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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 05:51 PM
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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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did someone hack wikipedia?


Democratic Underground DUmmies is a rabid, virulent anti-American collection of malcontents, sickos and outright traitors. It is monitored by the US FBI, DOJ and Secret Service. It is run and populated by Hillary toadies who still cannot deal with losing the 2016 election. It's nickname is "Snowflake Central". Most, if not all of the "males" subjugate themselves to the females in their lives, sit down to urinate and dress effeminately at the will of their female mistresses. | title =Terms of Service

I hope this is a joke..and not serious...

Democrats and supposed left vs right tensions

Look, I know that despite all our attempts to get past 2016, there is a tension that is thick in the air. some people take the words of Nancy Pelosi, or the words of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and gin them into an excuse to say there is "bad blood." The side that likes one takes this and uses this as an excuse why we have to kick people who like the other out. Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh lights another 100 dollar cigar, and the jackals howl.

We are a big tent party. Unlike our opponents, we do not need to narrow our appeal to one demographic, nor require kowtowing and soul selling, like the way the GOP seems to forget all about their worship of free trade, deficit hating and simple morals. We can turn this into a strength, but we need to stop fighting each other , at least until we get our feet back in the door. Once we win elections, and we need to win some more, than we can talk about whether we want to add a bit of left to a bit of right.

As much as Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may disagree, we both know they agree about more things, if nothing else to need to stop Trump and this GOP congress from slashing any more at the nation's veins. We need to remember that too.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Mon Jul 2, 2018, 12:59 AM (8 replies)

Why Do We Value Country Folk More Than City People?


please do not forget one thing about the scotus

Ginsberg is illl, which means this is not going to merely be a chance to stack the court, but to do a full death blow. Even if the one the replaces Kennedy is a "moderate", Ginsburg can die, and trump can put in a 30 year old that makes Sean Hannity look like Jill Stein!

The Absurdity of Trump Officials Eating at Mexican Restaurants During an Immigration Crisis


a scary thought about Sessions (talk me down)

OK, let's say the blame for the child prison debacle rightfully points at Jeff Sessions. Could trump then uses this as his excuse to fire him, put Rudy in the job, and then use that to fire Mueller? Sounds silly, but it is no less silly than the reason he gave for firing Comey.

What the NBA Finals say about our Political situation

I know the NBA, and Indeed, all professional sports, are often just a means to confuse the masses and keep their focus off the way politicians, tycoons and clergy manipulate them. That does not mean they are not earnest expressions of civi pride, and often clues to tuths about ourselves, the same as anything we produce. Now, before either the Cavaliers or the Warrriors win, it is time to look to see what we can actually learn from this.

Lebron James is a perfect example of one ugly fact; emay seal the deal ven great superstars need a TEAM. Yes he is great: the fact the discussion about if he is the greatest player of all time rages, and regardless of this year, if he manages to somehow keep most of his current ability, he still may seal the deal. Hey, the NFL's Tom Brady is eight years older than him, and does not seem to be going anywhere soon. YET, here he is, in danger of an embarrassing sweep, which will follow a pattern that repeats and repeats again and again so much that Basketball might as well be "the sport where Lebron loses to the warriors." Just like we in this party, after all the effort and scored points, find ourselves wondering "what the hell happened." We know what happened, and so does Lebron; we do not work as a team. We do careless things like that fool who wasted his timeout at the last second, because he thought the team was winning. Let's not mince words, whether it was the primary in 2016, or what almost happened in California this week, the fact is we democrats need to play as a cohesive, coordinated unit, because when you just depends on some rock star to save your behind, you LOSE.

Now, let's take a look at the Golden state Warriors. On paper, this should be wonderful, the bastion of one of the more liberal area of the country, and a place that is rich because of creative, brainy, wealthy labor, where people who have great talent and admittedly warm fuzzy personalities that seem incapable of being offensive (imagine Steph Curry riding to work in a nice Eco-friendly car. The image of him driving a sports car was so goofy that they literally made a commercial about it.) Teamwork, a lack of egos, and a coach that looks like the white midwest males we were all trained in school to obey; giving orders and never being questioned, because he picked people that would just do their jobs.

Well, lift the plastic and this stinks on TWO levels, but both of them are variants on hypocrisy. Let's take Northern California: wonderfully liberal, with virtues the rest of the country would envy; but the area also suffers from people mistaking a lot of money for being liberal. Every day, with every WAY overpriced house, that working and middle class families get kicked out of so that a way way overpriced condo could be built on it, it helps to ruin the American dream. The fact this is done with a kind face does not hide the fact that money is king, and that more money is God, and that whenever this is brought up, they say "but we are liberal, indeed without our money, the rest of you hayseeds would be broke!" And lest you think I am going to just make a Bernie statement about civil rights vs economic justice, there is a LOT to say about race.

Let's be honest, any of you think Steph Curry would be taking a knee? The white coach can say a few things, but the image the Golden State Warriors is that of African Americans being rewarded by the system for just taking orders and doing what the nice white coach says. They are rewarded for not being showy, unlike that nasty Lebron who WILL insult the president, who will turn down the chance to make easy money on a rich team so that he can focus on social programs in his native Cleveland.

Cleveland, who needs THAT place, except we expect them to win every election year for us by beating turning a purple state blue. Not like we would ever think of having Lebron campaign in that plce every year, after all, our slick professionals have a strategy, like we way they were so right about that "blue wall" of Midwestern states like Ohio and Wisconsin, and michigan...opps, pay no attention to that folks, criticize the people that made that screw up and the juries at certain liberal sites will say "get out of here and shut up!"

SO, both team have some genuine virtue: only hateful people would deny that Lebron, if he has not done so already, could be the greatest, but more importantly, in a world where community is cheap, he values it. He had stood by his hometown much more than Michael Jordan did his carolinas, which he bolted out of for more money. Yes, the warriors are the example of how a selfless, coordinated team can win consistently. On the other hand, they also reflect an area where self righteous hypocrisy and worship of money (like the money it took to build that team in the first place, can hide toxic things that need to be lanced like a boil, and the fact that both civil rights and economic justice tend to get swept aside when the run of winning trophies just feels so good we glare at anyone that questions it.

however, for all it's use, sports is NOT the real world. For us to win, we need to cultivate the political equivalent of lebron James, and make a Team that will support victory without ego clowns handing victory to the Red team. OH, don;t think I was going to leave out the third party types and those that would use Bernie because they think he could score wins that take time and disciple to do. They are the ultimate bane of Politics and Sports, the Armchair Quarterback, who, full of cheap beer, think they know everything.

Oh, what does Jill Stein symbolize? Steriods meant to cheat, the way that the Russians never seem to avoid Steroid scandals

Tom Arnold Thinks Roseanne Wanted Her Show To Get Cancelled


here is a choice quote:
On ABC being partially to blame: “ABC lost maybe $1 billion from this; this show was grinding out money hand over fist and they lost it all because somebody didn’t say, ‘Get that phone out of her hand.’ She’s not going to go on TV and say these things. But you put that phone in her hand and she is a loose cannon.”

Disney learned there is MONEY selling beyond the trump base Re: Roseanne


I originally posted this in response to a thread EffieBlack did, but when I sat down to view these figures, I thought it deserved it's own OP.

Disney just made two billion dollars with two movies, both of which featured African Americans, one of which was perhaps the first all AfAM blockbuster, Black Panther. We are talking Two billion at the box office, NOT with merchandising like the Black panther T shirts that are being worn.

Where I jump off is this: what does it say about racism that you can literally rake in TWO BILLION DOLLARS CLEAN, and still feel you have to give shelter to Roseanne until she finally goes to the camera and self destructs? Let's face it, Roseanne made money back then, but she made it clear from the outset that she intended to be her true, bigoted self. She did not get fired till Wanda Sykes (an afam comedian who could have easily just sat back and collected a paycheck) and of course, Sara Gilbert, the producer of the show. The fact it took that much internal strife to kill the show is kind of like someone waiting till they hit the Iron Lung before they cut the cigarettes from two packs to one.

That, my friends, is the white privilege that is considered a myth by some: Roseanne had to agressively, publicly make a mess of herself, whereas if Will Smith did this, he would be lucky to get on Reality TV.

No one will deny that the economy left people ebhind, BUT

a large part of that was caused by the fact that many of these people were willing to let them leave us behind provided that the first to starve would be "those people" that they never wanted to share the fruits of American labor. Hey union man, where were you when Blacks and Browns were kept out of your union? Hey "right to work state" man, where were you when your state banned unions. Where were you, voting GOP, that is where.

We are vry tired of hearing WWC voters act like their suffering needs to be placed at the front, because we know they minute they get healed, they will scream "screw the blacks and browns, they deserved to suffer anyway!"
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