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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
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Tomorrow w/Jack Smith obstruction of Justice &

... espionage and Jack has 2 other grand juries going
too. Bragg in NYC has 34 felony cases that are rock solid, N.Y. A.G. has a 1/4 billion $ nut against the Trump
Organization along with shutting down all Trump businesses in NY state, IRS stuff, Fanni Willis looks like she going all Rico Sauve on Trump in Georgia, and E Jean Carrol is into Trump for 5 million and she going after him for 5 million more because if the shit he said about her on CNN.

Can you just feel the excitment building for tonight's CNN Mike Pence Townhall?

9 PM Tonight. Is anybody going to have a "Town Hall watch party?"

So Jack Smith has now talked to or had the following testify in front of a grand jury

* Trump's last chief of staff, Mark Meadows.

Mark Meadows testified to federal grand jury in special counsel probe of Trump.


* Secret Service Agents who worked @ Merde a Logo

Dozens of Secret Service agents have been subpoenaed or appeared before grand jury in Trump docs probe


* He has the phone of the pool guy who "accidentally" flooded the room where the computers had the video records
of what went on @ Merde a Logo

Prosecutors for special counsel Jack Smith have been asking questions ... and his phone has been seized, some of
the sources now tell CNN.



BTW Bill Barr can completely fuck off. Before I could turn it off MSNBC was showing a clip of him on some CBS
show saying that it looks like Trump broke the law and will be indicted.

BTW part 2 After Trump is indicted ( ) I want him to be fitted with an ankle monitor and his pass port pulled because
I see him fleeing the country.

Biden admin. announces $570 million in rail crossing safety projects

Source: Spectrum News

What You Need To Know

The Biden-Harris administration announced Monday that it has awarded more than $570 million in funding for projects to help eliminate at-grade railroad crossings, places where rail tracks intersect with roads

Last year, there were more than 2,000 highway-rail crossing collisions nationwide, with more than 30,000 reports of blocked crossings submitted to the Federal Railroad Administration’s public complaint program, according to a release from the Transportation Department

The first round of funding will address more than 400 at-grade crossings across the country – including projects in California, Florida, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin – which the DOT says will improve safety and make it easier to bypass railroad tracks by adding grade separations, closing at-grade crossings and improving existing at-grade crossings


“These projects are going to improve safety and make navigating these crossings more convenient, eliminating countless hours of wait time for commuters, first responders on their way to save lives and more,” said White House infrastructure coordinator Mitch Landrieu on a call Friday with reporters previewing the announcement.


“Whenever I travel and so often, even here at D.C., when I hear from mayors or members of Congress again and again, we hear stories of people who find that their days are disrupted by unsafe at-grade rail crossings where rail lines cross roadways, creating inconvenience. quality of life issues or worse, because there are real safety concerns at many of these locations,” said Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, before recounting “heartbreaking examples” of lives lost due to collisions and blocked crossings.

Read more: https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2023/06/05/biden-infrastructure-transportation-rail-crossing-trains

There goes Dark Brandon again making life in America better and in his hiring really skilled and
smart people like Mayor Pete to help him out in his work.

Best President of my lifetime. This will save lives, money, and pay people good money to work
on these projects.

MSNBC: The Federal Grand Jury hearing the case over the stolen documents is being called back in.

Prosecutors cited the Espionage Act

The federal grand jury that has been hearing evidence in the Justice Department’s investigation of former President Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents is expected to meet again this coming week in Washington, according to multiple people familiar with the investigation.

Prosecutors working for Special Counsel Jack Smith have been presenting the grand jury with evidence and witness testimony for months, but activity appeared to have slowed in recent weeks based on observations at the courthouse and sources.

It’s unclear whether prosecutors are prepared to seek an indictment at this point. The Justice Department would not comment on the status of the investigation.

Based on reporting from NBC News and other outlets, prosecutors face two central legal questions: 1) Did Trump wrongfully retain classified documents after he left the White House? 2) Did he later obstruct the government’s efforts to retrieve them?


Clues about what precise crime or crimes Smith has been investigating can be found in court filings, including the search warrant and an accompanying affidavit submitted by the DOJ. There are two basic categories: 1) crimes about the handling of classified documents, and 2) crimes about obstructing investigators from retrieving those materials.

Prosecutors cited the Espionage Act, which conjures up an image of someone acting as a spy for a foreign country. But the statute, enacted after World War I, is broader. It criminalizes anyone with "unauthorized possession" of "national defense" material who "willfully" retains it. A string of court decisions has concluded that even if a document isn’t technically "classified," someone can be charged under the law, so long as the information is "closely held" and the information would be useful to US adversaries.


Another warm evening in gun crazy America

I might be wrong but if you read about a shooting or
shootings in Columbus, OH don't be surprised. About
Columbus P.D. cars just passed me on Morse Rd with lights and sirens followed up by 2 or 3 "meat wagons."


Robbery or shooting or ? about 1/2 mile west @ a
BP kwick-mart

I woke up early and I can't go back to sleep because I just saw this news:

CNN is going to be hosting a Mike Pence Town Hall. Mr. Excitement himself for one solid hour.


Can somebody post a countdown clock from now until 6/7/23 @ 9 PM?

Does any Ohio DUers want to meet up and have a party and watch Pence?

So they have Trump on tape (recordings) admitting to:

* Having the stolen top secret documents, knowing that having them was illegal, and how he wanted to share those documents
with "others."

* Admitting to some of the 34 felony charges that D.A. Allen Bragg has already charged Trump with last April.

* Plotting some kind of military action against Iran.


When it is shown that Trump is a traitor to America and a fucking crook will any of his base "walk away"
from him?

Rep. Comer, How come the FBI will not turn over a document? (that most likely doesn't exsit?*)

House Oversight chair prepares to hold FBI director in contempt over document in Biden probe

* Botany =

House Oversight Chair James Comer, R-Ky., said Tuesday that the committee is moving forward with a vote to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in criminal contempt of Congress for failing to hand over a document in the panel's investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings.

Comer subpoenaed the FBI this month for a FD-1023 form that he and Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, claim "describes an alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions,” without providing further details. The FBI declined to provide the document, saying that it is bound by Justice Department policy, which “strictly limits when and how confidential human source information can be provided outside of the FBI.”

Comer last week threatened to hold Wray in contempt if the FBI didn't provide the information by Tuesday. In a statement Tuesday, the House Oversight chair said the FBI informed the committee that “it will not provide the unclassified documents subpoenaed” by the panel.


The acting assistant director of the FBI, Christopher Dunham, on Tuesday sent a letter to Comer, prior to his contempt threat. In the letter, obtained by NBC News, Dunham explains why the bureau can’t comply with the committee’s subpoena due to the need to protect human sources.


On this day I remember a childhood friend's older brother. He didn't even make 19.


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