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DonCoquixote's Journal
DonCoquixote's Journal
December 31, 2023

This slur of anti-semitism is used to defend repression


Here milne sees what jews rightfully fear, but stands firm that it does not excuse slaughter
November 5, 2023

If you are sincere about fixing things, you must be honest

The point of this post is not to vilify anyone; on both sides of the divide, there are heroic people trying to stop the violence. A larger portion of people are people just trying to live thier lives, and that applies to the Jacobs, Mustafas, Rebeccas and Aishas who right now are dealing with people trying to use their corpses for pawns. And yes, we can agree that those in charge have a vested interest in making corpses, because it keeps the same struggle going on, so that they do not have to worry about things like being competent, compassionate leaders.

And whoever in the back is screaming "but my person is good the other guys are the bad guys!" are the exact example of the problem. The fact is, BOTH SIDES have done truly horrible things, gladly risking the lives of children, at times using children as pawns and ammo.

BOTH Sides have gotten people involved using threats, whether it is the arabs or the jews who yell at Biden saying "we will not vote for you, despite the fact they both know that would arm people who either want to kill them, or at the very least force their children to convert to Christianity. Don't thing for one moment that is not the endgame of most GOP. Do not think that those encouraging scapegoating Biden are not looking to pit one D voting bloc against another D voting bloc, so all the Christian soldiers can stomp into the voting booth and dominate.

So, what am I saying? If you want to fix the problem, first, you must take steps to tell both Yusuf and Rebecca that you will have a PLAN to STOP whoever renegs on any ceasefire. Sadly, there are those who will immediately rush to defends whoever is the first to start killing, even if they yelled at you saying "my people can be trusted, and you are a bigot if you do not believe it!" . these are the same people that will yell "but they deserved it!" Who can do this? Ideally the UN, but they have become useless lately, all the same if it take Un Blue Helmets pulling people apart, then let it be done. and if Beijing, Moscow and or Washington throw spanners in that, as they often use the UN as a toy, then let them be thrown out of the un! If either side of Jerusalem trues to, hell, when both sides of jerusalem try that, then we will need people to attack THEM, not yell at Biden and say "we wont vote for you because you do not want to let us kill their babies before they kill our babies.

If you are not willing to speak against your friends when they do wrong, and if you are not ready and willing to take steps to ensure all are safe even the people you do not like, YOU ARE FEEDING THE PROBLEM, and your grandchildren will have every right to HATE YOU.

PS: anyone can die and kill for their country, the very cockroaches do that for their nest. The real heroes are those who make it possible for people to LIVE

August 20, 2023

The Conservative Activist Who Brought Down Affirmative Action Has a New Target


By email, Blum told Rolling Stone that his organization “was contacted by a woman-owned business who was ineligible to participate in these programs because she was not Black and [is] thus disqualified.”

in other words, a Karen
June 7, 2023

Florida mom fatally shot by neighbor in front of children l GMA

The Magat got arrested. Just shows there is hope
June 5, 2023

Patton Oswalt Has Three Words for Grads: You Poor Bastards

sometimes, DU can be full of the "these kids today ruined everything" or "they can't think without their cell phones." Here, a Gen X comedian says what we should remember.

“It's been truly amazing to see how your generation has rebelled against every bad habit of mine and every generation that came before me,” Oswalt continues. “Everything that we let calcify, you have kicked against and demolished. You’ve rejected that whole 24/7, no-days-off grind. You’ve rejected apathy. You’ve rejected ignoring your mental health because ‘you’ve got to muscle through it no matter what.’ You’ve rejected alienation and cruelty. You’ve rejected not trying to include everyone. You’ve rejected not looking out for each other. And those are hard things to reject because accepting them sometimes makes life way easier.”

this Gen Xer concurs. Do not let people tear you down because you are not the reflection of the youth they THOUGHT they were; the real rebellion is to be yourselves. Remember that for all the sex drugs and rock and roll some take credit for, the truth was the older generation was handed the fruits and fat gained from Empire, and that for every Bob Dylan, there were many who became exactly what they promised they would never be. Gen X, I love Nihilism too, but some of my fellow xers are using that to support the Right wing, as if to tweak the Boomers. It is time to put away the Nirvana and Pearl Jam (let's face it, they were overrated anyway) and help the millennials and Z's pave over the trash., and at least help them as they wind up cleansing the mess of the 20th century's quest for empire.

To quote one of the more honest Baby Boomer musicans, Neil Young "keep on rocking in the free world."
April 4, 2023

First Lady Jill Biden walks back idea of inviting Iowa women's basketball team to White House


WISE MOVE. If you went forward with this, you might as well told every black female that you like them, but not as much as people who look like you. Do note force us blacks and browns to think you are goign to backstab us.
March 23, 2023

MCC Tampa withdraws from Pride this weekend, still encourages others to go and 'experience joy'


This is an example of a great civil rights organization that sadly, did not check itself when it came to intersectionality. TERFing is a thing, sadly.
March 18, 2023

How a Florida city targets unwanted residents using police and code enforcement


a preview of what will happen in Florida

Hebert and Wojciechowski are just two examples of disturbing behavior from local enforcement which have been exposed in recent years by CL’s reporting on the city.

Over the past four years, NPRPD has been caught in a laundry list of scandalous behavior, including praying with Proud Boys during a BLM march in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. One officer was caught sharing department intel with an armed right-wing vigilante who was threatening BLM protesters online. Another was caught posing in front of a confederate flag on a boat.

The department also tried to pin a false felony charge on Marlowe Jones—a BLM activist who faced five years in prison after being charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, with zero evidence. He was found not guilty by a jury of his peers, and Jones is now also in the process of suing the city.

In January, Kim Bogart, the city’s former police chief who also oversaw code enforcement, retired suddenly shortly after publicly defending the slew of bigoted incidents from his officers.

Erik Jay, the city’s current code enforcement manager, who supervised Morgan as he spied on and harassed Wojciechowski, moved to his position after he retired from Bogart’s troubled police force.

Wojciechowski is a staunch BLM supporter, and had signs in her yard during the 2020 protests in New Port Richey. She also received now-dropped violations for practicing her First Amendment right to display those signs on her property.
January 7, 2023

question re: the debt ceiling

We know that the holdouts in the house are often ones who want to hold the economy hostage via the "debt ceiling", the ones who want at social security. Since we know these people have gained power, what measure does Biden have to stop this?

I remember back in the Obama days, there was tlak of a "trillion dollar coin>"

November 23, 2022

Eric Idle Is Tired Of Comedy Giants Like Dave Chappelle Crying "Censorship"


choice cut from article, but read the whole thing, as it worth it, especially as the right wing trots John Cleese out.

On the topic of censorship, Swisher naturally asked Idle if he had any thoughts on Dave Chappelle’s constant claims that he is being silenced while getting paid $24 million per special to complain about how canceled he is. Said Idle, “Where does he say it? On SNL … Well, you’re not being that much canceled, are you? If you were in your room complaining, I’d have a lot more sympathy.”

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