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Gender: Female
Hometown: Deep South, USA
Home country: USA
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Member since: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 04:54 AM
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So glad. We know these RW extremists don't know how to write

workable laws, but it's a new level of depraved incompetence even for them to create a world where residents can -- and do! -- just shoot anyone who comes on a property without culpability -- just recite magic words, "I was afraid for my life."

And, yes, what ARE delivery services going to do? While I'm not in the least afraid of being shot for turning into the wrong driveway, I'm not a fleet of drivers who turn into many thousands of driveways, walk up to many thousands of porches, every day, every week, all year.

Also the administrators and education professionals who

assign the teachers a schedule of predesigned online assignments to have the students do so they can then check them off their own list.

My DIL, who's trialing a new spec ed function/position, was just commenting yesterday that she'd been deviating by having the children do more assignments with her as a group in an attempt to get them to take in more, and fewer alone on their laptops. She'd run it by her department head, but an evaluation's next week and she's inevitably wondering what the consensus will be on things like this initiative.

Pain-related research in many fields has increased, but

not nearly enough. If only sufferers would organize politically and economically, instead of suffering alone.

In the nature of things, many pain sufferers will die before too many years pass; they need to leave a strong organization carrying on. And many, many others will experience dreadful, intractable pain as part of a final, debilitating illness. When it's too late to become active.

Political organization is needed to create enlightened laws that serve people with pain, better education of medical personnel, and to fund accelerated research. A national medical "moon shot" for pain.

It's not that not enough voters are affected, and this problem affects people of all ages and ideologies. According to the NIH, well over 100M Americans are in pain. At least a quarter of them, likely far more, have chronic pain. The suffering is enormous.

:) I think they performed a valuable public service by showing

other venues that DVEs are called that because they're given to violent extremism AND that violence is a form of free speech.

As for the Proud Boys themselves, "Thank you for your service" too.

How's the tax base? Looks like a cheapest approach to the situation

and one that decreases the appeal of the community. Uglification.

"Julie's" farther left supports previous Sanders attack dog Nina Turner. 'Nuf said?

It's not just DSA, and there are some decent, thoughtful people still there even after the others flooded in during the 2016 election period. But the others! If you're not 110% with those people, whether LW authoritarians, populists, or ideological extremists, you're the enemy.

(Remember the vicious swiftboating they did on Hillary? Their attacks on John Lewis and other AA just because they endorsed the other candidate, on pro abortion and labor groups just because they endorsed the other candidate? The Bernie Bros and swarming of victims on social media? The "Lock her up!," near riots at state conventions, and attempted election thefts? The constant use of outside big money to try to influence and subvert local elections? On and on.)

Where they are, and can't win because they're always too few (NOT 99%!), the shit flies. As here. SOP.

Meanwhile, Shontel Brown is rated #1 most progressive member of congress by Progressive Punch. She's doing a very good job. The real thing! And her list of impressive endorsements for reelection gets appropriately longer and more impressive every week.

A bunch of extremist types flooded in around 2015-16, catalyzed

by Sanders' presidential candidacy, to the great harm of the more rational socialist radicals at DSA. The Republican Party's enormously larger than the DSA of course, but both groups lost their souls to, or had them ripped out maybe, by radicalized hoards that have far more in common than not. The passions of both are energized, as always, by hope for destruction of the mainstreams that they imagine will clear the path to their power.

I always took it as a commitment to our founding principles and nation:

that that nation would be protected and that no one would lose their sovereign rights as citizens to cecession and civil war. But I never read a book about it.

"that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

One of my favorite quotes ever and so especially meaningful again now.

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