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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 59,919

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Trump is looking like shit


Gaunt and pale Trump appears exhausted as he visits Trump Tower in NYC for first time since allegations emerged that his DoJ 'spied' on congressman and even his own White House counsel

My Tomato List 2021

Green Zebra
Black Prince
Cherokee Purple
Brandy wine
Arkansas Traveler


Red Cayenne
California Wonder Bell Peppers

Italian Basal, Thai Cinnamon, Cilantro, Swiss Chard

Sweet Corn .... ????

Redskin Potatoes

You can now go on with your lives.

Fun plants Bluestem Goldenrod, Whirled Milkweed, Showy Milkweed, Marsh Marigold

So did Louie Gohmert really ask the Forest Service to change the moon's orbit?


And people will still vote for that man in his district?

" ....COVID cases have fallen by 90% since January."

Team Biden

Biden Harris email this AM

Last week, President Biden announced a National Month of Action to make sure we can administer at least one COVID-19 vaccine to 70% of U.S. adults by July 4.

Already, over 63% of U.S. adults have received at least one vaccine dose, and thatís had a huge impact on beating back this virus -- COVID cases have fallen by 90% since January.

But itís going to take all of us organizing in our communities, having conversations with our friends and loved ones, and spreading the word on social media to hit President Bidenís vaccination goal by July 4.

Getting as many people vaccinated as possible is key to building back better, Botany. Weíve already seen what this grassroots team can accomplish together, and getting folks vaccinated is the next step.

A DU quiz. Match the conspiracy to its owner.

Match the Conspiracy to its owner A DU quiz

An Italian Military Satellite was flipping votes from outer space in 2020 (Mark Meadows)


Jewish Space Lasers started wildfires in CA (Marjorie Taylor Greene)

Mark Zuckerberg put out many ballot drop boxes that were pre loaded with 96% Biden Ballots (Donald Trump)


Trump tosses out a conspiracy that Facebook paid hundreds of millions of dollars for "phony lockboxes" that contained "96% Biden votes" during the election. "They were like just dumping ballots, it was a phony deal!"


A ramp at West Point was slippery on a dry day June in order to make Trump look bad (Donald Trump)


Kos: Republicans "forget" that Trump fired embedded CDC observer in China months before the outbreak

Quick eveybody look @ Anthony Fauci. He is the bad guy.

Lab leak theory? Itís quite possible. Canít trust the Chinese government to tell us the truth about anything, least of all the nature of their coronavirus research or any accidents involving it.

But you know who could have been in the best possible position to inform the US about it many months ahead of the pandemic? The China-embedded CDC epidemiologist who was fired by the Trump administration in July, 2019, thatís who. Iím referring to Dr. Linda Quick, the only person on the ground in China for the US working in this capacity at all. And she was never replaced ó ever. Her position was eliminated as collateral damage during Trumpís trade war with China.

Do you remember Rand Paul or Tom Cotton or any other Trump water carrier protesting Quickís firing at the time ó or at any other time? I sure as hell donít.

So Trump, knowing that China couldnít be trusted on anything, apparently seemed to trust them just enough not to have anyone keep tabs on their virus research. And the GOP seemed to have no problems with this, either.

Maybe itís time to remind the American public about all this, eh? Especially just before the next campaign cycle.


Is it still correct to use the term "mestizo?"


The K-Bomb!

I know things seem tough and the GOP is pulling out all stops to keep power but the bottom line is that
"the good guys" are winning and there is nothing "they" can do to stop it. Joe and company stopped the
pandemic, V.P. K-Bomb is a bad ass, and we should crush it in 2022.

Biden freezes Trump-era oil and gas drilling leases in Alaska's Arctic wildlife refuge

Joe Biden freezes Trump-era oil and gas drilling leases in Alaskaís Arctic wildlife refuge

The Biden administration has reversed a Donald Trump-era drilling programme by suspending oil and gas leases in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The order by interior secretary Deb Haaland follows a temporary moratorium on oil and gas lease activities imposed by President Joe Biden on his first day in office.

Mr Biden's January 20 executive order suggested a new environmental review was needed to address possible legal flaws in a drilling programme approved by the Trump administration under a 2017 law enacted by Congress.

After conducting a required review, the US Department of the Interior said it "identified defects in the underlying record of decision supporting the leases, including the lack of analysis of a reasonable range of alternatives" required under the National Environmental Policy Act, a bedrock environmental law.

The remote, 19.6 million-acre refuge is home to polar bears, caribou, snowy owls and other wildlife, including migrating birds from six continents.



This really is huge. Not only will this protect one of the earth's last wilderness ecosystems but that oil and
gas will stay in the ground and not be burned and turned into greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

If you refused to get one of the C-19 vaccines and you get the disease you should be ...

... denied all medical attention.

Fuck it I'm done with these MAGA/Evangelical assholes.
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