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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 05:51 PM
Number of posts: 12,185

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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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Superman saves undocumented workers from white supremacist in latest comic, angering right-wing comm


Considering the fact that Marvel got attacked for having a black Captain America, I say, good show DC.

By the way notice the dialogues of the trumper "they stole from me!" Well, they stole nothing your rich white tycoons did not take from you, and indeed, did not trash so they could pay someone less than you.

about "somethign has to give"

I feel awful saying this, but if Trump was going to be ousted by outage and the rule of law, than it would have happened. What we have are a bunch of GOP sleazes like Ryan and Mitch who frankly, are willing to let Trump slap their faces if they think they can get the Low taxes and cut programs. Hell, at leats trump is pissing people off, dare we imagine what will happen when Mike Pence tries to ride in as messiah?

If anything breaks, it is because we will break it, and that means the VOTE in 2018, and every vote before and after them. If nothing else, for all the "Imperial presidency " talk, it is apparent that a congress critter that knows which corporation feed them their kibble can indeed do everything to kill a presidency. Vote with your ballots, but also vote with your wallets.

Conor Vs Floyd: a symobol of our politics.

OK, I realize with Sheriff Joe and The hurricane, the fight tonight might not be on people's minds Howveer, , the fight is a symobol of exactly where we are as a nation.

Conor: Not much actual experience, but he thinks that because he has had success in one area, he can walk right into something and be an expert. Loves to flirt with racist and populist memes (he did that long before he made black jokes about Floyd.) Is loved by "working class people" who want to see Floyd (aka a competent minority) taken down.

Floyd: Competent, but very much a manipulator of behind the scenes politics. Will never enter a battle unless he has done everything behind the scenes to win, then crow about how all this victory is due to talent. Does lip service to social causes, but then will brutally attack anyone that stands in his way. Even though you want to admire his talent, and give him his due, he will do many things to make himself unlikable, especially as it is clear he thinks he does not need you, although he would be broke otherwise.

Yes, you can get who Trump is symbolized by, and sadly, the current democratic party is very much like Floyd: you can NOT deny he deserves to win, that he should not even have to get into a ring with Conor, because that very act give Conor (and trump) a legitimacy they do not even deserve; but Floyd is greedy, arrogant, and refuses to change what HE thinks has been working for years. Yes, this is something I also link to the democrats, because, like Floyd, they still think they can keep doing what worked in the 90's and rule the world.

To quote desus and Mero "this is the fight you deserve America."

to all those who mix in Lee with Jefferson and Washington.

Let's go ahead and look at one fact. Washington and Jefferson fought to defend the United States, Lee fought to DESTROY IT.

What do you think would have happened if Washington or Jefferson were president at the time of the Civil War. Would there be any of the "malice toward none, charity toward all" that Lincoln showed? Ask the folks who tried the "whiskey rebellion" which was put down! Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis would have faced a gallows if they tried their antics in most other countries. Andrew Jackson, yes a slave owner, would have been Merciless, as he said he one sincere regret is that he did not have John C Calhoun, a major proponent of slavery, killed.

Johnny Reb, keep the names of Jefferson, Washington, and Jackson out of your rotten mouth.

about Ivanka (an evil thought)

Do these Nazis that hail Trump realize that Trump's grandchildren will be Jewish, as Ivanka converted to Judaism. Granted, we know that if Steve Bannon gets his way, Jared and Ivanka will probably be the first death warrant Brannon eagerly signs, but that does not change the fact that the skinheads are overlooking the fact that whatever issues they have with Jews, their Trump apparently does not.

Those skinheads must have a bit of brain damage from being out in the sun too long.

Silent thread for person killed in Charlottesville riots


a very disturbing thought about Nuclear War and Climate change

This is going to be laughed at by some, but it worth a thought.

Have we ever considered the fact that part of what makes Trump base so eager to bring about climate change and nuclear war is the fact that it would destroy the cities?

Yes, laugh, but think about what climate change and/or nukes would do. Bye bye New York, bye bye eastern seaboard, Bye Bye California.

In short, the prayers of many of the Trump mouth breathers! it would be a golden chance to destroy their rivals, plunder their goods, and let the preachers preach that god saved Middle America. It would also be an excellent chance to turn immigrants and minorities into easily to exterminate and exploit refugees!

And the heartland would say their prayers were answered.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Tue Aug 8, 2017, 07:39 PM (6 replies)

The bernie lovers, the hillary lovers, the sincere folk, and the ratf**kers

Let me be blunt, for all the collusion and corruption that the GOP did, that Fox did, and oh yes, that Russia did, there is one ugly truth everyone to the left of Trump has to own: we were divided, we were overconfident, and therefore got surprised in a race that Trump never should have had a chance to win, period. We played the hare to the turtle, and if this was any other election, it might not have been so bad, but this one, we know the GOP will cheat, either by vote shaving or making sure the right amount of armed "patriots" are at every polling station, an army of "lone gunmen."

Simply put, both sides can talk about how everything would be good if we just eliminated the other side, while the most resistance the GOP puts up is maybe the occasional McCain style dissent. Simply put, we need to squash the 2016 strife in 2016, we cannot carry it to 2017, because we will lose 2018 and 2020.

Yes there are people who SINCERELY believe that either Moderates or Progressives have to be stopped because they will make us lose. Also, there are people who PRETEND to be those, but are good old fashioned well paid ratf*ckers. i remember being in Tampa where the triumphant folks in 2000 would call then local hero, Glenn Beck, and brag in detail how they maintained a facade to be democrats or greens. They bragged about becoming regular call ins on shows, making fake dialogues. This was way before the internet was what it is now. Just because people are sincere on all sides does not mean there are not people who want to lie, cheat and simply make a mess.

It is also NOT being anti democrat to sim,ply want to make sure that whatever we did this year, we do not repeat it. Regardless of bernie or Hillary, can we at least make sure whoever did the raw strategy of campaign running does NOT get to drive the ship? They got a ton of money and crashed, and that is not something good for ANY democrat.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Tue Aug 1, 2017, 07:35 PM (5 replies)

Cheers, whoops for McCain's return, then impassioned speech


warning, this is a cure for nausea

In former coal country, the working poor show open contempt for neighbors who seek handouts


Stuff like this makes me have less pityfor Coal Country. It is oen thing to be poor, it is another to hate people, and to feel self righteous because you are a willign pawn of the same rivh bastards that did, do, and always will think of you as scum.
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