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Home country: U.S.
Member since: Tue Dec 29, 2015, 02:16 PM
Number of posts: 1,937

Journal Archives

My Mom would have been 87 today......

Remembering her today, and everyday. She lived a hard life, started poor, and never got much better. Raised 5 kids. She loved animals and gardening, and was a life-long Democrat.....glad I inherited all of that. Succumbed to Alzheimer's and cancer, a few years after my Dad.

Missing her.....

Olympic Athletes Save Pets From the South Korean Dog Meat Trade

Hoping this group has a bit more empathy than those in General Discussion:


What Love Song is On Your Mind Today

Happy Valentines Day! Especially to the folks who gave me hearts.

I've been humming this song all day....

Olympic Athletes Save Pets From the South Korean Dog Meat Trade


Many of the millions of people watching the Winter Olympics this year may not know that South Korea is the only country in the world that breeds dogs –- about 2.5 million each year — specifically for human consumption, according to Humane Society International (HSI). There are thousands of farms across the country where dogs are raised in deplorable conditions and then brutally slaughtered for their meat.

This petition could use some DU love, folks

Biden Takes on Trump?

Something on CNN at 9:00 eastern. I was sent a screen shot of the ad. Anyone know what this is about? I can't pull up anything.

Now THIS is a good doggie and kitty!

Russia Promises to Stop Killing Stray Dogs Before World Cup 2018

As a way of “cleaning up” Sochi, Russia, prior to the Winter Olympics in 2014, city officials hired a pest control firm to kill thousands of stray dogs. Many of those dogs were former pets abandoned when their families’ houses were demolished prior to the construction of Olympics venues. The families were moved to apartments where their dogs were unwelcome.

People around the world, as well as the world’s greatest athletes, were outraged. Some, like silver-medalist skier Gus Kenworthy, adopted doomed dogs to spare their lives. Humane Society International worked with local rescue groups to transport many of the dogs to the United States, where they found forever homes.

After more than 174,000 people signed a Care2 petition urging President Vladamir Putin to end the killing of the street dogs, Sochi city officials had an animal shelter built to house some of the strays.


Taking Bets

How many times will tRump mention Hillary or the size of his crowds in the State of the Union? How many lies?

U2's New CD

Downloaded, "Songs of Experience", from Amazon last night. It's growing on me, but I'm still disappointed. I love Bono's voice, and this doesn't showcase much passion or range. The songs are just okay.

Who else has given it a listen, and what do you think?

What does your favorite t-shirt say?

I've worn this one to death.....

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