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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 37,879

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"There are but two parties now: traitors and patriots. And I want hereafter to be ranked with the

latter and, I trust, the stronger party." - Ulysses S Grant.

PS. Reading Ron Chernow's excellent biography, "Grant."

ATTN Russian Trolls. Your country is lame. Here's definitive proof:

Is Russia Running Out of Beer? World Cup Fans Drink Cities Dry

Of all the problems Russia expected to encounter while hosting the World Cup, a booze shortage was not one. But that is precisely what soccer fans are facing in Moscow and other cities hosting the tournament as high demand has caught suppliers by surprise.

"We just didn't think they would only want beer," a waiter at an upmarket restaurant in the Russian capital told Reuters, asking not to be identified for fear of driving away thirsty customers.

Although alcohol plays an important role in Russian cuisine and culture—and shortages are virtually unheard of— beer is seen as simply not strong enough to make the grade. It was only reclassified from soft to alcoholic beverage in 2011.

In recent days, multiple reports from the host cities of Moscow, Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod suggested that cafes and bars around tournament venues are running low. Martin Freidman, security chief for the Swedish soccer assosciation (SvFF), said that fans of the Scandinavian nation were struggling to find places able to serve them a pint in Nizhny Novgorod, with a day to go until the team’s opening match earlier this week, the Aftonbladet newspaper has reported.


Did I miss Herr Trumpinfruther's tweets this morning? Silence on his baby concentration camps?

Wikipedia's "List of concentration and internment camps"


Separation of immigrant children

As part of the 2018 Trump administration's family separation policy, nearly 2,000 children of asylum-seeking families have been separated from their parents and placed in "detention centers." These centers have been described by commentators as "prisons" and "concentration camps". Former First Lady of the United States, Laura Bush, compared the images of the centers to internment camps. 16 out of 34 of the centers located in Texas had previously been cited by Texas officials for more than 150 health violations. Actor George Takei, who lived through the internment of Japanese Americans, described the separation of children as "worse" due to the separation of children from their parents.


A Public Service Announcement: Boarder vs Border

A border is a demarcation line which separates two geographic or political areas. A border may also refer to an edge or margin, often ornamental, such as a strip of flowers or bushes that grows along a house, garden or property line. Border may also act as a transitive verb, which takes an object, to describe providing an edge or boundary. As an instransitive verb, which takes no object, border describes something which is adjacent to another thing. Border may also mean on the brink of an extreme condition. Border comes from the mid-fourteenth century Old French word, bordure, which means seam, edge of a shield. Border was first used to describe boundaries between countries in the 1530s, when the word was used to name the area adjoining England and Scotland.

A boarder is a lodger, someone who lives in a residence of some sort where he receives regular meals in exchange for payment. A boarder may live in a home, dorm or other dwelling. A boarding school is one where students reside at the school in converted homes or dorms for the semester. Another use of the word boarder is to describe someone who gains entry to a boat or ship. Finally, a person who surfs, snowboards or skateboards may be referred to as a boarder, though skateboarders are usually called skaters. Boarder comes from the noun, board, which in the late fourteenth sense means table. In the 1520s boarder came to mean one who has food and lodging at the house of another.


Bible Stories, with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

From Tom the Dancing Bug

Why isn't anyone exposing the companies that are being paid by the Trump admin to imprison kids?

I want them exposed. Are they so addicted to sponging up govt contracts that they think this is a good idea? They really want to make money off of this? When one of these kids has a health issue or gets hurt, they'll catch the blame. Are they thinking about that?

Expose them. Let their CEOs and boards try to justify this practice. They shouldn't get away with it.

"In the Army and the Klan, he hated Muslims. Now one was coming to Chris Buckley's home."

Fascinating story about Chris Buckley, a Klansman who got out and Heval Mohamed Kelli, a Syrian refugee who became an American Doctor.

Too long to excerpt much here. Great read.


Tom the Dancing Bug: The Trumps

VA election results:

Interesting race: US House District 10

Incumbent Trump supporter: Barbara Comstock won the repub primary with 60.7% of the vote. Repubs in total got 46,584 votes (about 99% counted). Comstock, if you can believe the Puke Logic of her ads is for Trump because he's so good for working women.

Democratic Jennifer Wexton won the Democratic primary with 41.8% of the votes in a 6 person primary. Overall the Democrats had 53,842 votes.

Comstock is going down!

My rep Gerry Connolly was unopposed, as was Sen Tim Kaine.
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