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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 204,825

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Brilliant OP, TrollBuster!


Don't Forget Cornel West in that lump of idiots.

West: Unlike Hillary Clinton and President Obama who are puppets.. brother trump is a real human being

I'm sure there are more stupid statements but this takes the prize today.

Mahalo, still_one, for pointing out the Brainwashing RFs in the 2016 Rigged in election.. and still RFing.

They ALL need to be held accountable for his fucking shite.

"2018 is our last chance".. What's wrong with that?

And, what's wrong with pointing out the Liars who own a chunk of trump because of their Lies that "Hillary was more dangerous than trump".

You can roll your eyes all you want but it doesn't change the facts of what happened.

I think it's okay to point out just how full of shite these Liars are.. who suck so many voters in..

Hillary Clinton was more dangerous than Donald Trump: Susan Sarandon


People who voted for Jill Stein were tricked, and we are all paying for it


Yeah, that was not good.. here's a tweet from Parkland Protesters..


Let's get to the very bottom of this

sneaky, heinous non-transparency by Billionaire$ for trump.


Bernie Sanders: Russia and Stormy Daniels distract us from real problem of inequality

BS needs to get a clue.. Russia and CA helped get trump elected.. that's collusion with a Foreign Agent.. That is NOT a Distraction, sanders.

And, stormy is more trump breaking the LAW.. again NOT a Distraction for the potus to be held accountable for Breaking the LAW, sanders.

Thanks for this, Blue_Tires

That's pretty cool, dude! Here's a knarly one for him..

Hang Loose!

In honor of Stormy's interview I shall leave Soledad's Tweet@chuck woolery here..


WOW.. Mahalo, brett!


Thank you, John Brennen!

Mahalo SummerSnow
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