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Member since: Wed Jul 13, 2011, 08:37 AM
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Activist kicked off American Airlines flight, alleges 'white male aggression (Tamika Mallory)

The pilot removed her. If what is written is true and it sure looks like it, he needs to be disciplined or fired.

“He asked me, 'Would I behave? Could I control myself?'” Mallory recounted. “I had not raised my voice. I was not screaming at the [gate agent]. I just firmly let her know that I didn’t appreciate the way I was treated.”
But after taking her seat, she was called up to the front of the plane over the loudspeaker, where Mallory said the pilot pointed at her and said, ‘Her, off.’”



"...The deal would extend key Obamacare payments to insurers for two years and give states more flexibility to change Obamacare rules....The deal would restore $106 million in Obamacare outreach funding that was cut by President Trump, according to a Democratic aide.In a concession to Republicans, the deal would also amend a "guardrail" in Obamacare to give states more flexibility to change rules through a waiver. States would now be allowed to make changes as long as they allowed "comparable" affordability to consumers, according to Alexander, He said minimum standards for what insurance must cover has not been changed, which represents a priority for Democrats negotiating the compromise..."

This is the best we can hope for...play for time. Hope it will pass.


Ask the Women's March to Reconsider Sen. Sanders' Role...sign the petition.

"We, the undersigned, urge the Women’s March to reconsider giving Sen. Bernie Sanders a headlining role at the Women’s Convention on October 27. The convention represents the first gathering of its kind for 40 years, putting it at the center of an intersectional feminist movement. For an event of this kind to center a white, male politician over emerging women leaders, particularly those of color, is very disappointing to us.
We showed up in droves from around the country to march in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, and many other cities because we believe that this country cannot move forward without women’s voices and women’s rights. We marched because the 2016 election put an admitted sexual predator in the White House, and made women in this country and around the world less safe. That day was filled with anger, but also with a deeply shared hope that in resisting together, we could save our country from the devastating impact of a Trump administration. "


Hubs signed the papers on a new job yesterday!!!! And we paid our daughters tuition. Thank God.

He had two good offers in the end. We were unemployed for 22 days (second offer came in on Saturday). I don't know how people survive months or even (in my brother's case almost two years) of unemployment. I felt embarrassed that I whined about it when so many have it so much worse. The new job pays more than the one he lost. We will move to Cleveland as an hour is just too long to commute long term. The job is in Cuyahoga Heights if any DU'ers can recommend a good neighborhood or suburb, I would love to have some advice. We go up to Cleveland quite often and really like the city.

Hubs got a job offer today...a good one...about three hours away...means a move,

but no we will not have to live in my sister's basement! There may be another coming in tomorrow...he was told he didn't get one job he applied for yesterday so we were bummed...three interviews...and no job. But today, I am doing the happy dance!

Before-tackling-single-payer-save save Obamacare By E.J. Dionne Jr.

"The latest repeal bill is an offering from Republican Sens. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.) and Bill Cassidy (La.) that would tear apart the existing system and replace it with block grants to the states. Block grants — flows of money for broad purposes with few strings attached — are a patented way to evade hard policy choices. All the tough decisions are kicked down to state capitals, usually with too little money to achieve the ends the block grant is supposed to realize...Because Graham and Cassidy are civil interlocutors and have sounded more reasonable than many of their Republican colleagues in talking about health care, there is an unexamined assumption that their proposal must be more sensible than other approaches to repeal...in certain respects, it’s even worse than earlier repeal measures, which at least kept some of the structure of Obamacare’s subsidies in place. This bill would simply blow them up.Before supporters of universal health coverage get all wrapped up debating a single-payer system, they need to focus on a dire threat to the Affordable Care Act likely to come up for a vote in the Senate before the end of the month."

We need to save the ACA and stop talking about a bill which is essentially an ACA repeal bill.

Tell it to your Member of Congress!
The US Capitol in Washington, DC
To call your Member of Congress:
US Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121
To locate your Member on-line:
U.S. House of Representatives: www.house.gov
U.S. Senate: www.senate.gov


Republicans make new push to repeal Obamacare...this is really awful.

People kicked off of Medicaid and millions left with nothing in the coming years...Why are we even talking about single payer? If we lose the ACA...we will never achieve universal health care. Thousands will die...in light of this new repeal effort which may succeed, we have to ask ourselves was now the best time to introduce single payer?


For All who didn't support Hillary Clinton in the general...who complained about her on various

websites and maybe even at the end voted for her grudgingly after turning others against her or perhaps voted for Stein...consider DACA and the suffering that will happen. You helped bring this about. But don't you know the parties are the same? (Sarcasm) Shame on you...oh and fuck Sarandon, Stein and Turner (no longer a Democrat as she has offered to support GOP candidates). Enjoy your privilege.

Hubs loses his job as of September 1st. Autos are slow and so are parts manufacturing.

I saw autos begin to falter in February when my son was laid off. Today there are thousands of auto and parts manufacturing workers laid off in the rust belt.Trump is a waste of air...no talent, incompetent nincompoop who will not do anything worthwhile. A person like Pres. Obama could stave off the coming recession. Trump won't be able to. As an auto wife for years, I have seen multiple times that autos are the first to fall and the first to recover in a recession...so slap your seat belts on...the Trump economic shit show is coming. God help us all.

Cut the cord day before yesterday...I just didn't want to pay

huge amounts for TV we barely watched...we have sling, Hulu,Netflix and because I buy stuff on Amazon ...amazon...we also subscribed to kindle unlimited (e-books) and I have multiple library cards...don't miss Spectrum at all. We still have internet of course.
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