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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 04:51 PM
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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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post election thoughts, catching my breath

Hello Democratic underground! Last night, I was admittedly a mess. To see the hand picked stooge of our “president” when an election was bad enough. In typical Republican fashion, the “Victor” could not get 51% of the vote, hid behind questionable practices and counting said votes, and had a lot of help from third party candidates. We had no less than four of them, all of them doing their part to make sure that their egos were flattered, and that the GOP maintains its advice on our state. It was one thing preferred party voters to act in 2016, not by really give them much grace, because even if Hillary Clinton was to make her life’s work to be the very worst president in history, she still could not done a better job of that happened Donald J Trump. For the third party folks to continue their mayhem into the governor’s race just makes it clear that these people have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, but Hamilton called “a vested interest in disorder.”

However, despite the fact that my state showed very poorly for itself, there were some bright spots that we have to go ahead and remember, even though the GOP noise machine will try its best to make us sulk and cower. Think of the names of the people who left the stage, Brat, Kobach, Scott Walker. Yes governor’s mansions are not tasty treats Senate seats are, the part of the reason we are in our current predicament is because we did not pay as much attention to governorships, which is where politics make the leap from local to national. Also, let’s not forget that the house is indeed a great prize. I may not agree with our soon-to-be house speaker at times. There are times I really wish she would stop slamming on the brakes and hit the gas pedal! However, with her and control the house a lot of the serious bleeding and damage is going to be dealt with.

However, if we were not happy about tonight, there are two things that need to be done. First off, we need to rebuild 50 state strategy, no if’s and’s or butts. And focus on every available office in every level of government. I do not care if the office is for dog catcher South West Mississippi, we need a Democrat there, and we need an aggressive campaign. It is encouraging to see that we want more victories in places like Pennsylvania and Michigan and Wisconsin, a.k.a. the “blue wall” that frankly those were paid a lot of money to run this campaign fumbled. We need to make a very concerted effort, and by ‘we’ I especially mean those people they keep on sending email asking me for money. It is not criticism of the Democrats as a whole to look at those people whose whole job was to win elections and beat Republicans and ask them why we did not get the results that we wanted. Window of opportunity to at least stop the damage has been done to this country is shrinking. The Republicans already know that they have so far managed to steal the Supreme Court, which means that folks like Brett Cavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, and heaven forbid whoever may have lined up to replace the notorious RBG, will do their best to make sure that this country actually retracts. If they are allowed to win, not only will we lose the standard of life that we are used to in this nation, but the rivals abroad will be the ones who dominate, and frankly, why can admire many the achievements of China, I definitely do not want to be under the thumbs of their leaders, especially as they have gained prosperity with out having to democratize.

This is not the great victory, but this was not a defeat by any means. We have tools that we can use to deftly make a difference and pave the way for elections to come. We cannot depend on the idea that sooner or later even the idiots will see things our way, I think my Florida Panhandle that got smashed by hurricane Michael, yet allow themselves to get charmed by Rick Scott, gave Rhonda Santos a pass for not showing up, and ignored the fact that Andrew Gillam went there. But, with concerted effort, we can make the power of these glorified clusters and Archie bunkers have less and less.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Wed Nov 7, 2018, 11:37 AM (1 replies)

Florida: yes I hate my state

Allright: we voted for no offshore drilling and we voted to restore the felon vote. These were no small victories, especially as the felon vote is the main wall used against black voters.

But, not only did we allow Trump's handpicked stooge to be governor,
we have had the third election in a row where the governor could not even get 51 percent of the votes, and the Dem concedes.

(take breath)

OK, let's not ignore the plague of third party votes, though they did count.

It is time to realize that Trump had planted the seeds in some very fertile, and yes I mean stupid minds. Despite the fact that Gillum came from the panhandle, the panhandle, aka OLD DUMB DIXIE came out for De santis. Really?

You good ol boys got creamed by Michael, yet desantis did not show up,unlike Gillum. Yes, I can give Rock Scott credit for showing up there, but you panhandlers supported the guy that did NOT show up? Were you so eager to stick it to the Negro that you ignored the KKK robocalls? Worse, did you like them?

I wont lay all this on Dixie, as Florida sadly has a lot of New Yorkers who enjoyed the money made from their union job up north, yet refuse to play for any service here. Yeah you kid went to school up north, well, the cops, firemen, doctors and others you spend on grew up HERE.

And oh yes, that does bring me to one ugly truth, there are a lot of people who insist they are not republican, who call themselves "FDR Democrats" who nonetheless always vote for the white guy..star waiting for "Gwen Graham wuz abetter candidate" rants, even though Ms Graham supported Gillum.

As of right now, the only thing that would want to avoid a disaster hitting this state is because I am currently stuck in it. If I leave, I hope that it gets hit with something that would make the history books a thousand years from now. Yes florida has great beauty, and many good people, but it is obvious iy attracts the very worst type of American, proudly ignorant and malicious.

Whatever happens tonight

Right now, things can go either way. I personally know that there is enough discontent with Mr. Trump toeasily fuel a "blue wave", especially since the history of mid terms never favor the incumbent, as what the midterms have become is a way to either restrain, or outright thumb their nose at whoever is in office.

That being said, regardless of tonight, good or bad, we need to stay consistent. Part of the reason we are in this mess is because we let polls try to hypnotize us, with either happy narcotics or severe depressives. To paraphrase Kipling, we need to look at triumph and disaster, and greet these two imposters just the same. Regardless of what the polls say, we need to get out there, vote, and then continue to maintain pressure on whoever is in office. We need to be loud iof we need be, and reinforce what what we know, that THE FACTS do favor the left.

We know what party let presidents balloon the deficit in the name of low taxes and the ABUSE of the military.
We know the reason they focus on abortion and gay marriage is because the economy they made has made it very hard for ANYONE to feed a family, never mind afford to educate them.
We know that letting anyone buy an ar-15 has made a world where we are much more likely to be shot by our co workers than any foreign terrorist.
We know that our election system needs protection from foreign influence, as frankly the boy geniuses who were supposed to be i charge, be they in newsrooms or silicon valley, failed. Whether or not they failed or were bought is irrelevant, the facts say this is NOT acceptable.

We also need to feel free to put pressure on "our people." Obama did not support Gay Marriage without everyone, including Joe Biden and Rachel maddow, telling him he needed to listen to US, and not the triangulators and their calculators. Even if you do consider yourself a "moderate", it is a fact that in order to have your centrists friend on the right work with you, they need to feel abit of pressure from the left, as opposed to the unloosed wild horse momentum of the right. The same goes for the hard left; we need the people you dislike in your own party because they put badly needed pressure on the right wing. We need to stop shootign at each other and at least wait until we secure power and clean up some of the damage before we can fight, and we need that fight to be a fair, honest fight, a boxing match as opposed to the streetfight that was 2016.

OK folks, let's get out there and make a difference. Keep on rockin in the Free World!
Posted by DonCoquixote | Tue Nov 6, 2018, 07:12 PM (0 replies)

has anyone dared stick their neck into breibart

and heard their celebrations, er I mean reports? If so, you are a better man than I Gunga Din.

a disturbing thought Re: saudi journalist

Do you think that trump is purposefully trying to show what can happen to journalists? You know that there are many that would gladly break out the bone saws.

Joe manchin

Look, I have heard the mantra: we need to keep Manchin in because if we don't, there will be a GOp in, and we will NOT have his vote in the crucial times.

Well, the number of senators that have this vote are in the single digits. This is not some theory, it is a fact. No, I am not happy he voted with the GOP to begin the vote, something that Murkowiski at least did not do.

However, let me say this, it comes down to every vote, including that of Joe. IF HE VOTES YES FOR KAVANUAGH, are we still going to hear people go "we have to keep our powder dry" even as this guy spends a good 30 years making sure rape victims have to go to the back alleys?

There is keeping your powder dry, and there are moments which will literally carve themselves into history, affecting you grandchildren. If Manchin does not vote our way, he is not only as bad as a GOP, he is worse, and he must GO!

and before you there there me, A manchin yes would help the GOP more than many GOP could hope to do.

On Blue Dogs and Kavanaugh

OK, let me state the usual opposition

"but we need Blue Dogs"

"there vote would make no difference anyway"

OK, I can admit that 90 percent of the time, the worst democrat is better than the best GOP. However...if it gets to the point where they do not offer token resistance on things that WILL affect the country for 20 years or more, than we have to say there is an exception.

If the Blue Dogs do not at least offer a no vote, or worse, support the GOP, then they are NOT worth keeping, because this is nothing less than a takeover of one branch of govt. The fact that RBG is sick should add emphasis, as you know the GOP is ready to replace her with someone that, thanks to Blue Dogs rolling over, will NOT EVEN PRETEND not to be the extremist.

Manchin, Heitkamp, et al, if you do not vote no, you are not worth keeping. You aid the gop by poitning out that they can not expect resistance.

and do not give me the "the vote makes no difference", even a no means that the GOP did not get their way.

Report: 3D printed gun advocate accused of paying minor for sex is arrested in Taiwan


OK...is anybody surprised? How many Libertarians are people who want to do things the law does not allow civilized people to do? How many sex criminals probably now have these untraceable guns so they can probably rape more little girls?


This guy managed to hit several of the types

it won't

I got pilloried for saying the same thing, with a lot of, sorry to say it the people that inspired the term "wypipo" getting all in my case. Serena is a threat to the tennis establishment, where someone like Anna Kournekova can be loauded because she has the Aryan looks. The types that like to think they could be in the country club got MAD.

and I also get yelled at because Osaka "was black."

Let me say this, She is Japanese. If she was raised in America, she would be called the "N" word. Granted, being of mixed race in Japan, a culture that does not even consider Chinese or Koreans worthy, was probably NOT easy, but she did not have to live in a culture where the default setting for any black or brown person was "hate them, kill them, take their ideas and money and say you deserve credit."

tennis...spoiler alert, and anger alert

Ok I post it down here so that people who were warned of a spoiler will have less excuses to say they were not warned.

OK, what happened is a travesty, and oh yes, it is full of RACISM and SEXISM. Long story short, Serena did something that has been done for DECADES, and that many male players are known to do, get hand signals from a coach. The referee went ahead and deducted a point, then when Serena complained, took ANOTHER Point.

Look, I have seen even in DU where people rail on Serena. Sorry that a white sport has a pair of twin black sisters that are currently the BEST IN THE WORLD. Sorry a lot of white tennis players whine about it! Sorry that she is not some white male that can be allowed to be a (A**hole) and get praised for it (yes John McEnroe, yes Jimmy Connors, I am pointing at you.) Of course, white males are allowed to be jerks in sports, whether it is Tim Tebow praying in the field, Tom Brady inflating footballs, or any number of examples, but the minute a player of color, especially a female, complains, then the guillotine blade is dropped!

Laugh if you will, but the message is being sent. Kapernick notwithstanding, the rich white males who run sports, who use it to control the "working class" white males, are going to send a message that reminds players fo color that they better stay sweet, and of course, it does nto help that Trump will support said measures!
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