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Name: Colin
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: MA
Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 03:54 AM
Number of posts: 7,467

Journal Archives

Democrats just negotiated with terrorists largely because they had no choice

We need people to realize the importance of voting in Democrats BECAUSE of deals like this, not despite them.

In a way it kinda seems like the law is throwing a bunch of charges at Trump to see "what sticks"

You know, kinda like how Trump used the law to sue every institution to see “what sticks.” Except I have a feeling these are going to go a lot further than any of his BS claims.

Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?

Anybody have a good link to the WI SC election results?

Remember, this isn't just the day Trump got arrested, it will also (hopefully) be the day we flip the Wisconsin State Supreme Court!

Are Democrats or even "liberals" the real conservatives?

I told my anarcho capitalist friend the other day that I’m “conservative” and he basically gave me a blue screen error. I was sorta messing with him but kinda not in some ways, as I think the Democratic Party can arguably be considered “conservative” in many of the more technical interpretations of the term.

Not in the modern political sense of the word, of course. But in the more traditional sense. Even in the traditional political sense, Democrats have certainly become the party of fiscal responsibility and smaller government when comparing policies on policing, budgets over the last 40 years and how much government plays a part in our personal lives. It is also the environmentally Conservative Party: prioritizing conservation and environmental protections in the tradition of the old GOP that established national parks. “Conservative” implies at least some type of moral foundation or compass which today’s Republicans are devoid of.

I’m just saying this because trying to equate any of todays GOPs policies as “conservative” in any sense of the word, makes me laughvomit. Right wing? sure. Neofascist? Absolutely. Conservative? When donkeys shit rainbow unicorns.

Will Trump be indicted next week?

I have my serious doubts but will be purchasing and chilling the champagne just. In. Case. That slimy, slippery slop of slime manages to seep out of any trouble. Hopefully I am wrong about this.


Just wanted to thank whoever gave me the heart. The last month has been pretty challenging for me so even that small gesture really helped me out!

SO MUCH SNOWW (Boston area)

I was starting to think we just weren't going to get anything significant... But alas:


Lots of snow in Boston area!

Way more than seemingly predicted and it keeps coming down. Super pretty but please be careful if you absolutely need to drive

Ukraine will receive additional Patriot missile Battery from Germany

This is in addition to the one the US is already providing. Just saw Biden announce this. Super good news!


Power sharing agreement would hurt the crazy 20 more than McCarthy

The GOP funded their re elections, and they are essentially breaking from the party giving Dems a clear plurality. If they commit to this and a power sharing agreement or Jeffries Speakership results, they will be the ones that the vast majority of the party takes their rage on with primaries, etc. Not so much McCarthy imho
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