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Home country: U.S.
Member since: Tue Dec 29, 2015, 03:16 PM
Number of posts: 3,014

Journal Archives

What's left in your garden between summer and fall?

Most of its done or looking pretty bedraggled, but I still have a few things. Woke up this morning to a lovely freshly-mown grass and flower scented breeze ruffling the curtains.....

Chippendale Daisies ?1
Moss Roses
Petunia Basket
Nasturtium Basket
Rose of Sharon
Watermelons ?1
Huge Warty Gourds
Pumpkins coming in way too early. Big ones are already splitting
My Garden Helper ?1

White Girls

Chloe and Simone

Rescue Beaver Still Loves Building Dams

At first, I thought--oh no, someone trying to keep a beaver as a pet? But then see he was a rescue, and returned to the wild.

Lemurs Rub Toxic Bugs on Their Butts and 4 Other Fascinating Lemur Facts


Who knew?

Horses and Cows Rescued from Illegal Florida Slaughterhouse


How do people become this way? Nature or nurture?

When work pressure gets to your head.......

The Babysitter

Expired eggs come alive!

"In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, they had dumped huge lot of expired or unsold old eggs in an open dust bin. Due to the heat around, the eggs got hatched and thousands of hatched tiny chicken started crawling all over."

Look up! A message of hope....

Could have been written for today.

West Coast's Humpback Whales are About to Get Much-Needed Protection

In a victory for humpback whales on the west coast, the federal government has agreed to establish critical habitat for vulnerable populations in an effort to protect them from ongoing threats they face.

The decision comes thanks to a settlement that was reached after conservation organizations, including the Center for Biological Diversity, Turtle Island Restoration Network and the Wishtoyo Chumash Foundation, sued the federal government earlier this year, arguing that it was failing to protect them from ship strikes, oil spills and entanglements in fishing gear as itís required to do under the Endangered Species Act.

This should have been done when three populations who migrate along the west coast were protected as endangered and threatened in 2016. Instead, the Trump administration tried to open the door to allow even more oil and gas drilling in their habitat, which would have put this beloved species at increasing risk.


Video at link.
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