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Gender: Male
Hometown: VA
Home country: USA
Current location: VA
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 49,801

About Me

I'm still living... Twitter: @glitchy_ashburn

Journal Archives

Fox News is Cancer


Emoprog Alert....

Be on the lookout for this new guy:


Your Daily Greenwald, "Circulating the Agitprop Early" Edition:



Your Daily Greenwald, Lib Trolling Edition:


The Russians don't even try to hide the fact that Snowden is their boy these days



A Canadian man says he’s broke after the United Parcel Service lost track of his inheritance.

The intended $846,000 delivery was a bank draft from TD Canada Trust, which still hasn’t refunded the lost fortune 10 months later. Instead, UPS offered an apology and $32 to pay for the mailing costs, according to a CBC News report.

Taylor’s brother, Louis Paul Herbert, said they were finalizing the details of her father’s will last February and went to a local UPS store near Cornwall, Ontario, where he was expecting a package from his sister containing his share of the inheritance in a bank draft. But it never came.

Taylor sent the money through UPS from her lawyer about 270 miles away in Georgetown, Ontario, so Herbert wouldn’t have to worry about picking up the money. She obtained the bank draft in February after she said the bank advised it as the safest way to send the large sum. TD guaranteed Taylor and her husband, John, that the money would be replaced if the draft was lost, she said.

“They said a bank draft was more appropriate” for that amount of money, Taylor said. “Never in my wildest imagination did I think something like this would happen.”


UPDATE: The money came through -- http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/toronto/ups-td-canada-trust-bank-draft-1.4447384

But who the hell doesn't do wire transfers in the 21st century?

MEANWHILE, in England:

And in 2017, who could blame him??


Kelly Tran's screen tests were amazing to watch!


Glenn Greenwald Doesn't Understand What McCarthyism is.

With the recent revelation that the Senate will look into Jill Stein in its Russia investigation, Glenn Greenwald, who has characterized this constitutional crisis as a Deep State conspiracy, went into full meltdown mode on Twitter, releasing one hysterical missive against the Democrats and the Left after another (all posted as screenshots because he has blocked):

I covered much of the evidence against Stein last July, when her name first arose in conjunction with the investigation. Her actions, which included attending a dinner in Moscow with Putin and Michael Flynn, and having a Kremlin-friendly foreign policy platform, were suspicious both then and now. The Buzzfeed article claims that investigators will probe her appearances on RT, which include a Green Party debate hosted by the network. But Glenn Greenwald will have none of it. If you dare question anyone on the left of doing ill, you are a McCarthyite! You're exactly like Joseph McCarthy! Which begs the question - does Glenn Greenwald even know what McCarthyism is?


How they do ice cream in Turkey:

"A huge part of dondurma’s magic is the salesmanship its stretchy, sticky properties enable. Vendors often delight in teasing customers; the gentleman in the above video has mastered the art of visual trickery. Just when customers think they’re finally going to get their dondurma, he snatches it out of their hands and says “bye!” It’s a delightful show, and one that also defies the old adage that you shouldn’t play with your food."

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