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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 8,204

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So the Gropenfuhrer says she was a minor WH player...

… hardly ever saw her.

Well look at her. He was probably sniffing around her office, every spare minute he had.

Help. Car seat has up/down on seat, forward and back on back rest and back and forth on the whole


Well, the back and forth on the whole seat is frozen. Are there three electric motors? One motor with clutch and gear, is it the switch?

Pro choice? Stuff to do.

One of the factors to limit options for women seeking abortion is the cost of transportation to "choice states." I know some people re donating to provide funds for rides.

I recall when Bernie Sanders used to charter busses to take senior citizens from Vermont to Canada to buy less expensive drugs. Would bus charters be an option? Or mini-buses? I would worry about such busses being attacked.

We need suggestions beyond the long-term goal of getting rid of Repub. legislators.

Fighting gas prices? Your turn.

When the Double Nickel (55 max speed M.P.H.) was introduced, I thought it was bullshit but ok.

I have a hybrid which display the M.P.G. on the side screen.... had the car for two years. I do mostly highway driving, 78 M.P.H. and the car's average has been 47 m.p.g.

Two weeks ago, I began a new routine, not driving over 65 and mostly in the 50's when there are no other cars on the highway and on the right hand lane. 65 if there are other cars on the road. No particular reason I started driving slower but I did find it more relaxing.

MPG now averages 53 m.p.g.

Women and kids are collateral damage.

Kock, Mercer, Devose and other major doners to Repukes and the Federalist Society are supporting candidates who will work for deregulation… in other words, let business do whatever it wants as long as it makes money for those plutocrats.

Abortion, guns, gays and whatever are smokescreens to get the rubes to vote in puppets who will vote against Roe and for guns but of more importance to these pieces of shit is pro business legislation.

I promise you Charles Koch doesn’t give one shit about abortion.

But watch the anti environmental rulings from the court.

For Clarence's benefit,

Do you think the Loving decision ought to be revisited?

—- give him and Gin-gin something to think about.

N.J. 287, North to 78 East, ramp is closed by sinkhole.

Detour goes from 287, exit 21B to jug handle on 206, north, back to 206, south and exit onto 208, South and that ramp onto 78E.

I gotta figure.... everybody knows Trump won. The election was fixed. AND

2024 is also gonna be fixed.


If you're a Republican who doesn't need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing, why not just stay home on Election Day?

Turn on the NASCAR channel or outdoor hunting channel and break out the Jack. Why waste your time voting?

When a smile hides pain.

I was watching the Netflix doc. on Warren Jeffs. One of the victims was recounting the experience she had at the hands of Jeff and his followers. She was a minor, abused at the hands of Jeffs and his cult leaders. Her story was hard to listen to and hard for her to tell, even 20 years or so, after it happened. During the telling, she wore a smile on her face. Trying to put myself in her place, I imagine that it was either smile or cry. It was a way to separate herself from the pain of the memory of her experience.

Then I remembered the first time I saw a smile like that. It was maybe 45 years ago and it was the face of a woman, maybe in her mid 50's. She worked in a local business and as I frequented the business, conversation went beyond the usual, "Thank you," or "Have a nice day."

She spoke with an accent. I am not good at identifying the origin of people's accent. I don't recall how the conversation drifted but she said she was from Germany. I recalled a WWII immigrant from Germany who came to our school around 1950. She was placed in my third grade class. The child had relatives in our town who sponsored her to move to America. I talked about her.

I asked the employee when she had come to the U.S. She said she came after the war. She lost her parents in the fires at Dresden. Then that same smile came to her face as she talked about seeing the flames from the firebombing as fire came closer and closer to her. She was 10 years old.... she didn't know where to run to where to hide.

I've thought about her a couple of times since that day and each time, it brings me great sadness.

I don't recall what I said to her in response to her telling me her story. Whatever I said, it wasn't enough. I wish she was here now, so I could give her a hug.

There's some lawyer who knows where the Kraken is.

If I was Navarro, that's the lawyer I'd be looking to hire.
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