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Ilhan Omar tells pastor 'you're gonna have to just deal' with her hijab on the House floor

Love these new badass young women!


E.W. Jackson, a conservative pastor who claims he is not Islamaphobic, expressed his horror that Democratic legislators are hoping to reverse a ban prohibiting headwear from being worn on the House floor in his radio show. For people who wear headwear for religious reasons, this rule creates an obvious problem. But as The Hill first reported, Jackson expressed his concerns on his radio program and, well, they’re pretty Islamaphobic.

"The floor of Congress is now going to look like an Islamic republic," Jackson said. "We are a Judeo-Christian country. We are a nation rooted and grounded in Christianity and that's that."

Representative-elect Ilhan Omar, one of the first Muslim women to enter Congress, has become the face of the movement to have this rule reversed. So it’ s no surprise she responded to Jackson’s comments.

Ilhan Omar
‏Verified account @IlhanMN

Ilhan Omar Retweeted The Hill (in response to Jackson's tweet below)

Well sir, the floor of Congress is going to look like America...

And you’re gonna have to just deal

And one more thing. People who make statements like this, "We are a nation rooted and grounded in Christianity and that's that," seem to be unaware that Native Americans were not Christian and were here long before they were. They seem to be missing a vast amount of American history.

It's ELECTION fraud; not VOTER fraud. GOP commits the fraud; not voters. Voter fraud is GOP framing.

Framing is important. The GOP narrative is voter fraud, which they use to justify all kinds of disenfranchisement tactics such as discriminatory voter ID laws, purging voter registration databases, etc., while they do all they can to manipulate elections, whether legal or not. That is election fraud.

We need to call it what it is and not use framing that promotes their narrative.

Quote from David Frum about conservatives says it all. "If they cannot win democratically..."

Lawrence reporting on warning letter from former senators right now.

See this thread for letter - it's a must-read.

Why are people even TALKING about Trump running in 2020???

Chris Hayes had two people on talking about how a recession would impact his chances in 2020, apparently assuming he will still be around and be running.

Are we naive when we think he won't be around that long? Of course, when he was "elected," I didn't think he'd last this long, and I was very wrong.

Never in my 70+ years have I seen so many parallel universes coexisting.

Anyone clear on what happened with Epstein today and what's next?

Read a few things but it didn't really make sense and was not clear on what's next and whether the victims will eventually get their day in court. Haven't had (and still don't) time to do a lot of digging so was hoping one/some of you all had a better idea.

RAchel covering the Jeffrey Epstein story. It is really hitting the fan now. Swamp draining begins.

Finally media coverage...All the dirt about molesting/raping large numbers of underage girls and the cover-ups. Wonder how many Trumpsters this will turn.
"The victims believe they were betrayed by the prosecutors." Bringing out Alex Acosta's role in the non-prosecution deal for Epstein that shut down the investigation.

Acosta is the slimiest of TRump's slimy swamp creatures. Looks like the swamp is beginning to get drained. TRial will be televised since it isn't a federal trial.

Beautiful photos of animals enjoying the snow - guaranteed to bring a smile

Technically off-topic, but morale boosters and beauty that makes us smile and uplifts us are important and never off-topic in my mind. Enjoy!


SCOTUS Can't Turn Back Time On Abortion Rights, But It Can Do Something Worse

Edited to add: The salient point here is that while overturning Roe directly would create a lot of political blowback, they don't need to directly overturn it to have the same effect.

Laura Hercher -BuzzFeed Contributor

For the first time since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, five justices hostile to reproductive rights sit on the US Supreme Court. And while many have focused on whether or not this new majority will overturn Roe v. Wade, that question is a distraction. We are not headed backward into the land before Roe — we are headed forward into uncharted territory.

Over the past 25 years, even as Roe v. Wade was upheld, abortion opponents demonstrated that state laws restricting access can be just as effective as an outright ban — so long as the Supreme Court permits infringements on the right to choose. The court’s new right-wing majority can accelerate this process without overturning Roe v. Wade — and potentially avoiding the backlash from a country where the majority of citizens are pro–abortion rights.

A patchwork of state laws would make it seem like access to abortion is tied to geography, but that would be an illusion. People with money, in every state, will always be able to get whatever care they require. This was true before Roe, and it is much more straightforward in today’s world, where air travel is routine and services can be arranged on the internet.

The people quite literally left behind will be an assortment of vulnerable individuals: women lacking money to pay for services out of pocket, working women unable to negotiate an unexplained leave from home or work, women who fear their partners, the very young, the developmentally delayed.

It also means that means that some people will be able to avoid the birth of a child with a genetic disease or disability, and some people will not. Such diseases will become something that happens primarily to certain people in certain places.

More at link:

Air New Zealand Trolls Trump With Adorable 'Naughty List' Kids In Not-so-subtle Christmas Ad

The “Nicest Christmas Ever” commercial includes a direct quote from the U.S. president.

Air New Zealand’s latest Christmas commercial uses kids on Santa’s “naughty list” to take a not-so-subtle poke at U.S. President Donald Trump.

In the “Nicest Christmas Ever” spot, kids on the naughty list gather for a global summit on how to make amends, taking turns with ideas such as a “30 percent reduction in hair-pulling.”

But the U.S. representative ― sporting a red “Make Christmas Great Again” cap ― won’t help them.

“I have to say I’m not naughty at all,” he insists. “In fact, I’m the nicest person I know.”
The other children in the room laugh at the assertion.

More at link: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/air-new-zealand-trump-christmas-ad_us_5c009caee4b0249dce73579f
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