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Gender: Female
Hometown: Deep South, USA
Home country: USA
Current location: My favorite chair, or maybe out on the porch.
Member since: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 04:54 AM
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Nor do many of those assigned to black and white descriptions.

Red, yellow and brown are no longer acceptable.

Given the realities of this troubled and angry transition to a better future, including free expression of black and white racism that's not even recognized and often considered acceptable when it is (!), those terms are picking up some very bad history. I fully expect the children of those of us who insist on still calling people white or black to have to sit us down to a firm talk on the language they allow in front of their children.

What'll replace them as simple describers, who knows? But I do know that our current behaviors are not the end of our societal evolution to better times, just...behaviors of a troubled transition.

No. Recognizing Russia's role is appropriate and extremely necessary.

Addressing this huge national security threat in no way takes away from the systemic domestic problems Russia is pouring fuel on.

This isn't done for no reason, you know. I'm guessing you don't want Putin getting his asset reelected to the presidency, right? You might also wonder where you might be in four years if that were to happen.

For all the noise about social and economic injustice, many of the noisiest have no real experience of the worst of either. That can change, and that IS Putin's plan.

Skittles, google Truthout and Biden OR Obama OR Hillary OR Pelosi,

check his writings right up to TODAY and say he should be forgiven. Imo, he should be sentenced to 10 years in a cell with Trump. And that's if this is all just personal malice, not even if he's a paid agent for one of our enemies. Smearing Democrats is a lot more than merely an avocation for him. He puts a great deal of work consistently into it.

Just hoping people are noticing. "The Party of Lincoln"

did not allow Lincoln's name on the ballots of most southern states, a massive attack on their sovereignty that most loyal conservatives were similarly supportive of then as well.

She seems so agree. Except that the pathology is the extreme

polarization which caused them to vote for a depraved whackjob and which would continue even if COVID killed Trump off within the month. It'd just be transferred to whoever was hustled into his place as candidate. Who knows, might even gain strength?

Of course. The Repub leadership is beyond totally corrupt,

they've moved to entitlement recipient "cleansing." By now, in order to justify past behaviors and to set themselves up for how they're using pandemic disease, I'm sure they've turned their virtue and the unworthiness of those who will die into something akin to a religion.

Assisting die-off in order to cut more taxes for the "deserving," and cheating their "undeserving" lower income voters even as they are forced to pretend to serve them, is the form "it can happen here" is taking in today's America. So far.

Biden for 50 YEARS has protected SS and its recipients.

When you know the candidate, scurrilous liars can't confuse and trick you by misrepresenting details.

It also makes knowing what's truth and what's gong to be a lie easy. Dirty politicians depend on sowing doubt and confusion, not just the lies themselves. But when you know who Biden is, you know what the intent and end result will have been. No need to look up dozens of complicated legislative histories to find the truth.

Btw, shouldn't Sanders be warning people of the Republicans' plans to destroy SS? Isn't deliberately confusing people about who's doing what by telling them Biden's also an enemy of SS itself a dangerous failure to protect it from the Republicans?

Confused, doubting Democrats who don't know what to think don't vote, while Republicans don't bother with confusion or doubt, they just vote their party.

Well, they're both populist leaders who use many of the same

dirty methods in pursuit of power and who compete with each other for many of the same followers I'd cross the street to avoid being associated with.

But certainly, even if Trump doesn't actually know what it is to be a good person, Sanders is absolutely certain he is. I don't doubt for a minute the sincerity of their self evaluations and that both are completely lacking in doubt about those. Or seemingly anything else.

Sorry, Applegrove. Enough of that. I understand that some take Sanders at his own evaluation and need further experience to look beyond. I already did that long ago, though. Sanders didn't meet my standards in any way even before he helped turn the nation over to the Republicans to destroy our progressive government, there being too little difference to matter between Republicans and Democrats. Sanders has no doubt about the righteousness of his actions, no dissonance disturbs him, and no guilt.

And that is a huge problem. Fact is, charismatic populist leaders who use dishonest "I alone can fix it" authoritarian deliveries to surround themselves with not just innocent believers but unsavory characters eager to destroy our institutions don't just repel me, they make me look for something to stomp them with before it's too late.

We need to all be sobered by the typically NARROW victory

margins both parties have had in this century.

Political scientists expect this to continue for some while, with power possibly thrown from one party to another in election after election in a very destabilizing and undermining manner.

Therefore I say: ANY candidate who runs a splinter or third-party campaign from the left in this environment IS, by definition and de facto, willing to accept continued Republican hold on power as an alternative to winning.

That wasn't a new reality in 2016, and it won't be in 2020. Third party input could be a plus back in the New Deal and early Reagan eras. It's a recipe for national destruction in this one.

Witness post 2016.

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