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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 33,808

Journal Archives

As Maddow and Lawrence report on the use of Russian Propoganda on websites, I remember

here on DU how much Sputnik News and RT was promoted. Here's some examples of what the Russians were doing:


(Note to members of the Frequent Alerter Association: This isn't a call out since the propaganda promoter was banned and it isn't re-fighting the primaries since no candidate is mentioned.)

Time to put Trumpy's ugly mug on some milk cartons, he's

Been missing in action since his disastrous G20 trip.

Heard a public service announcement on the radio this morning, and it featured Pres Obama talking

about parenting or fatherhood, but the kicker is: It was sponsored by HHS.

Trumpys going to have conniptions!

If you are in SC or GA, GOTV. Ignore the naysayers prediciting GOP wins, our party will win when

everyone votes.


Voted at 6:45 this morning in No. VA. No one else was there, was voter 42.

Voted for Northam and Fairfax.

Gille$pie and the Braddock Democrats both had reps outside.

So, how do we make the deplorables realize the US is now 197

Thanks to Trumpy's ignorant actions?
I'll put us before Syria.

Hey it's green party celebration day! They got their wish

Burn it all down, that'll show everyone..

Take a bow green party shitheads.

Treason! Impeach them all.

Mexico markets Trump themed tp, proceeds help migrants

Orange Julius-themed toilet paper will hit the shelves this year, and 30% of the profits go towards helping migrants.

More at Boing Boing

Greg Gianforte is an amazing example of a typical Republican

Unable to defend record
Unable to defend the fact that his policies hurt Americans
Quick to resort to violence
Hates the free press
Tries to play both sides
Quick to lie about events and policies
Favors destructive policies
Quick to blame others for his mistakes

Hope I live long enough to see the GOP get added to the endangered species list.
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