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Member since: Tue Dec 6, 2016, 10:49 AM
Number of posts: 3,600

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They'll get their pro-life judges, no matter how many people have to die.

Is Trump still the Commander-in-Chief in any pragmatic sense?

Given his erratic behaviour, especially the last week, would anyone follow any major order he might give?

Does anyone believe the Trump we see now on TV could run a serious presidential campaign?

But then again, was 2016 Trump capable of it either?

Do you ever wonder to yourself if some political actor is being physically intimidated?

I mean a few messages of "Lovely family you have there. Be a shame if something happened to it." accompanied by photos taken at some scary locations would go a long way toward changing some people's actions.

As a Democrat, you should act as if the eventual nominee will be a can of creamed corn.

That's not to throw rocks at any of the candidates we have, who stand head and shoulders above Donald Trump and, yes, a can of creamed corn. The point is, there are tons of things we Dems badly need to do that are independent of the personality and policies of any given nominee. You know, things like GOTV, help out with the ground game, support downballot D candidates, and never, ever, let the doings of Orange Douche become normalized.

Trump is carrying the flag of the Stupids wherever he goes.

Whether it be tariffs, climate change, or looking at a solar eclipse without glasses, he's "owning the Smarts."

Yup, right up until reality bites all of us, not just the Stupids, on the ass.

This is the week when it became impossible for any rational person to deny that Trump is deranged.

At this point, the remaining Trump supporters must be blinded by fear, greed, or hate -- or they're as crazy as he is.

So, since Trump's idea of purchasing Greenland is full-on deranged...

...couldn't he kick the crazy up to Defcon 1 and threaten to nuke Denmark if they don't hand it over?

In the strange, strange, world of the anti-conspiracy theorists:

* The Reichstag caught fire because of oily rags in the boiler room.

* The Enron Corporation was an outstanding company based on brilliant concepts but had a run of really bad luck.

* The Watergate burglars were just some freelancing overzealous little people.

* The Manhattan Project was just a bunch of science nerds meeting in the desert. Odd that they came up with a devastating weapon.

* The 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor was just a training mission that went wrong because of bad navigation.

* There is no such thing as insider trading -- people only say that because they're jealous of other's successes.

* Iran Contra was just a handful of patriots who wanted to do the right thing.

* Klebold and Harris (the Columbine shooters) were just a couple of random kids who woke up in a really bad mood and just happened to be armed to the teeth.

* The German V-2 missile was just an artillery shell, only bigger. A secret rocket project? C'mon!

* Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide because he was despondent that a whole big bunch of powerful people wanted him dead.

Other dictators posing with children


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