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Young woman tries to use CA restaurants restroom. Security guard pepper sprays her and whips her leg

Posted by Demovictory9 | Sun Oct 1, 2023, 07:09 AM (1 replies)

Lennar is building 350 sq ft houses ( permanent on concrete foundations, not wheels) in texas

TN rejected fed $ for birth control/cancer screenings..now outraged feds giving it toplanned phood

The Virginia League for Planned Parenthood received extra funds from the federal government that it will give to a Tennessee and North Mississippi group for pregnancy services, a move that raised the hackles of Gov. Bill Lee and TennesseeRight to Life.

About $3.9 million for low-cost birth control, contraceptive counsel, sexually-transmitted disease treatment, breast and cervical cancer screenings, pre-pregnancy care and other treatment will go to Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and North Mississippi. The move comes after Tennessee declined to meet federal Title X grant requirements and provide accurate and accessible medical care, including counseling for abortion, according to the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood.

Tennessee has received up to $7.5 million for those services. But the state Legislature outlawed abortion a year ago when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, then passed a law this year allowing abortions only in limited circumstances to save the lives of women involved in dangerous pregnancies.

Ashley Coffield, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and North Mississippi, said, “Victory is rare in Tennessee” but noted the group is celebrating the “return of nonjudgmental access to Title X programs.”

“Our governor jeopardized access to birth control, STI testing and treatment and cancer screenings when he refused to comply with Title X requirements for unbiased patient information,” Coffield said in a statement this week.

The shifting of funds to Tennessee and Mississippi through Virginia upset Right to Life and Lee the same week as Senate and House leaders created a study group to look into rejecting about $1.89 billion in federal education money.


“The Biden Administration is in cahoots with the largest abortion business in the world,” Tennessee Right to Life President Stacy Dunn said. Her husband, former Rep. Bill Dunn, a proponent of the governor’s education voucher program, was hired to work for the Department of Education after leaving the Legislature.

Even though Title X money can’t be used for abortion services, the money will be directed to promote “the deadly agenda of the abortion industry,” Stacy Dunn said.


rural Texas county makes traveling for an abortion on its roads illegal

rural Texas county makes traveling for an abortion on its roads illegal

Commissioners in this rural Texas county that borders New Mexico on Thursday gave their unanimous blessing to a legally dubious policy that effectively outlaws travel on its local roads to seek an abortion.

The five-member panel in Cochran County, which sits about an hour west of Lubbock, agreed with Mark Lee Dickson, founder of the "sanctuary cities" initiative, who said the ordinance was needed to finish the work started in the state's near-total ban, often referred to as Senate Bill 8.

"This ordinance would close some of the loopholes that exist in this fight," Dickson said. "It's saying the roads, and the airport, could not be used for abortion trafficking into New Mexico."

County Commissioner Eric Silhan introduced the ordinance to the county's governing body, saying it's a way to stand for "the people who can't speak for themselves."


"This is an effort, one by one by one, to create a statewide ban against travel to other states, literally creating a reproductive prison in the state of Texas," Wendy Davis, a former state senator who is now a senior adviser at Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, said on Wednesday.


SF Millennium Tower residents billed $6.8 million for fix overruns..$10 per sq ft due Oct 1


With work finally over on the so-called fix of the Millennium Tower, residents are now saddled with a $6.8 million bill out of an estimated $20 million in cost overruns on the long delayed and troubled retrofit project.

The ambitious project was originally billed as costing $100 million, relying on 52 piles sunk to bedrock to bolster the tower on two sides last fall.

But when the building experienced still more sinking and tilting during construction, the city intervened. The project ended up being cut to just 18 piles and being substantially completed by late August. The scaled back project ended up costing about $120 million, based on the accounting provided by tower homeowner’s association to residents.

Residents were notified recently that they faced an emergency assessment of $10 per square foot of condo space to account for overruns. The bill comes due on Oct.


“I don’t know what to do with this place, because it is costly – I cannot live in it,” said Mehrdad Mostafavi, who moved out his third floor tower condo in June after an apparent sewage backup in his kitchen sink. Millennium fix engineers had warned backups could be a byproduct of the tower’s tilting.

Mostafavi says he was forced to move out because of the mess and was in the middle of figuring out a way to clean it up when he was hit with the bill for nearly $14,000 from the Tower owners association.

“It’s a luxurious building and famous building, but unfortunately it is not like this for me as an owner,” Mostafavi said. “I am really suffering.”

Woman who burned Wyoming abortion clinic is sentenced to 5 years in prison


Woman who burned Wyoming abortion clinic is sentenced to 5 years in prison
Lorna Roxanne Green told investigators that she opposed abortion and that anxiety and nightmares about the Wellspring Health Access clinic caused her to burn it.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — An abortion opponent who broke into and burned what was to be Wyoming’s first full-service abortion clinic in at least a decade, delaying its opening by almost a year, was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison and three years probation.

Lorna Roxanne Green faced up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine after pleading guilty in July to setting the fire at Wellspring Health Access in Casper. She expressed regret and took full responsibility for the arson at the plea hearing. The five-year sentence is the mandatory minimum. She also has been ordered to pay restitution in an amount to be determined at a later date

Green told investigators she opposed abortion and that anxiety and nightmares about the clinic caused her to burn it.

The May 2022 fire happened weeks before the clinic was to open. Extensive damage to the building being remodeled for the clinic kept it from opening for almost a year.

Green admitted to breaking in, pouring gasoline around the inside of the building and lighting it on fire, according to court documents.

The Casper College mechanical engineering student showed no sign of anti-abortion views on social media but told investigators she opposed abortion.


Feinstein at a memorial service for assassinated Supervisor Harvey Milk in November 1978

And at his memorial service one year later

She was elected president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1978 - the first woman to hold that position.

She had run for mayor of San Francisco twice and lost when tragedy struck. On November 27, 1978, Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk were assassinated by former supervisor Dan White.

Feinstein found Milk's body and spoke of how that moment shaped her views on guns.

She became acting mayor and was the first woman to serve as a mayor of the city.


He is worth 3 million, son of CEO of trammel crow

Williams, a former Wall Street executive and Silicon Valley investor, filed a financial disclosure report with the House listing a net worth of at least $3.1 million, syracuse.com | The Post-Standard reported in August 2022.


Williams is the son of J. McDonald “Don” Williams, the retired CEO and chairman of Trammel Crow Company in Dallas.

In 2009, his parents built a mansion in Dallas that they later put up for sale in 2013 for $9.75 million.

Facing the criticism over his comment, Brandon Williams reversed course and posted a note on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, at 11:13 a.m.

“I have directed that the House suspend my pay to share the burden of a potential government shutdown; meanwhile, I am engaged in the fight to avert one,” Williams wrote above a copy of his letter to the chief administrative officer of the House.

Florida man passes out in car. Awakens to being stabbed by road raging former federal prosecutor

Suspect in Howard Frankland Bridge former Federal prosecutor
The man charged with stabbing a driver on the Howard Frankland Bridge in Pinellas County is a former Federal prosecutor.

TAMPA, Fla. - A former Federal prosecutor is accused of stabbing a man on the Howard Frankland Bridge in a fit of rage after a three-car pileup on Tuesday.

Witness Tara Iglinski took photos of the aftermath, which show Patrick Scruggs standing outside the car with an arm raised, and blood covering the victim's arms and hands.

"I was trying to figure out what had caused that," she said.

Troopers say Scruggs had bashed through the window and stabbed the man multiple times. According to troopers, just before, the man had been passed out while behind the wheel, and his car stopped in the middle of traffic on the Howard Frankland Bridge.

Two Good Samaritans had also stopped and evidently startled him awake. Authorities say the eventual victim drove forward, hit the Good Samaritan's car, then drove into Scruggs' path.

That's when, according to officials, Scruggs stopped and took out his pocket knife.

"It's just so sad that someone would react in that way," said Iglinski. "There's so much road rage nowadays."


Irvine CA city leaders attend ribbon cutting for Epoch Times new office..weird rightwing rag

Social media posts reveal that Irvine City Councilmember and 2024 Irvine Mayoral candidate, Tammy Kim, attended and celebrated conspiracy laden click-bait publisher, The Epoch Times, with the opening of its new Irvine satellite office. In attendance were OC Board of Education (OCBE) Trustee Mari Barke, former CA State Senator, John Moorlach, Greater Irvine Chamber President, Bryan Starr, and a representative on behalf of current OC Board of Supervisors Director, Donald Wagner, among other mainly right-wing Republicans.


Background on The Epoch Times

A quick search on The Epoch Times Southern California chapter Facebook page reveals that they are currently knee-deep in attacking LGBTQ individuals and publishing right wing school board culture war issues. Is this the type of business you want to celebrate and endorse, Vice Mayor Kim? Does The Epoch Times reflect the interests of our highly educated community? To answer that, let’s learn a little more about this shadowy publication.

According to New York Times, “Since 2016, the Falun Gong-backed newspaper has used aggressive Facebook tactics and right-wing misinformation to create an anti-China, pro-Trump media empire. For years, The Epoch Times was a small, low-budget newspaper with an anti-China slant that was handed out free on New York street corners. But in 2016 and 2017, the paper made two changes that transformed it into one of the country’s most powerful digital publishers. The changes also paved the way for the publication, which is affiliated with the secretive and relatively obscure Chinese spiritual movement Falun Gong, to become a leading purveyor of right-wing misinformation.” The NY Times article goes on to describe that it gained influence by embracing and fervently supporting Donald Trump and by spending massive amounts of money on Facebook ads pushing far right causes.

According to OpenDemocracy.net, “Not everything published by The Epoch Times qualifies as disinformation – a lot of its content consists of straightforward reports, often sourced from news agencies. But according to NewsGuard, a journalism and technology tool that rates the credibility of news websites and tracks misinformation, it fails to gather and present information responsibly, rarely corrects or clarifies errors, and remains opaque as to its ownership and funding.”

In August 2023, media outlets discovered a more concerning trend with The Epoch Times and their influence on politics through dark money. In recently disclosed campaign financial disclosures, former California Governor candidate, Larry Elder, received a salary from The Epoch Times ranging from $1 to $5 million dollars.
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