

Rykov was reported on last year and around the inauguration,

but I just looked and for months no investigative journal has reported on this. And why not when tweets have been out there for everyone to read?

Maybe watchful waiting on this?

Say "anti-FASCIST." Don't use their terms or abandon this one's honest meaning.

Liberals and most Democrats ARE the nation's anti-fascists. All those who use "antifa" to mean we are fascists are supporters of fascism, whether they know it or not, and of course some know perfectly well. If you are using that term the way those who invented it mean it to be, you may have accidentally turned left on your way to a different forum.

Conservatives naturally have a dark view of humanity.

It's a big part of what makes them conservative. In this case, it wouldn't matter how many people they see working happily for the pleasure of working and/or for its other rewards, they "feel" most people would not work if they didn't have to.

Frankly, I've come to the conclusion that strong conservatives are simply not fit for leadership in a democracy.

Big NO to rhis jerk and to everyone who chose not to hear

two years of exhaustively repeated positive, hopeful, inspiring messages. And, even better, extensive plans meant to lift the entire nation.

Right now we should be discussing

* How high the minimum wage is being raised and how much it needs to be adjusted in various areas.
* How classes in state colleges are being made affordable and comparing them to each other.
* How many solar panels our houses will have, and how much power sharing agreements will lower our utility bills. And that Congress is overruling red state laws giving rights to all power generated by solar on private property to power companies.
* How many good jobs dozens of large public works projects are expected to create.
* The return of guaranteed annual vacation time to all workers.

And so, so much else that makes me want to cry right now.

Some people are just wired to attack and fire into the center of the left, so dysfunctionally focused that they can't care as much about the huge dangers from the right--and can't change. Jerks like this represent just one of the groups whose terrible judgement helped elect Trump, keep Congress and state houses in Republican hands, and provide enormous assistance to extremist plutocrats who won huge through their tragic foolishness.

70K votes over 3 states, Buckley. We need you like we need Trump.

Yes, but we only became their #1 enemy when the

Soviet Union collapsed. I saw it with the tremendous ramping up of hostility conservatives turned on Democrats when Bill Clinton was running, to unprecedented levels. When the existential threat strong conservatives always know exists disappeared from without, they focused within.

Putin, ISIS, North Korea, etc., are nothing to be wished for, but hopefully these very real existential threats will help shift the focus of their inevitable hostility and aggression outward again.

Right now people like Bannon are trying very hard to develop an international movement against liberalism and secularism in which our conservatives are joined with Russia's, and even potentially Islam's conservatives, against liberalism and secularism. At least that's the grand idea, but they've only gotten this far by hiding what they're really up to.

Uhhh.... Our big problem is that LIES DON'T WORK FOR US.

But as we know, they do work very well for conservatives, who, generally speaking, have a dark view of humanity and are always eager to identify, villify, and attack.

For all of us, a nice juicy lie will always be far more interesting than policy explanations. And a lie may circle the planet in the time it takes the truth to pull its pants on.

But ultimately lies repel liberals, who, if not perfect truthseekers, do respect truth and become angry at being lied to a lot more than conservatives. That's why right-wing propaganda machines are so much more powerful than the ones operated by smarmy left-wingers.

We do need to "talk politics" more with those around us.

Nice chat, but chat that makes people aware of what's happening and that they have a choice to make -- do nothing and possibly lose all that mentioned, or start saying no.
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