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Brettongarcia's Journal
Brettongarcia's Journal
September 21, 2016

Moses asserted Jews had been "promised" Israel.

On that premise, he left Egypt and actually, successfully, it seems to many, invaded Israel or Canaan.

The promise and invasion of Israel, next, was just the first part of a larger promise. That they should eventually fight and conquer the whole "world," and all "nations," and all the "earth."

Some argue that Christianity fulfilled this promise, by winning WW II. And in effect controlling the whole world, at least loosely.

In any case, these alarming, violent directives have already been partially acted on. And the larger program is still on the books; partly motivating some conservatives' violently imperialistic wars.

August 9, 2016

The tendency to believe anything

The suspension or simple lack of intelligence and reason.

In its origins in philosophy by the way, one merely temporarily "suspends belief" in something... in order to fairly try it out and examine it more carefully. Then if it fails? Then it has failed

From the Greek skeptics, Descartes, Kant, Husseralian phenomenology.

It was really the suspension of belief, not disbelief.

June 27, 2016

Very nice OP

Funny too.

September 7, 2013

Isn't that a prejudiced example?

First that is a hypothetical. Furthermore, not too likely. In Logic you are creating and beating a "straw man."

December 22, 2012

Courts listening to Catholic hospitals that refuse contraception side of Obamacare; DU crosslisting.

Obamacare allows and funds, contraception and abortion. But now various institutions - primarily Catholic - are asking to be exempt from this side of Obamacare. Because they don't believe in contraception and abortion; their religion is (allegedly) against birth control.

It's a major challenge to Women's Rights, and to Obamacare. A challenge which is even now, being worked out in the courts.

The courts recently, seem to be asking the Obama administration for some action toward a policy on this.

It's a good time for feedback from the public, on this topic.

Here's the crosslisting to the discussion on this, and the topic of Religious Freedom, on Democratic Underground:


November 29, 2012

Inquiry Set for Death in Catholic Ireland, after Abortion Was Denied

Many moderate conservatives allow abortion in some cases. For example, when it is "necessary to save the life of the mother." But many elements of the Catholic Church however, do not make even that exception; they say abortion is always wrong. So that? Now and then a pregnant mother dies. When her pregnancy endangers her life - but her Catholic doctors will not abort the baby.

This apparently recently happened to an Indian woman, in still very-Catholic Ireland.

Here's a link to the recent NY Times article:


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