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Member since: Wed May 9, 2012, 08:38 AM
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You have more faith than I do

Orange Hitler took a party that was "conservative" with a white supremacist fringe and transformed it into a white.supremacist party with some "conservative" hanger on-ers.

Attribution: John Fugelsang

What is the most important thing in 2020

Forget Putin

He rules a nation the size of Canada and the U.S. with a GDP the size of Italy. Forget him.

We pick up the pieces and we move.forward.

No. I don't know sny such thing

Vote Democratic Ken

I don't get the negativity and I never will

So please do not respond to me with apologetics for negativity. And for the record I am not raising Senator Sanders, specifically. I have not followed Senator Sanders. I am not particularly interested in him except in terms of what he can bring to Democrats. I do not see any particular reasons to elevate him at this point.

So I have been posting "Vote Democratic!" a lot lately. I have tried to keep the whole thing positive because we don't need any negativity. I almost understand the posters who whine about how they have to be able to express their discord and discontent because they feel some kind of entitlement. But if people have a right to sow discord and discontent I have as much right to say that I'm not looking for discord and discontent. I am deeply shocked and appalled at "conservatives" and the fucking mess they have morphed themselves into. I don't want to fight with erstwhile liberal malcontents. I don't need any part of that. It does me absolutely no good and quite frankly the things some people say to me are just plain stupid.

I am not the issue here. I am never, ever the issue here. The issue here is to vote Democratic. Do it. Stop bitching and moaning. If you or Senator Sanders want to do it within the Democratic framework that's fine, but don't drag the rest of us down in some stupid, misguided idea that the net result will somehow be your elevation. It won't be your elevation, as you are just dragging all of us down.

We have to fight "conservatives" with all of our might, and if you cannot do that then be good enough to stand down.

Vote Democratic! Do it. Be happy about it. Spread the good word to the less enlightened. Trump is not the answer to anything. Republicans are not the answer to anything other than senseless enrichment of the top .1% and degradation of our environment. Seriously people, we have way too much at stake for this petty bullshit.

What is that supposed to mean? n/t

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