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Current location: San Francisco, CA
Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 02:29 PM
Number of posts: 2,495

Journal Archives

More BULLSHIT False Equivalency. . .

I do like Chris Hayes very much, but he just had Steve Schmidt, Republican Strategist, on. . . While Schmidt rightly excoriated Pussy Grabber and the rest of the Repigs, he DID say that 'both parties have become extremist, leaving the American people in the middle.'

That's patent and unadulterated bullshit. I think Chris Hayes just let it go, as Schmidt was rightly tearing the Repigs a sparkly, new asshole. . .

Big Fucking Difference...

When a Democratic politician misbehaves, Dems almost always unanimously condemn the behavior & calll for investigation & punishment...

Repigs? Well... We only have to look at our self-described Pussy Grabber to answer that question...

Watching this elfin fuck bucket lie through his teeth makes me realize

how much I loathe ALL repubs. ALL of the repigs who are asking questions just kiss his ass. It's a nauseating sight to see. It's so repelling that I simply cannot turn away from it.

In particular, Martha Roby is a sack of shit. I will NEVER forget her unforgivable and disrespectful behavior towards Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Roby isn't qualified to mop Secretary Clinton's bathroom.

Can any DU members identify the gray haired woman sitting behind the lying elf?

Is she his wife?

George Will saying that "Alabama will pleasantly surprise everyone."

Bullshit. I don't believe it.

Ben Carson has to be about the dumbest member of Pussy Grabber's Cabinet. . .

Wait. . . No, he isn't. . . . How pathetic. Scroll down for video. It is too delicious to miss!



I am reading my morning NYT. . . I never knew there was a statue of Jefferson Davis in the rotunda of the US capitol?

Jesus H. Christ. . . Seriously?

Roy Fucking Moore.

Goddamn. Just when I thought I had seen the worst of the howling, ignorant mob, along come the enlightened voters of that jewel of a state (sorry to any AL DU'ers). Fuck.

WTF. . .

I just watched the news and saw Pussy Grabber behaving like Mussolini at a fucking BOY SCOUT jamboree. . .

I'm so goddamned appalled. Just speechless. Un-fucking-believable. What the FUCK has happened to our country? This pussy grabbing nightmare is 'guiding' our country?

Not one goddamned redeeming value. . . Not one. . . He is void of anything that would make him a worthy human being. I cannot thing of anybody WORSE who could have been nominated by that shitty, traitorous party and its fucking redneck meth head supporters. Goddamn.

We cannot become accustomed to this shit. I am stunned.

"Trump faces 'fierce backlash'". . ..

WHEN has ANY of this mattered?

Insulting the Khan family-- NO problem!
Grabbing women by the pussy? You Go, Donald-- you're the man!
Lying about. . . well. . . everything? NOT an issue!

And this tweet about Mika? Yeah, it was over the top, ugly, unpresidential, sexist, AND misogynistic, but it's certainly NOT the worst thing this pig has said or done, and backlash? My ASS. I'll believe it when I see it.
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