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FSogol's Journal
FSogol's Journal
March 5, 2024

Happy Super Tuesday. Get out the VOTE, DU.

If you have friends or family in Super Tuesday states, contact them and make sure they vote.

February 8, 2024

Thanks for heart. N/t

January 24, 2024

The White House has its own pharmacy--and, boy, was it shady under Trump

The White House has its own pharmacy that, until recently, could perhaps best be described as a hot mess, according to a recent investigation report from the Department of Defense’s Office of the Inspector General. For years, the White House Medical Unit, run by the White House Military Office, provided the full scope of pharmaceutical services to senior officials and staff—it stored, inventoried, prescribed, dispensed, and disposed of prescription medications, including opioids and sleep medications. However, it was not staffed by a licensed pharmacist or pharmacy support staff, nor was it credentialed by any outside agency.

The operations of this pseudo-pharmacy went as well as one might expect, according to the DoD OIG's alarming investigation report. The investigation was prompted by complaints in May 2018 alleging that an unnamed "senior military medical officer" was engaged in "improper medical practices." This resulted in the OIG's investigation, which included 70 interviews of military office officials who worked in the White House between 2009 and 2018 and covers the office's activity until early 2020. However, the investigation heavily focused on prescription drug records and care between 2017 and 2019 during the Trump administration.

During that time, staff at the White House pharmacy kept handwritten records of prescriptions, the OIG found. The records frequently contained errors in medication counts, illegible text, crossed-out text, and lacked medical provider and mandatory patient information. The pharmacy let White House staff pick up over-the-counter drugs from open bins, in violation of Navy medical regulations. It didn't dispose of controlled substances properly, increasing the risk of diversion. Staff provided prescriptions without verifying patients' identities, and provided prescriptions to people who were ineligible for care. And it dispensed pricey brand name products freely, rather than generic equivalents that are considerably cheaper—also a violation of regulations.

My favorite part:

The report does not mention Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, who served as the physician to the president from 2013 to 2018 under both Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Stat, which first reported on the OIG's new report, noted that Jackson had been accused of fostering a toxic work environment, engaging in alcohol-fueled misconduct, and misusing Ambien, specifically.

The rest at:

January 23, 2024

Does anyone remember a presidential election when the press openly advocated for candidates to drop out in favor

of one candidate? What the press is doing to clear the path to the GOP nomination for Trumpy is beyond despicable. Since when should a race be decided after 2 out of 50 primaries? WTF media?

January 16, 2024

Hey media, in 2020 Trumpy got 97.1% of the GOP vote. Yesterday he only got 51%.

Where are the articles on his diminishing appeal to the rotten GOP?

January 12, 2024

Republican governors in 15 states reject summer food money for kids

Republican governors in 15 states are rejecting a new federally funded program to give food assistance to hungry children during the summer months, denying benefits to 8 million children across the country.

The program is expected to serve 21 million youngsters starting around June, providing $2.5 billion in relief across the country.

The governors have given varying reasons for refusing to take part, from the price tag to the fact that the final details of the plan have yet to be worked out. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) said she saw no need to add money to a program that helps food-insecure youths “when childhood obesity has become an epidemic.” Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen (R) said bluntly, “I don’t believe in welfare.”

Republican leaders have been criticized for playing politics with children in need, but they argue it is necessary to revert to pre-pandemic spending levels at a time when the United States is trillions of dollars in debt and lawmakers in Washington are struggling to come to a budget agreement. The summer food program was approved as part of a bipartisan budget agreement in 2022.

More by Annie Gowen at Washington Post
November 7, 2023

Election day here in VA. GOTV

If you know someone in VA, call them, make sure they vote. No excuses.

Ms FSogol and I early voted. My sons are going this morning.

October 23, 2023

Killed or maimed by a product? The Montana Legislature says, 'Good luck.'

For the benefit of big out-of-state manufacturers and insurers, the 2023 Montana Legislature turned its back on 50 years of established law and transferred the risk of injury or death from dangerous products onto the backs of Montana taxpayers.


September 2, 2023

The headlines should read: Biden visits hurricane wracked Florida. Petulant DeSantis is a no-show.

You think a calculating, grandstanding Governor wouldn't also be extra cowardly, but then there is DeSantis. What a chump.

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