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GeeNeeUs's Journal
GeeNeeUs's Journal
December 23, 2015

Is Chipotle being Swiftboated by Big Food?

OK, we are witnessing an ongoing sewer gush of attacks on Chipotle for alleged food safety issues. This current wave of attacks follows a documented series of blowback attacks from Big Food, Big Chem, Big Ag and Big GMO in their unholy industrial-chemical alliance. They fear and disdain Chipotle because the chain features clean food, and has forthrightly, and with wit, attacked the Industrial Chemical Diet Financial Complex.

Could it be that rather than Chipotle suddenly getting super sloppy with sanitation all over kingdom come - here, there and everywhere - they are instead the victims of a Swiftboating attack by an undercover unholy alliance of Big Food, Big Chem, Big Ag and Big GMO? In my view, they have the means, the motive, and the opportunity. And they already have a skanky track record of scuzzy, Republican-like corporate maneuvers.

Discuss among yourselves.

Disclaimer: I have no skin in this debate. I've eaten at Chipotle a number of times over the years, but I'm not an employee, a investor, or a Black-Ops Corporate Counter Mole, or whatever. I'm just a guy who values good health based on a good, clean diet and who has seen up close and personal the wholesale ravages that can come when people subsist on chemically drenched highly processed corporate rations.


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