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AmericanCanuck's Journal
AmericanCanuck's Journal
December 9, 2020

Republicans are evil ... but ...

I think most of the republicans want to keep the myth of Trump still has a chance of winning going because he must have been threatening nuclear war or something detrimental - so they are humoring him -- not all but some.

This had never happened when Bill Clinton won or when Obama won. This is unique to this volatile and psychotic, narcissistic, impetuous and impulsive orangutan and everyone is afraid of what he might do till January 20th.

On Edit - I apologize to all orangutans - you are really nice creatures and it is not fair to compare you to Trump.

November 30, 2020

In my opinion, the ONLY reason Trump is claiming to run in 2024

is because he knows that the Democrats would balk at prosecuting him because they don't want the US to look like a banana republic where opposition political leaders are prosecuted and jailed.

It gives him an immunity.

I think the Democrats should not take the bait and let the states handle it.

November 4, 2020

Chill out people. Biden is going to win this.

The doom and gloom is not warranted.

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