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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
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Cassidy Hutchinson is what a hero looks like.

She is crushing Meadows, Trump, and Rudy with the white hot truth and it will burn
those people to the ground.

I wonder how many Trump supporters there will be after this testimony?

So on 1/2/21 after meeting w/Meadows and Trump Rudy bragged to Cassidy Hutchinson about 1/6/21 .....

... and the upcoming actions. "Aren't you excited about Jan. 6th? Lots of big things are going to
happen. The President is going to the Capitol and he will look powerful." (rough quote)

We now have (some) proof that Garland is going after Trump. Thanx to DUer catbyte for posting!

Video of the FBI seizing John Eastman's phone. I wonder if Eastman still has the same phone from 1/6/21?


Eastman: "I would like to see the warrant."
FBI Agent: "Here is the warrant."

Right wing Evangelical/Dominionism aka Christo Fascism is threat to all of us.

Dominion theology (also known as Dominionism) is a group of Christian political ideologies that seek to institute a nation which is governed by Christians and based on their understandings of biblical law. (wiki)

Thomas, Roberts, Alito, Kavanaugh, Gorsch, and Coney Island are all Catholics and many of them
consider themselves to be Catholic Dominionists.

Thanx to DUer Lars39 Links to where women can get help with their health care.

Please post and pass around.




Rep. Miller thanks Trump for 'victory for white life,' campaign says she misread remarks

Right to life sounds just like historic victory for white life. John Cornyn yesterday tweeting to President
Obama about Plessy v Ferguson (segregation was ok) and now Rep. Miller's thanking Trump for a victory
for white people "they" are saying the quite part out loud.

U.S. Rep. Mary Miller immediately drew fierce backlash on social media and elsewhere at a Saturday night rally with former President Donald Trump when she credited him for the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade calling it a “victory for white life.”

“I want to thank you for the historic victory for white life in the Supreme Court yesterday,” Miller said, then raised her arms in an animated clap amid cheers from the crowd, which numbered in the thousands on a sweltering day in West Central Illinois.


"You can clearly see she is reading off a piece of paper, she meant to say ‘right to life,'" Miller spokesman Isaiah Wartman said.


Look she is holding a black child she can't be racist.


Is there a web site where a women can find information on where she can go to get an abortion.

Locations, airports, air lines, people who can meet the woman and drive her to a clinic, rides,
hotels, funding, watch their pets when they are out of town, meals, security, and maybe getting
oral abortion pills? Maybe a package deal such as a flight to Toronto, transportation to a hotel
and then the clinic, and maybe having a friend or spouse or a family member to go along to support

Because until we get that awful ruling by the SCOTUS overturned by enacting new laws and having new
justices on the Supreme Court we have to fight back.

Straight up Christo Fascism with the minority telling the majority what they can and can't do.

Vote Blue in Twenty Twenty Two.

I have questions about the timing of the release of the overturning of Roe yesterday in light of ...

... the bombshells @ the J-6 hearings Thursday. Was the SCOTUS and the GOP trying to change the news cycle?

Trump, “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen.”

It does not get more damning then that.

Vote Blue in Twenty Twenty Two.

Fucking gun nuts .... now in my neighborhood Columbus, OH .... Clintonville

I just got a report that somebody was seen brandishing a gun about a block from me. I decided to skip
walking the dog for now.
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