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"What can I do?" If you are asking yourself this question I have a suggestion.

Each of us has a friend, family member or co-worker who is just not as "into" politics as we are. They are likely only vaguely aware of the reasons we want to impeach Trump. We need to tell them in simple easy-to-understand terms why we consider his impeachment essential to the survival of our democracy.

How about: "Trump has admitted offering to trade anti-tank rockets to the Ukraine if they would give him 'dirt' on Joe Biden AND, in a separate matter, told the Russians their interference in our 2016 election was ok with him---'no big deal'".

The first is a felony; the second is AT LEAST traitorous.

Yeah, those Hardee's pornommercials were apparently aimed at the prepubescent 11 year old

male demographic. Plus, the CEO of Hardee's and Carl's Jr is Andrew Puzder, who Trump nominated to head Dept of Labor. He withdrew after his scuzzy past business dealings got too much publicity.

Same here. nt

I mentioned his age only as it may somewhat explain his "intellectual impairment". I mentioned

his appearance only to indicate that he is not a "pretty face" and may be feel in need of some attention.

I agree that it is his "philosophy" that is the problem and that neither his age or his looks are relevant criticisms.

This is the "far more disturbing" claim since it is the ONLY remaining claim

since her "proof" photo didn't show what she claimed. If she will misrepresent a photo that anyone can check out, are her other assertions not at least suspect?
Your statement in another post that you s!ways believe women who claim sexual abuse is too silly to merit a response.

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