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Trump implied he wasnt using same toilet as his Black predecessor


Trump periodically told visitors that his White House workspace had a "secret bathroom," and explained that he'd completely renovated the restroom after taking over for Barack Obama, but staffers would correct him and explain that only the toilet seats had been changed, which is customary during presidential transitions.

”You understand what I’m talking about," Trump said to one visitor, according to Haberman.

The guest, Haberman reported, “interpreted [the remark] to mean Trump did not want to use the same bathroom as his Black predecessor.”

Lara Trump slammed for calling this "character building", twitterverse says call CPS


As campaign struggles, Doug Mastriano plans '40 days of fasting and prayer'


As campaign struggles, Doug Mastriano plans ‘40 days of fasting and prayer’
The Republican gubernatorial candidate is losing some support among GOP allies as his cash-strapped campaign turns to Twitter memes and, apparently, divine intervention.

Republican Pa. gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano during a Save America rally with former President Donald Trump earlier this month in Wilkes-Barre.
Republican Pa. gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano during a Save America rally with former President Donald Trump earlier this month in Wilkes-Barre.Read more

It was billed as a blockbuster, but ended up a flop. If Doug Mastriano’s “big rally” last weekend were a movie, its Rotten Tomatoes score would be in the single digits.

Only a few dozen supporters joined the Republican state senator on the steps of the Capitol building in Harrisburg — some of them members of a local militia group.

The photos looked bad, because it was bad. The press coverage? Brutal.

A few days earlier, Mastriano’s fund-raising troubles had become clear. He’d appeared on a conservative podcast and asked if perhaps U.S. citizens living abroad might consider contributing to his cash-strapped campaign.

Mastriano hasn’t run or booked any TV ads in response. He doesn’t do interviews with most media outlets, and won’t agree to a standard format debate.

PA Gov candidate Mastriano said charge women with murder for abortion


In 2019, Doug Mastriano said women who violated proposed abortion ban should be charged with murder

In 2019, state Sen. Doug Mastriano sponsored legislation barring abortions at around six weeks. Asked if women who broke that law should be charged with murder, he said, "Yes."

State Sen. Doug Mastriano, the Republican nominee for governor in Pennsylvania, said in 2019 that women should be charged with murder if they violated his proposed abortion ban.

In an interview with Pennsylvania radio station WITF, Mastriano was pressed about a bill he sponsored that would generally bar abortions when a fetal heartbeat could first be detected, usually around six weeks. Mastriano’s remarks in that interview were previously unreported.

Under his proposed legislation, Mastriano was asked whether a woman who decided to get an abortion at 10 weeks gestation would be charged with murder. Critics of the bill Mastriano backed, and of other "heartbeat bills," say the approximate six-week timeframe is often before many women know they are pregnant.

"OK, let’s go back to the basic question there," Mastriano said. "Is that a human being? Is that a little boy or girl? If it is, it deserves equal protection under the law."

Asked if he was saying yes, they should be charged with murder, Mastriano responded: "Yes, I am."

Pro-Choice Activists Played the Long Game for Impressive Takeover of Forced-Birth Fundraiser


On occasion, grassroots organizers and protesters pull off something truly spectacular. That’s what happened in late July when pro-choice protesters from Resist STL crashed the annual benefit dinner for “Coalition for Life St. Louis,” an anti-abortion group seeking to end all abortion in Missouri.

On July 27, Resist STL disrupted anti-abortion group Coalition for Life’s annual benefit dinner in St Louis. Activists took the stage during the keynote address and created “gayaos” (gay chaos) by chanting, noisemaking, dancing, and distributing information about reproductive justice. All protestors were escorted jubilantly from the building.


What’s most interesting about this protest is that the resistance members managed to get into the event by volunteering for the organization. It had the triple effect of 1) allowing protestors access to the event, 2) sowing chaos amongst the benefit dinner organizers, and 3) destabilizing the organization’s trust in all its volunteers.

It got to the point where all of the volunteers were asked to leave because Coalition for Life couldn’t tell who was and was not a protester. The disguises worked so well that one covert Resist STL member even convinced the police that Coalition for Life didn’t want to press charges.

Gavin Newsom is basically untouchable, California poll says


Newsom, who first won his gubernatorial race by more than 20 percentage points in 2018, then defeated a 2021 recall attempt by a similar margin, is leading Republican state Sen. Brian Dahle 58% to 31% in a new Public Policy Institute of California poll released Wednesday

The vote breakdown by political party strongly suggests Newsom's lead is insurmountable. Newsom is leading independent voters 55% to 35%, which is very bad news for Dahle. Furthermore, Newsom has the support of 90% of California Democrats, and in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1, that's a death knell for his opponent. No non-Democrat is going to win statewide office without garnering significant support from Democratic voters. Dahle also has support from only 81% of California Republicans, meaning Newsom is doing a better job of consolidating his party's voters than Dahle is.

These are the top 10 cities where housing contracts are falling through:

These are the top 10 cities where deals are falling through:

City Percentage of pending sales that fell out of contract
Jacksonville, Fla. 26.1%
Las Vegas, Nev. 23%
Atlanta, Ga. 22.6%
Orlando, Fla. 21.9%
Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 21.7%
Phoenix, Ariz. 21.6%
Tampa, Fla. 21.5%
Fort Worth, Tex. 21.5%
San Antonio, Tex. 21.1%
Houston, Tex. 20.6%

The tide has turned, and buyers are now backing out of deals in the Sun Belt as rates rise and home prices remain unaffordable.

Once pandemic boomtowns, 15.2% of homes in cities in the Sun Belt that went under contract in August fell through, or roughly 64,000 homes nationwide saw deals dropped, a new report from real-estate brokerage Redfin Corp. RDFN said.

A year ago, only 12.1% of home buyers were backing out of deals. Typically 12% of deals fell through prior to the pandemic, Redfin said. But the last time this number spiked — prior to this fall — was at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March/April 2020.

“A slowing housing market is allowing buyers to renege on deals because it often means they don’t need to waive important contract contingencies in order to compete like they did during last year’s home-buying frenzy,” Redfin noted.

Contingencies can include inspections to see if there’s any issues with the home, or whether they can get the mortgage required, or whether the appraisal is different from the agreed-upon amount.


Self-Proclaimed "Incel" captured, video taped violent attacks on unsuspecting women for YouTube chan

Self-Proclaimed “Incel” Wanted on Warrant for Multiple Felonies, Hate Crimes in Series of Violent Attacks Targeting Unsuspecting Women has been Captured, Transported Back to Orange County – Defendant Posted Videos of the Attacks on His YouTube Channel


SANTA ANA, Calif. – A self-proclaimed “incel” who posted videos of himself pepper spraying and harassing women on his YouTube channel wanted on a warrant for multiple felony assaults and hate crime enhancements in connection with a series of violent attacks targeting unsuspecting women in Orange County has been captured and transported back to Orange County to face charges.

Johnny Deven Young, 25, of Anaheim, has been charged with four felony counts of assault with great bodily injury, four felony counts of illegal use of tear gas, four felony enhancements for the personal use of a deadly weapon, and eight felony hate crime enhancements. He was also charged with five misdemeanor counts of violation of civil rights.

Young appeared in court Monday after being arrested on a warrant in San Mateo County. His bail was set at $500,000 and his arraignment was continued to October 10, 2022 at the Central Justice Center in Department C5.

He faces a maximum sentence of 13 years in state prison if convicted on all counts.

Young has a prior misdemeanor hate crime conviction in Nevada. He was transported to Orange County Jail last week after being convicted on a misdemeanor case in San Mateo County.

An incel – which stands for involuntary in celibate is a member of an online community of men who exhibit their sexual frustrations by voicing their misogynistic views against women. Young was identified by the Costa Mesa Police Department as a suspect in two attacks on women after social media sites circulated several of Young’s videos. The attacks involved four women and a man who tried to stop one of the assaults.


A very revealing Donald Trump quote about why he ran for president

(CNN)Ask most politicians why they run for president and you are likely to get an answer that sounds something like, "I wanted to do the most good for the most people as possible," or something similar.

Donald Trump is not most politicians.

Trump, in an interview with the New York Times' Maggie Haberman for her forthcoming book, "Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America," revealed the "why" behind his past and (likely) future bids for the nation's highest office.

"The question I get asked more than any other question: 'If you had it to do again, would you have done it?'" Trump told Haberman. "The answer is, yeah, I think so. Because here's the way I look at it. I have so many rich friends and nobody knows who they are."

OK. So, just to be crystal clear here -- Trump is saying that if he had it to do all over, he would run for president again because it made him more famous. That the key motivation for him to run for president was to be well-known -- and it worked.

That's a startlingly honest admission -- even for Trump. He didn't even attempt to go for a more traditional answer like, I don't know, helping people or seeing policies he believed in enacted and executed. Just right to the purely personal.


It takes a village...new yorkers join forces to save man who fainted on tracks

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