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Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 03:29 PM
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How fucking HUMILIATING.

We actually come from a country in which there are MILLIONS of people who think Pussy Grabber is a good president??? How in the FUCK can ANYBODY believe that?

I just watched the mortifying spectacle with Kanye West. . . . Goddamnit to hell. . . Fucking shameful.

They are ALL guilty of treason.

First of all, let me state that I am AGAINST the death penalty and am in no way advocating it. Nonetheless, we ALL know what the penalty for treason is, and I truly, honestly, and completely believe that Bitch (Turtle) McConnell and his repig colleagues in the Senate and the House are guilty of treason. . . Now I'm not saying that I WISH for them to be executed, because as I previously stated, I am AGAINST the death penalty. But I am saying they DESERVE it. If this were another certain country, gallows would be erected behind the capitol, and these goddamned repigs would be summarily hanged. The entire Republican party could be banned for all I would care. Of course I am being hyperbolic, but that fucking party deserves to pay the consequences for what it's done to this country. The problem now is that I hate them so much and am so fucking angry that I can't imagine being satisfied unless I know they have suffered severely. Hell, I'm willing to suffer myself if I know it's causing them pain.

I have NEVER loathed anybody as I fucking hate these repigs. I hate them and history will not be kind to these motherfuckers.

This Asshole obviously doesn't understand about freedom of speech, nor does the idiot understand

that English is NOT the "official" language of the United States. Even if it WERE, she still couldn't tell ANYBODY what they should or shouldn't speak. I am certain the racist idiot doesn't speak anything other than her native 'American English'!


Morning Joe asks, "Who are these people?"

They're what's left of the repig party.

Is ANYBODY surprised that Susan Collins will be supporting Gina Haspel?

We see yet another example of what a fucking "moderate" that Collins idiot is. . . .

Melania watches Pussy Grabber talk to the Christians.


This is how the media talks about fucking Susan Collins. . . .

This is just a snip from the NYT this morning--"In Congress Only Gloom is Bipartisan."

"The shutdown last week produced a nascent effort at pushback: a bipartisan group calling itself the Common Sense Coalition has been meeting in the office of Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine and one of the last centrists in the Senate".

What a bunch of horse shit. Collins votes for EVERY single wing nut measure that arrives, and she's a fucking "moderate"? Yeah, right.

Pussy Grabber won KY at 62.5%.

Nonetheless, I feel terribly sorry for those who didn't vote for him.

As far as the poor people who DID vote for him? I don't have one ounce of pity for them.


Joy Reid is the ONLY person who can hold these fucking repigs responsible.

She's kicking Representative Roger Marshall's ASS right now. . . She punted his ugly ass right out of the ballpark. He's sputtering. She won't give him an INCH. I LOVE her.

Oh, Boo Fucking Hoo, Susan Collins, and Fuck you. . . .

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