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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Faced with a mounting stack of evidence that Tangerine Idi Amin committed multiple felonies in pursuit of the Presidency, Republicans are taking a novel Yeah But So What approach to the latest revelations, a sharp reversal from the days of Hillary Clinton Should be in Prison for Something ANYTHING and if We Didn't Find Any Crimes After Years of Investigations Let's Just Fuckin’ Make it Illegal to Carry Hot Sauce in Your Purse, Okay?!?!?


ROFL! Great Idea, Nance!

Those listed are genius!

"The Nut Cracked"

"Twilight Zone"

Get Trump

Dial T for TRAITOR

"The Beast and the Beast"

"Gaslight by the Axis of Evil"

" Psycho in La Casablanca " 2 titles there.. hehe

"The Bride of Trumpenstein"

"The Trumps of Wrath"

"Anatomy of a Traitor"

"Invasion of the Voters' Rights Snatchers"

Stop me! So much fun!

JHC! That is the Ultimate

Crisis Issue of our Time. And, here these 3 Fascist countries(since trump was rigged in) are showing OFF how GD Stupid they are for the Almighty OIL BUCKS.

I couldn't get the 'toons to post here but it's worth going to the link to check them out, I think.


All 3 countries now murder Journalists.. trump has blood on his filthy hands.

Mahalo, she

COOL Prez & First Lady!

Mahalo LuvLoogie!

Yeah, them and their

gaslit labels.


Thank You, lapucelle.

Yeah, Pramila, I get to say

I'm a progressive whether I use your buzzwords or not. You don't get to tell me what or what I cannot say.

BS and AOC went to Kansas to campaign for one of those "progressives".. But, Sharice Davids Won.. even though some on the BS team tried to paint her as a "corporatist". Didn't work.. and it didn't work for Gov Elect Gretchen Whitmer or Rep Lacy Clay, either.

Excellent OP, lapucelle.. Mahalo!

Yeah, I remember BS and MM said Russia & Stormy Daniels ..

were "distractions".



Most of us knew they were Wrong.

Divisive Bullshit.. Dems all over the Country

won in their Districts for their constituents.

Those "progressive" wouldn't even be having this conversation now if it weren't for all stripes of Dems winning.

BS & AOC went to Kansas for one of those "progressives" and he lost. Sharice Davids WON, who is just as Progressive for our country even though some surrogates of Welder's tried to paint her as "corporatist".

Same with Gov elect Gretchen Whitmer and Rep Lacy Clay.

Stupid, meaningless, damn divisive epithets.

Brilliant! Mahalo, RSF


Vermont leaders have issues with Sanders


Multiple leaders of Vermont social justice organizations have found unity in response to what they believe was a snub from Sen. Bernie Sanders and the Sanders Institute.

The institute hosted a 3-day gathering over the weekend during which, according to media reports, various issues important to the Progressive movement were discussed. However, Vermont leaders of organizations active in those causes weren’t invited to speak or learn from national leaders.

An open letter was published on the Facebook page of the Rutland Area and Windham County branches of the NAACP on Saturday.

Since the letter was posted, others have signed on to show their support from Vermont groups such as Black Lives Matter of Greater Burlington, the Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity..

The Vermont Coalition for Ethnic and Social Equity in Schools, Justice for All, the ACLU of Vermont and the Nulhegan Abenaki tribe


I appreciate them speaking out.. it was a snub whether intentional or not.
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