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Current location: Massachusetts
Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 06:54 PM
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Sorry, you did not reveal yourself to be human. Goodbye.

A male robotic voice left that, and only that, on our landline voicemail.

This is the only reason we keep the line, for spammers and to give out to people we don't actually want to talk to. We never answer it when it rings.

But this is a new one, and it got me thinking. Maybe I could spend my life without ever revealing myself to be human? Nah, it's too late, I have all the defining characteristics.

Looks like my LA kin made it through Ida ok.

Nobody has power but they have generators. Trees came down but missed houses/cars. So, very lucky.

Human life first, but oh the animals in LA...

My son evacuated with his grandkids, leaving his daughter in charge because she's an essential worker and somebody has to feed the pig and chickens and ducks and dogs.

They're on the North Shore and might get gusts over 100mph and there are huge trees all around. At least the dogs will be inside.

Multiply this by hundreds of similar households... The choices are few.

I've checked in with most of my Louisiana folks.

Some are evacuating farther north in La. to family, and some to family in central Miss. Some have generators and are staying put. They know the risks. At least most of my 11 great-grandchildren will be far enough away I think.

My mother (98) and her husband in Baton Rouge should be ok. They have a generator and somebody is checking on them.

There's nothing I can do but wait along with everybody else.

Saw The Eagles tonight, didn't know Vince Gill had joined.

Mask mandate in place, proof of vaccination required. We bought the tickets months ago when Covid was "almost over" because we had vaccines. 🙄

What a great show. They don't change a thing. No rearranging or reinterpreting of the classics, they just play the records. Perfect.

My relative is a Marine, and it was his battalion that suffered the losses.

He is not in Afghanistan as far as we know, but we know very little which is to be expected.

Send not to ask for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

Edit: I am told by his mother that he is confirmed to be not in Afghanistan.

How to come in dead last and win a First Place medal.

In all the years I've run 5Ks, I've never come in dead last. We just had the first in-person run in two years and the field was half its usual 2,000 runners. It was a night run and I got a little disoriented since I was pretty much alone trailing the pack.

So yep, I came in dead last. But I was the only over-70 woman so I will be mailed a First Place medal. This is my 17th medal. I've only gotten First a couple of times when I was the sole entry. But one time I actually beat somebody and came in third out of four.

Next race is in a month, unless it reverts to virtual. I'm in MA where we're masked up indoors and of course I'm vaccinated.

You can tell me I shouldn't be in crowds at 76 and you'd be right, but the crowds leave me behind in about ten seconds.

Sage the kitten is two weeks from freedom!

When rescued, she was flea-ridden and suffering with multiple infections. She has lived in a bedroom-bathroom quarantine for two months, leaving only for vet visits. She is now flea-free and nearing the end of prescribed medications. Soon she moves to a big house with a big sister cat!

Update from my niece, who works in a Gulf Coast MS hospital.

"Absolutely terrible
Not enough staff. Not enough er beds. No icu beds. No vents. There is no standard of care anymore. Stretched too thin."

I hate those stupid horrible anti-vaxxers.


I did a double-take in Whole Foods today. The whole range of open hot and cold food bars is back in business.

I'm in MA, where we were doing really well on Covid numbers until a new surge started creeping up last month. I think the decision to bring back the buffets must have been made during the optimistic lull.

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