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"We shouldn't kill the filibuster because we may need to use it in the future" is like

"We shouldn't shoot THIS grizzly bear that's breaking through our door because there MAY be another one that we'll need to shoot."

I suppose it is just another confirmation of my status as a dinosaur, but I refuse to use

"self check-out". It is not a matter of being intimidated by it or being "bamboozled" by the "newfangled" technology.

Self check-out lanes are just another way that Walmart and other big-box stores can cut costs by eliminating more of those real flesh and blood cashiers. The machines don't ever call in sick, complain about hours or ask for vacation time. They also don't smile or ask if you found everything you needed.

Every self check-out lane means one less paycheck for someone in my community who needs it. I refuse to condone this blood-thirsty capitalism and I loudly explain the above each time I'm waiting in a checkout line and a manager cheerfully points out that "there are self check-outs available!"

If I am a dinosaur, my name is "Liberalosaurus".

If the best reason we have for how something is done is "We"ve always done it that way",

we have no reason.

Remember---a conservative is someone who believes nothing should ever be done for the first time.

I am not predicting that this will happen, but I see it as a possible "worst case scenario".

Vaccinations stall out somewhere in the 55% range and herd immunity is not achieved before autumn. Schools resume, employees return to offices and stores, restaurants and bars are again packed as the nation returns to "business as usual".

And, just a trickle of the Delta variant cases becomes a stream which becomes a flood which becomes a tsunami. And, somewhere amongst the millions of anti vaxxers, a new super-variant emerges and---NONE of the vaccines we responsible citizens thought had made us "safe" are effective against it. It is dubbed the OWN variant--Our Worst Nightmare.

And, tens of millions die because we as a people lacked the backbone to REQUIRE the anti-vax wackos to roll up their sleeves and get the damn shot!

I sincerely hope this post looks totally ridiculous two years hence.

One does not have to be a rocket surgeon to understand this. Any "Congressional leader" worthy

of that term in either chamber LISTENS to a proposal---regardless which party is making it---and CONSIDERS it before responding "for" or "against". And, it is entirely appropriate---if one seriously aspires to even a pinch of respect---to explain WHY they support or oppose the proposal.

There is a technical term used by political scientists to describe people like ol' Mitch who announce without explanation that they are opposed to a compromise proposal either before or within minutes of it being made public: "arrogant asshole".

That's all I have to say about that.

Having witnessed the extreme right's selection of the LIE as their weapon of choice and having seen

how effectively they have used it to attack democracy, I sort of sheepishly ask the question: "Should some types of LIES be crimes?"

Not mistakes; not "fibs"; not bs delivered with a smile----LIES employed for political purposes and intended to alarm, intimidate or motivate to violence. They might be termed "terroristic lies".

Okay, tear that apart.

A personal note for my "Representative", Mary Miller: of the 435 Reps in the House, only 21 voted

against recognizing the heroic service of the Capitol Police during the January 6th insurrection. Of those 21, only three women were so morally compromised that they joined in extending a middle finger to law enforcement after claiming numerous times that they "back the blue".

There was Boebert, Taylor-Greene and --------- you. As if quoting Hitler with approval during your first week in office wasn't "out there" enough.

"Birds if a feather", Mary; "birds of a feather".

Until his recent discussion with Joe Biden, Putin hadn't spoken with a POTUS since he met

Barack Obama.

Think about it.

Sadly, in my opinion, "religion" has withered into an excuse---a "justification", if you will---

that permits mean-spirited people to be cruel to people who are "different" while claiming to be doing "God's will".

Marco! Ain't you got no shame?

You spent most of the 2020 GOP primary season trying to out-slime Donald Trump. He mocked you as "Li'l Marco" and you did that really classy bit about his tiny genitalia. But, NOW, you practically wet yourself trying to get close enough to him to put another layer of your lipstick on his posterior.

We saw you four years ago. We heard you, too.

Ain't you got no shame, boy?
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