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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2020, 05:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,936

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How is reopening working in Florida?

This week, Florida reopened all businesses; Local news headline this morning: Florida sets new daily record for Corona virus cases.

Apparently the virus has not received the memo that it has been defeated.

Summer social forecast

It is going to be a long hot summer with widespread thunder storms likely.

Trump has not contracted Covid-19 because

Covid has higher standards then the Republican Party.

I invite alternative opinions.

I wonder what the White House doctor explains to Trump

what the "M" on Trump's multi-colored Corona virus tablets stands for? Miraculous? Mighty? Does he get them with or without peanuts? The world wants to know.

Trump must be livid

NPR is reporting that the Covid test that the White House has been using and pushing is really not producing accurate results.


You know that times are getting tough

when NFL players are having to commit armed robbery to eat.....

That is what happens when folks are pampered from childhood for their ability to run over other people.

I am really sad for the men........

As unemployment approaches 15%

Donald Trump will probably run on the basis of "Only I can fix this."

Well, at least somebody is making money!

Guns. Their problem is that they just can't ship them fast enough. These guys shipped 3,700 yesterday, 14,000 are being processed to ship. This is just one of the big on-line gun sellers.

Guess who all of those guns and ammo are going to? Guess what they are stockpiling for? They are preparing to "defend" themselves against YOU. It is, after all, and election year.

So, just a caution, if you want to buy yourself a new AR-15 and a thousand rounds of ammo on-line, you might have to wait a few days......Of course, you can always drop in on your corner gun store, they are an essential business and are open to serve you. You just wouldn't want to show up at your state capitol with last years AR model, now would you? Just to put your mind at ease.....

Trump's Alice in Wonderland world

I am not China apologist, but lets face the facts.

Trump is attempting to hold China solely responsible for the spread of the Coronavirus. He is damning them for the same mistakes that he has made. He is trying to hold China to a far higher standard than he and his administration attained. Trump seems to believe that China's errors absolve him of any responsibility for the American problems.

When China started dealing with the problem, it came totally unexpected, and they had to start from scratch. It is unreasonable to expect that they would have handled the problem perfectly. Trump had warnings of what was coming and still repeated and exacerbated the errors China made. Trump was so concerned about the optics of the disease, and how it affected him personally, that he ignored warnings. 'It will magically disappear.' Trump's was a policy of denial and hoping for the best. Trump was unable to learn from the mistakes of others so he was doomed to repeat them.

To expect the people to accept his tactics is an insult to the intelligence of the Country.

This was Trump's chance to show the world what a genius he is and he failed miserably. He does not deserve to lead us further down the road to distruction.

Do you remember, so long ago

When we were shocked watching the deaths in Spain rising into the thousands? How sorry we felt for them?
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