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FoxNewsSucks's Journal
FoxNewsSucks's Journal
December 25, 2023

O Holy Nightmare

As heard on Mike Malloy's Air America radio show. . .

That reindeer holds nothing back. . .
August 27, 2022

I congratulate whoever in Biden's WH is getting the message out

It has always been so disappointing in the past how the rightwing media machine would always overrun and destroy anything Democrats did.

Recently I've been seeing a number of ads doing two important things right - Touting accomplishments AND bluntly telling what republicons want to do.

Just today, I've seen at least four different ads on the Food Network spelling out four different things that will save Americans money. And my favorite, that bullet-points what Democrats have passed, then warns in plain language what republicons intend to do, then says straight out "vote for Democrats".

It's about time plain-spoken ads like that saturate TV. Along with the way the WH has been immediately publicizing how much loan forgiveness was gotten by every republicon who opens their filthy mouths about the student loan announcement.

They're doing great now, I hope the keep it up and keep up that type of ad and response.

to whatever communication director or whoever it is that is responsible.

May 19, 2022

I've been told we just have to GOTV and everything will be OK

and that it's not Manchin's fault for derailing all the voting protections.

Looks to me, more like republicons looked at why some of their dirty tricks didn't work and are taking action so it won't fail again.

Why can't Democrats see that?????

May 19, 2022

They stole it legally.

and came far too close for comfort to stealing it from Biden too. Despite a 7 million vote lead. The BS with the electoral college is a different topic, and just one way republicons exploit the shitty system.

Of the few Sanders supporters I knew personally who ended up voting for MF45, not ONE of them would ever have voted for Clinton, and most would not have voted for any Democrat. I never did and still don't understand the hatred they had, and they couldn't explain it rationally to me.

BTW, what does PUMA mean?

May 3, 2022

She did win. By 3 million votes.

The Senate and House Democrats get millions more votes every cycle, yet republicons nearly always control things.

Failing to show up isn't the problem. Doing nothing about republicon cheating and stealing is.

April 11, 2022

"What a stupid son-of-a-bitch!!"

I don't think I'll ever get tired of running across this pic
April 11, 2022

a reminder. . .

February 21, 2022

I don't think anyone is supposed to believe that,

and I haven't actually seen anyone say that Democrats are deliberately setting themselves up for failure. The truth is, MF45 along with his corrupt family and criminal associates are working to obstruct and block. Also continuing to commit crimes. Openly.

They have help from complicit republicons. Who are almost certainly their co-conspirators.

Someone is paying the lawyers, we all know MF45 doesn't pay his bills.

The thing missing is the sense of extreme urgency from too many on our side. EVERY democrat needs to be as urgent, or more, in delivering justice to them as they are in avoiding it.

The shop-worn scolding about us failing to "be patient" has gone on long past its expiration date. While it's likely true that indictments will follow completed investigations, they have all committed a multitude of crimes that are not related to each other and they SHOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED for. An arrest on something unrelated doesn't interfere with an investigation. Would a murder suspect expect to drive 100 mph, shoplift, write a bad check and not be arrested for those things because of the murder investigation? Hell no! But that's exactly what is happening with the MF45 crime empire.

Here's something else that's past its expiration date. Unless I missed something, the obstruction statute of limitations against MF45 expires this month. Mueller left a clear road map for prosecuting MF45, with the only thing stopping him being his statement not to prosecute a "sitting" president. MF45 is no longer "sitting".

No charges, and no explanation. And if the clock hasn't run out on that yet, there are only a few days left in the 5 year SoL.

That's why we're impatient. Democracy is being destroyed right in front of us and there is little or nothing we can do but vote, and they're working to make sure we can't even do that. It is not wrong at all to be impatient, and in fact, terrified at the future we can see being shaped.

We all want to see them convicted, but the clock is ticking, time is not on our side, and "being patient" may well equate to counting a lot of chickens that never do hatch.

So that's why many people feel like this guy:


I look for your threads, and nearly always agree completely, but I think you are a little off-target with this one.

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