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26. Thanks. Agreed. Operative word here is,
Sun Apr 1, 2012, 03:48 PM
Apr 2012
honest. Constructive would be another good operative word.

The thing is, we have, for some time, been dealing with a number of recurrent, dishonest, non-constructive talking point "criticisms" from anti-Occupy sources...

Honest, constructive, positive dialogue, and constructive ideas, are always welcome, and a large number of various ideas have been brought up for consensus in GA's all around the country. Direct Participatory Democracy is wonderful but it can be a frustratingly tough gig. A lot of hard work goes into it all, and it's not usually all that easy to maintain a constructive balance. All are welcome to share their ideas, but honestly, the best way for someone to get their ideas heard and adopted would be to propose them at a GA.

Also, the ideas of folks that are consistently on the front lines may receive a bit more cred from the core of folks that consistently make up the participants in the majority of GA's. I usually just listen; lots of ideas to choose from, and a there is often some discourse on practical procedure/committees/grunt work, etc. So, like, when folks that don't have a lot of direct experience with the movement say, "Well, why don't you do this, or why don't you do that", other folks might smile and roll their eyes at some of it, and think, "BTW, we're out of water again..." And this is not to be negative, but the reality of it is, we're all just groups of regular human beings trying to get something done, often with cops in our faces...and sometimes this can be really fucking difficult.

From my perspective, anyone that supports Occupy is Occupy; we all generally do what we can the best we can figure how. But in order for us to really collectively get it done, we will need as much support of all kinds as possible, and some folks will go to greater lengths to make personal sacrifices to further what they believe to be desperately needed (life or death, quite possibly) critical change...there are some amazing dedicated folks that totally epitomize the word awesome. (I am definitely not even close to this class). But we all have our individual talents, skills, and strengths, and ultimately, collectively, we are all going to play some part in getting this done.

So anyway...there's gonna be a Mayday General Strike, supported by consensus at many GA's. It would be wonderful if everyone that supported Occupy would just sit down and reflect on what life could be like if the 1% we're not a factor, and maybe even join in any local Occupy actions if possible.

It could be a really big step toward making our collective idea(s) real. Just my opinion...rats, I''m rambling again...


It seems like "Crickets" here...but the people who founded this site are probably busy... KoKo Mar 2012 #1
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Support is great here, but honest criticism should be welcome. rhett o rick Apr 2012 #24
Thanks. Agreed. Operative word here is, Zorra Apr 2012 #26
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Beautiful post(s). Joe Shlabotnik Mar 2012 #6
Thanks so much, Joe. Leopolds Ghost Mar 2012 #8
Beautiful post, thank you Joe. sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #9
Thank you, beautiful post backatcha. Zorra Mar 2012 #10
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Posters like the one you were arguing with UnrepentantLiberal Mar 2012 #7
That was an excellent and beautifully written, heartfelt post. sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #15
Thanks, Sabrina1. Zorra Mar 2012 #17
I wish I would have found you sooner... BB_Troll Mar 2012 #18
You don't need leaders if you have momentum! ellisonz Mar 2012 #20
"how long can this movement last without a leader or set of leaders that will unite us even more?" Zorra Mar 2012 #21
Great Post unionworks Mar 2012 #19
So glad Zorra Mar 2012 #22
You did great, Zorra pinboy3niner Mar 2012 #23
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