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Atticus's Journal
Atticus's Journal
April 26, 2023

Ever notice how some folks seem to always manage to scowl in print? No matter what they are

commenting about, they have the attitude of a five year old who just found a mouse floating in his Bosco.

Just how it seems to me some days.

April 26, 2023

There are "unsung heroes" in all our lives.

It is inspiring to hear or read about the grit, determination and courage of others when, for whatever reason, it is noticed and spotlighted. But, for every one we hear about, I think their are many others whose selfless actions will remain "unsung".

Someone you know is dealing with a serious illness or an unstable loved one or having to "do without" themself in order to feed their kids.

Someone pulled an injured person out of a burning car and then went on their way when the EMTs arrived.

Someone stepped between a white racist and an "other" and quietly stared them down.

And, someone who could barely dress herself with gnarled hands w0ent to work and typed all day to fund a child's tuition.

Bless 'em all.

April 26, 2023

BREAKING NEWS! (Tongue-In-Cheek News) in a joint press release, SCOTUS Justices Thomas

and Gorsuch--- wearing big smiles--- recited in unison: "Ethics? Ethics? We don't need no stinkin' ETHICS!"

April 26, 2023

"You better stop, children! What's that sound? Everybody look, what's goin' down"--- in Florida!

DeSantis is tripling the size of his newly created "Florida State Guard". This new militia is separate from the National Guard and is not answerable to the US military.

It essentially is for the governor to use as he sees fit.

Fascism a-borning! When will we step on his neck?

April 25, 2023

Could it be that those who care about things like your skin color, who you love, the name of your

God if you have one, how you dress, how much wealth you have ---or what beer you drink--- are just playing their version of "SQUIRREL!"?

Are they just so insecure about themselves that they feel compelled to "distract" us by lashing out at---whatever?

April 25, 2023

"There's a man goin' 'round takin' names---"

HIS name is "Jack Smith".

April 25, 2023

Some blunt hard-edged truth we dare not ignore:

MANY---no, I don't have a meaningful percentage---people in this nation believe that NOTHING will ultimately be done to punish Trump for his crimes BECAUSE---the SCOTUS is in the clutches of shameless right-wing extremists who Trump's party will not allow to be impeached and who are poster-kids for political whores.

The current SCOTUS conservative majority has clearly demonstrated that precedent--- hell, STATUTES!---mean zilch if they differ from their "shoot from the hip" view of "what's right".

One of our three branches of government has become a sick joke.

EXPAND THE SCOTUS! (Unless you can find a way to impeach Thomas and the three Trump appointees.)

April 25, 2023

About these polls pitting President Biden vs. "a generic Republican".

This is just my opinion based on 74 years of observing human behavior and assesssing attitudes.

When most people conjure up their version of a "generic" Republican, they don't think of a Trump or a DeSantis or a Taylor-Greene. Instead, they take the "good" and "competent" and "decent" and ---"nice" bits and pieces from the entire field plus those pleasant local Republicans they work with, go to church with or sit next to at their kids' ball games. How could any candidate be better than that fictional opponent?

Such polls are inherently flawed and should be ignored.


April 25, 2023

3:17 a.m.

I remember how a cigarette I shouldn't have been smoking lit up a dark room with each drag.
And how summer nights smell when the world is asleep except for a distant hound and whatever stirred him.
You can't lie to yourself when it's just you to listen and you stand naked before your conscience.
The dawn may bring a wiser you because of what you've seen in the dark.

April 25, 2023

I'm ridin' with Biden! Let's finish this ride!

We've made a good start and we're turnin' the tide!
Good people have voted and made racists weep
And labor agrees that this guy's one to keep.
He quelled the pandemic; unemployment is low
And, America's "fired up" and "ready to go!"
So, when some try to tell you how Joe's not so hot
And they mention his age say "Is that all ya got?"

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