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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 05:51 PM
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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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Why's Wall Street Pearl Clutching At Chile's Left Turn?


outside of the phrase pearl-clutching, this is an article that goes deep into the way Bloomberg and other "centrists" do their best to demonize anything remotely left, and ensure that people are scared into even criticizing the right on its excess, like oh, Pinochet.

Tesla moves headquarters from California to Texas


Elon, there are so many ways to dissect this it is not even funny.

Let's ignore the fact that you are empowering a state that tried its best to kill the entire idea of electric cars, and indeed, still is.

Let's ignore the fact that you seel to the eco-conscious crowd who has been sick of Texas trying to kill the idea of ecology.

Let's ignore the fact that what caused this "supply chain " problem that you bemoan was caused by people like do who felt that Covid regulations should not apply to THEM, which is why Texas, along with my beloved Florida, has a higher rate of Covid then California.

Let's ignore the fact you now have to convince tech workers to move to a state where abortions are illegal, any psycho can carry a gun, openly and anywhere. I know that, like most tech barons, you may not think of the woman techies who will think "me, move to Texas, fuck no!", but you at least have to consider the dudes who realize even though they may admire the guys who get women pregnant and then run, they sure don't want to pay child support.

and let's ignore the fact that those cheap rents you are selling will rocket once developers see a chance to bleed those workers. A shotgun shack not for a mule will suddenly triple in price.

OH, don't try to hide behind liberal Austin; the right has been grinding that away for years, to the point where those artists and hippies that you may use to attract the tech workers are being driven out.

NO, I will have to attack you at a BASE Level, because that is really what you exist for, self-gratification.

As much as you hate regulation, you will LOVE dealing with texas when they catch you with your Cannabis, the stuff you vaped on TV and made your stock drop. You may think yourself immune, but if the Texans need to find a way to take your stuff, they will use it. I am sure your tech workers, some of whom need that legal in California green to get through working for you, know this too.

PS: OH, I forgot the fact that a large part of the tech center is LGBT, if not LGBT friendly. Good luck getting people from Frisco to love Texas

PPS: Let's not forget the fact that your chances of getting an educated workforce are a LOT less. Do you think you will get tech workers in a place where "JEEEZUZZZ" is more imporatant than Math?

question: what do we do if elder take CA?

You know that is goign to be a trophy especially that could mean Texas and Califrnia go red. Any ideas, plans?

Doctor who promoted ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment has advised Florida's governor


GREAT, looks like DeSantis is brining out the Rogues gallery

scarlett Jiohannsen Vs Disney, how it paints a picture of us

for those of you wanting context, aka 'what is this about?


Usually, when a Millionaire fights a billionaire, I side with the Billionaire, I side with the Millionaire, because even if they are getting paid to do something that many talented people do for peanuts, it is their name on the marquee that lets the billionaire sell tickets and merchandise. I will start off by saying that I side with Scarlett, because frankly, she is the main reason there was interest in this movie. People want to see that lady from the Avengers. The same can be said of many of the films released by Disney which are fronted by females, like Cruella. Yes, it is really suspicious that they only tried this move when the Avenger franchise is closing down, after Joss Whedon lost his cred, and after James Gunn did his thumbing of the nose at Disney, doing the equivalent of "nyah Nyah, screw you me too movement." It is also worth noting that this is the same fight the record biz went through, i.e. if a company gets to make money streaming and downloading, how does the artist get paid, and how much? The question is not even close to settled, especially as many artists are blatant about the fact that the internet helped them much more than any bunch of sleazy middle age execs and radio djs.

However, this is where I have to give Scarlett and all her Millionaires a bit of critique. When you saw Napster/Spotify and others rob your rockstar friends, you did not speak up, because you never thought the same thing could happen to you. When the writers went on strike, and the companies responded by unleashign reality TV, you did not speak up, because you were still getting paid. You and your fellow actors, people who benefit from all those peopel working below you, stayed quiet. Now, let me turn to Scarjo herself: when you would do things like support Woody Allen , work with Woody Allen, and defend him, I question your halo. Yes, you are a woman, and I realize that I will never be able to question the fact you have been robbed because of that, but you sure loved using studio muscle when it served your purposes, double that for playing Asian characters and making Asian Americans get batted down when they wondered why you got to play a character that THEY made popular. It also goes without saying that you sure loved Disney when they ate the Marvel Franchise, when they made a god out of Joss Whedon, and that you only criticized him once you knew he was done for, and that you were leaving the franchise.

Now, none of my critiques changes anything, Disney is still being scummy, using not only the pandemic, but all the sexist crap to turn an excuse into gold. If you gave Scarjo a sliver of that gold, she might be happy, but no, Mouse needed to be greedy. Sooner or later, we may need to break up these media conglomerates just to be able to have any entertainment. Double the danger when they start catering to the PRC and make sure that the PRC controls what can and cannot be said here, as much as in Beijing.

All the same Scarjo, I do not weep for a millionaire. Do not mistake my support of a right cause for support of you. It is sad that both you and your fellow Heroine, Gal Godot, both complained that the studio must keep the cinemas open for the medium, for art, as you you two were defending all of the cinema against the ravages of time. Never mind the fact that the one thing we do NOT NEED is a bunch of people crowding together in a movie house spreading the Delta variant to all those mothers fathers and kids. Yes, Disney is being SLEAZY by hiding behind covid, but you, my dear, are also sleazy by trying to get people into a death box just so you can get a payday.

the NBA: when sports is not just sports

Politics and sports do bleed into each other, especially in the current era, where very often, it is the billionaire owners trying to manipulate millionaire athletes to keep control of those working class folks who can barely afford the cheap seats.

This NBA season was an example of Billionaires trying to buy power and undermine working class culture. Take Brooklyn, a place that used to be proud of being working class. Now, it is trying to be more posh than Manhattan itself, and is more than willing to raise rents, to kick out the very same people that gave Brooklyn it's culture. What did Brooklyn Billionaires do?, they said "we will assemble an invincible super duper team made of people that we steal from other places, and make us invincible. " As if that made up for high rent, or the fact that the very culture many yuppies moved to NYC to "enjoy" wound up having to move. Never mind that new York had a franchise that may not have titles, but had all the loyalty that sports is supposed to be about.

Take the LA clippers, the literal TOY of a Microsoft co-founder, Steve Ballmer. Not that he could pay for the stadium he wanted, not that we would move them to Seattle, the city that made him the money. No, and of course, you had Kawhi Leonard, the so called "New king of LA." Mr. Leonard, I liked you when the narrative was not staying in Texas because you wanted to be with your family. I admired you for being willing to turn down Toronto's offer to make you a GOD if you stayed on the Raptors to be with your family. Fast Forward, and not only do you NOT live in LA, but you did not even play that much. Of course, like NYC, there is already a team in LA whose loyalty is so strong even Mr. James was treated like an outsider. Even though he got them their first gold in years last year, they will probably send him out the door.

Well, fast forward to today, and both these stables of show ponies are GONE. They got beat by teams from what LA and NYC call flyover country. Teams who act like TEAMS, not a bunch of dolls that some billionaire stole to stuff into his toy-box. Congrats clippers, congrats Nets, you showed that no much how much a billionaire buys to compensate for all those beatings gotten from jocks in school, no matter how much he spends to bamboozle a bunch of fools to ignore that they are being robbed, he, and his dolls, can be exposed for what they are. We need to carry this knowledge into the public arena: there are a lot of polticians who are every bit as much cheap toys as some NBA athletes are.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Thu Jul 1, 2021, 11:51 AM (2 replies)

with all due respect

we do not care who would otherwise vote democratic, we care WHO ACTUALLY DOES vote democratic, even if they are holding their nose on that one day of the year where it matters.

The Devil you know part two


This series goes right into the rabidly violent realm of Christian internet cults
Posted by DonCoquixote | Fri May 7, 2021, 12:39 AM (6 replies)

'Cancel culture'? Sarah Silverman calls it 'righteousness porn' and 'really scary'


Ok sarah, here is why you are wrong.

Some may see this as scary, but if you are on the hammer end of a slur, it is not a joke to you. Remember how you said "there would be dietrus" when you justifiably defended that fact harvey Weinstein was being investigated. You were right because, lo and behold, there was a gusher of toxicity that women in YOUR very industry had to work in. Now...what happened, did one of your sacred oxen got gored? Is it scary that people no long give a pass to people who used power over people. Many of these people were using that against YOU Sarah, like your "friend" adam corolla who is now a right wign darling, and how makes jokes about you that would violate the TOS agreement and the FCC.
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