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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!

Democratic Primaries

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19. And we only have to look to this White House
Tue Jan 7, 2020, 05:16 PM
Jan 2020

to confirm that.

This is about more than winning an election. The next president is going to have to mend fences worldwide and use diplomacy to win back our friends and allies. No one is going to take a petty, vindictive president seriously.

There are ways to deal with obstructionists and flame throwers in congress, but it needs to be in a statesman like fashion. I don't want another insulting, playground bully president, even if he/she agrees with me. I want my president to act like a president and be an example to my grandchildren.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
This is offensive [View all] angrychair Jan 2020 OP
That would not be very attractive in a president PatSeg Jan 2020 #9
+1000 PatSeg! sheshe2 Jan 2020 #13
Agreed. TwilightZone Jan 2020 #17
And we only have to look to this White House PatSeg Jan 2020 #19
I respectfully disagree... if this were NORMAL times, maybe, but not in this day and age. InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #24
I would hate to see the Trump administration PatSeg Jan 2020 #37
This is admirable angrychair Jan 2020 #50
Oh, I can't picture any of our candidates PatSeg Jan 2020 #57
Mitch was horrible during the Obama administration, too. Cuthbert Allgood Jan 2020 #76
It actually provides cover to McConnell for his senate race. blm Jan 2020 #77
Yes he was PatSeg Jan 2020 #81
No, it's offensive, and willfully ignorant as well. Magoo48 Jan 2020 #84
Thank goodness sanders will NOT be the nominee!! Thekaspervote Jan 2020 #14
BiDeN wIlL bE oUr NoMiNeE!1!1! George II Jan 2020 #18
I see what you did there - nice message. c-rational Jan 2020 #60
Ha, ha! PatSeg Jan 2020 #85
It is why Joe will be our nominee...he has dealt with McConnell. Demsrule86 Jan 2020 #33
I will be so disappointed, to the extreme, if Biden gets the nom. Nice guy and all but we live in a monmouth4 Jan 2020 #40
Wiser words have never been spoken!! "Disappointed to the extreme" indeed!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #41
So what do we do with the cons, round them up and put them in prison? Mass extermination? Eliot Rosewater Jan 2020 #51
I guess Joe's "No Malarkey" bus tour is over. LonePirate Jan 2020 #2
Truth Ponietz Jan 2020 #32
lol +1 BeckyDem Jan 2020 #39
They engage in such thinkin' at their own risk. When Bernie & Elizabeth team up... InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #42
When pigs fly. MrsCoffee Jan 2020 #71
Haven't you seen the filthy porcine creatures aboard Air Force One lately?! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #74
Mc Connell will only be useful once he's voted out!!! LakeArenal Jan 2020 #3
Mr Biden is in error here. irisblue Jan 2020 #4
Honestly, don't have an issue with offering to work with GOPers, if only for a day or two. Hoyt Jan 2020 #5
and. even with taking the WH in 2020 stopdiggin Jan 2020 #12
How did McConnell act from 2009-2016 when it was literally blm Jan 2020 #26
I get it. But I don't think we attract critical Independent voters Hoyt Jan 2020 #30
This message was self-deleted by its author TidalWave46 Jan 2020 #6
Everyone should be supporting financially and door to door knocking to get RID of McConnell. BeckyDem Jan 2020 #7
Here's Booker's website for positions on the issues and how to donate... RobertDevereaux Jan 2020 #16
Awesome! Thank you. Lets get RID of McConnell!!!!!!!!!!! BeckyDem Jan 2020 #34
Yes, some republicans PatSeg Jan 2020 #8
This message was self-deleted by its author Tiggeroshii Jan 2020 #10
like he was with Obama? barbtries Jan 2020 #11
. TidalWave46 Jan 2020 #15
These kind of statements boggle the mind Politicub Jan 2020 #20
I don't understand what Joe's advisors could possibly be thinking by pushing this strategy. InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #47
Just wait Joe. If you are elected and McConnell is not defeated he will block any SCOTUS totodeinhere Jan 2020 #21
When that statement came out Biden's mouth Wellstone ruled Jan 2020 #22
If he's trying to fool anyone, it's critical Independent voters who Hoyt Jan 2020 #31
Call me surprised when that statement came from her. Wellstone ruled Jan 2020 #38
Sorry, Joe, but this BlueMTexpat Jan 2020 #23
This is the main reason I haven't committed to Biden; Biden thinks kGOP wants a liberal democracy uponit7771 Jan 2020 #25
He seems to be having memory issues. Paka Jan 2020 #27
Yeah, but Democratic voters have LONG memories and know malarkey when they hear it!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #46
Sometimes I feel like Joe Biden's view of Republicans is stuck in like some 1970s time warp inwiththenew Jan 2020 #28
No kidding!! IMHO, that disqualifies Joe out of the gate. We need a candidate who understands that InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #43
DING, DING, We have a winna!! Ferrets are Cool Jan 2020 #59
If you're taking this to heart, watch The Help or underthematrix Jan 2020 #29
lol if you find this offensive, you're a lightweight. Drunken Irishman Jan 2020 #35
Wth does "mildly cooperative" mean? cwydro Jan 2020 #36
Whatever Joe meant by that, at best, it's wishful thinking... never gonna happen!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #68
He's Wrong Gore1FL Jan 2020 #48
I find your being offended offensive. Democracy REQUIRES Hortensis Jan 2020 #49
We are talking about McConnell specifically angrychair Jan 2020 #52
Democracy doesn't depend on working... tonedevil Jan 2020 #63
Why is it obnoxiousdrunk Jan 2020 #53
Exactly angrychair Jan 2020 #55
Melodrama. Skya Rhen Jan 2020 #54
Republicans may be willing to work with Democrats rownesheck Jan 2020 #56
+∞ InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #64
Repugs are NOT going to change. They will put up every roadblock they can. Ferrets are Cool Jan 2020 #58
That WAS nice of you! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #65
... Ferrets are Cool Jan 2020 #86
The article says the crowd chuckled after he paused and said "how can I say ... mildly cooperative." betsuni Jan 2020 #61
McConnell will work with Biden the same way he worked with Obama. I wonder if Biden ever Autumn Jan 2020 #62
I wondered the same thing... great minds think alike!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #66
Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice? Nope, not gonna happen, I know what they are, Autumn Jan 2020 #72
You'd think a seasoned politician like Biden would ALSO know this!! Apparently not... InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #73
All I can come up with is that he knows they wouldn't work with Obama because he's black. Autumn Jan 2020 #75
A good point, though an incredibly sad one. blm Jan 2020 #79
I remember when Bill was elected the DC power pukes were offended that "white trash", Autumn Jan 2020 #83
Thats the problem I think. He identifies with them too much booley Jan 2020 #67
THIS...100 PERCENT!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #69
That is not good melman Jan 2020 #70
LOL settle down Loki Liesmith Jan 2020 #78
It's just strategy. Smart strategy. ecstatic Jan 2020 #80
It aint 1980 anymore. gibraltar72 Jan 2020 #82
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