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Gender: Male
Hometown: VA
Home country: USA
Current location: VA
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 48,801

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I'm still living... Twitter: @glitchy_ashburn

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When you let your little brother airbrush your truck:

Interesting... The Simpsons weren't the first to predict the Trump Junta?


MEANWHILE, in Chicago...

Robbery suspects run into Highland Park police station while fleeing: 'They were hiding behind a vending machine'

Three Chicago men charged with armed robbery in Lake Bluff inadvertently fled into the Highland Park Police Department while trying to elude capture Friday, according to police.

Eddie L. Hill, 24, of the 9300 block of South King Drive, Cordell C. Prince, 21, of the first block of East 100th Place and Aries A. Rickenbacker, 22, of the 800 block of South Vernon Avenue were all charged with armed robbery and related charges on Sept. 9, according to the Lake County Sheriff's website.

At 4:13 p.m. Sept. 8, two men went into a Verizon store at 235 S. Waukegan Road. One had a semi-automatic handgun that he held against the head of a male employee, said Lake Bluff Deputy Chief Mike Hosking.

The men then forced the store's two employees to open the safe and used zip ties on the employee's wrists, he said. They took at least 20 cell phones and other electronic devices from the safe and left through the back door, Hosking said.


Seriously... Motherfuck the Trump era and everyone who enabled it...

The widow of Austin's Bar & Grill shooting victim Srinivas Kuchibhotla lost her U.S. resident status when her Indian husband was killed in February in a suspected hate crime.

U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder of Kansas said the news made him “apoplectic.” He began working to help Sunayana Dumala maintain her residency after she traveled to India for her husband’s funeral and feared she could not return. With his aid and others, Dumala said she has been granted a 1-year visa to resume her work at an Overland Park marketing agency.

“We are not going to deport the widow of the victim of a hate crime,” Yoder said in an interview Thursday.

Dumala, also a native Indian, has lived in the United States since she enrolled in a Minnesota college 10 years ago. She married Kuchibhotla, a technical engineer, in 2012, and soon they applied for a green card on his H-1B visa, issued to workers in specialized fields.

With his death, her pursuit of a green card is back to square one. Dumala on Friday wrote in an email to The Star: “On the fateful night of Feb. 22, I not only lost my husband but also my immigration status...


Dexter Pottinger RIP


All right... Who's kid is this? CONFESS


Anyone still want to try and defend Sputnik?


This is *THE* most "Not-in-Florida" Florida story in Western Civilization:

Woman trapped in window trying to retrieve poo after Tinder date

A woman who threw her poo out of her date's toilet window because it "would not flush" had to be rescued after she got stuck trying to retrieve it. The amateur gymnast was on a first date with Bristol student Liam Smith when she "panicked" and threw the faeces out of the window.
It did not land in the garden, but became wedged between two non-opening windows.

After climbing in head first after it, she became wedged. Mr Smith had to call the fire service for help.Mr Smith, who is raising funds to fix his broken window, wrote that he was on a Tinder date with the woman and they went back to the shared house he lives in.

"We'd had a really nice evening," he said. "We'd had a meal at a well-known chicken restaurant, had a few beers and then gone back to mine for a bottle of wine and a film."

After the fire service had "composed themselves," Mr Smith said they set to work freeing his date from the window He said the woman went to the toilet and when she came back she had a "panicked look in her eye" and told him what she had done. He said the toilet window opened into a narrow gap separated by another double glazed window.

"It was into this twilight zone that my date had thrown her poo," he said.


MEANWHILE, in Ireland....


**THIS** is why nobody likes cats:

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