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Current location: San Francisco, CA
Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 03:29 PM
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Is this the new normal?

Where is this shit going to end? Seriously. . . What is it going to take to get these motherfuckers out? They have broken the law so many times and are still doing so in plain sight. Every goddamn time we have a corrupt administration, it just so happens that it's republican (Nixon, Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2, Pussy Grabber).

I don't think I'll live to see any respect restored to us as a nation, as it will take a long, goddamned time.

I cannot imagine being a young person today and only being personally familiar with THIS kind of shit going on and having trash like this in the White House. . .

The only positive I can pretend to spin out of Pussy Grabber's sojourn in the White House is that I can't think of a more odious person the repigs could possibly nominate ever again. . . OF COURSE I am assuredly WRONG. . . Those assholes never fail to disappoint--just look at the 'talent' in Pussy Grabber's Cabinet. . .

Susan Colllins AND Susan Sarandon should be forced to address

the upcoming abortion showdown in the SCOTUS. Ms. Collins should explain a bit more about why she voted to confirm Kavenaugh, and Ms. Sarandon should explain just what she meant when she campaigned against HRC and told voters that "HRC is just as bad as Trump."


How will Pussy Grabber React?

When he loses the 2020 election, what will he do when he has to ride in the car to the inauguration with the winner?

I would actually pay good money to see it.

I have a weak stomach around Pussy Grabber's supporters.

But I couldn't resist looking in on the freepers today. Of course I felt the familiar sense of revulsion, but they are seriously DELUDED. That site is full of more dumb-ass conspiracy theorists. . . They will NEVER be persuaded. No point in even trying to summarize their bat shit craziness. . . They will believe anything. . . It makes me realize how unremarkable it was that all of those people drank poisoned purple koolaid in Jonestown back in 1978. . . Pussy Grabber's supporters would do the same thing.

Just saw that piece of SHIT, Elaine Chao . .

They played a cllip of her on MSNBC saying that states had "no right" to set their own standards for auto emissions.

That's funny. . . Whoever told her SHE had the right to steer contracts for federal projects to her family's business?

How disgusting. And she is Moscow Mitch's wife.

Did anybody have the stomach to watch Lewandowski on CNN?

I don't even watch CNN, but I watched it replayed on another network. . .

CNN got EXACTLY what it deserved---an entire segment of Lewandowski behaving EXACTLY (100%!) like KellyAnne Conway. . . How could they be so damned stupid? He talked right over --hell, I don't know her name. . . He talked over and interrupted her the entire time.

The worthless Chuckie Todd is just "shocked."

What a simple minded asshole. And no, it isn't "astonishing." Pussy Grabber is CERTAINLY a white supremacist.


I have a question about military rules regarding politics.

Department of Defense defines "partisan political activity" as "activity supporting or relating to candidates representing, or issues specifically identified with, national or State political parties and associated or ancillary organizations."

Wouldn't this also pertain to those military assholes who wore MAGA hats and other Pussy-Grabber regalia on the 4th of July?

Also, just how strict is this rule? How big of a breach is it? What kind of punishment might be expected?

Chuck Todd gets his ass ripped again. . .

Although the source IS Raw Story, it is really an editorial.


It's bad enough they're willing to fuck their students, but to LIE about it is even worse.

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