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Member since: Thu Sep 1, 2022, 03:49 PM
Number of posts: 426

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and this, folks, is how you launder money


What was that song?
"Can you pay my bills? Can you pay my telephone bills? Do you pay my automo' bills?" - Destiny's Child

John Legend singing "Georgia on My Mind" the day they called it for Biden

I admit, I cried!

I dare say: I think Trump is finally spooked

He's desperate! His "terminate the Constitution" message was meant for SCOTUS, as if they are listening (he was hoping they'd take up the lawsuit against Dominion) and instead, all the walls are closing in. The law finally caught up with him!
You can write to Mar-A-Lago; tell them to let the boss know, it's really nice to retire on the Kwajalein Atoll!

10-Year-Old Shot His Mother to Death After She Refused to Buy Him VR Headset: Prosecutors


Here is a great example for those who say "guns don't kill, people do". Really???

if Biden dies in office, you can bet Congress will pull a Mitch


The House will simply refuse to vote on Kamala's replacement or vote "no" on every nominee.

Is the Supreme Court turning the Constitution into a homicide pact?


Clarence Thomas is the world's biggest hypocrite.

Am I the only one who sees a terrible loophole in the seditious conspiracy law/sentencing?

If you attempt a murder, the sentence is bad. If you succeed, it much worse.
If you attempt to overthrow the government, the maximum sentence is 20 years and a fine. If you succeed, you can erase all the laws, nothing happens to you.
Rhodes' sentence is going to be laughably light given what he was attempting to do. I'll bet it's 10 years or less.

Musk asks if Apple hates 'free speech in America' after Twitter advertising drop-off


Censorship is only wrong when it's done by the government. I was once kicked out of a bar for violating their "no swearing" policy.
So either Elon is hopelessly confused, or he thinks he bought himself a position of power. Hey Elon! Don't you know you're irrelevant?

seeing Murdoch's media thralls flip so quickly

is proof that authoritarians have no core principles.

when you contact your rep's, don't forget the Speaker


Unlike Pelosi's Representative page, the "Contact the Speaker" page allows any American to submit a comment.
Not sure if everyone was aware of that!
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