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12. Thanks, TBF, but
Thu Mar 22, 2012, 03:19 PM
Mar 2012

I'm only one little piece so happy to be a part of this beautiful important movement that has taught me a lot in the short 6 months of our existence as a labeled entity.

Every little bit of support helps, even just sending heartfelt positive energy.

Here are a few websites for info on #M1GS

What is #M1GS?

Worldwide, May 1st is traditionally a ‘Workers’ day – a day of Labor Solidarity, and a public holiday. It’s a day to celebrate and march in support of im/migrant rights. In protest against the corruption of the worldwide marketplace, which has led to illegal foreclosures, mass unemployment, low wages, high taxes and a penalization of all those who do not own the ‘99%’ of the world’s resources, and in solidarity with the im/migrant movements of May 1st, we decided to declare May 1st, 2012 a People’s General Strike. Instead of calling upon unionized Labor to make a specific demand (illegal under Taft-Hartley), we are calling upon the people of the world to take this day away from school and the workplace, so that their absence makes their displeasure with this corrupt system be known.



Some recent news


Calls for May Day general strikes by occupy general assemblies as of 9 March 2012:

Boston, Massachusetts, 7 January 2012
Brooklyn, New York, 19 January 2012
Bushwick, New York, 1 March 2012
Detroit, Michigan, 21 February 2012
Long Beach, California, 17 January 2012
Los Angeles, California, 19 December 2011
Oakland, California, 29 January 2012
Pasadena, California, 8 January 2012
Phoenix, Arizona, 8 January 2012
Portland, Oregon, 10 February 2012
San Diego, California, (day?) February 2012
San Fernando Valley, California, 23 December 2011
Seattle, Washington, 26 February 2012
Sydney, Australia, 18 February 2012
Tampa, Florida, 7 January 2012
Ventura, California, 7 February 2012
Wall Street, New York, 14 February 2012
Williamsburg, New York, 17 January 2012


If you want to be part of Occupy, you already are.
It seems like "Crickets" here...but the people who founded this site are probably busy... KoKo Mar 2012 #1
i hear ya, KoKo Zorra Mar 2012 #13
You are wonderful - TBF Mar 2012 #2
Thanks, TBF, but Zorra Mar 2012 #12
I've taken this info over to the socialist progressives group - TBF Mar 2012 #14
Update: Occupy Tacoma has voted to have a May 1 event rhett o rick Apr 2012 #25
I think it was thoughtful and well-written. Leopolds Ghost Mar 2012 #3
The DU consensus seems pretty clear pinboy3niner Mar 2012 #4
Wow - didn't realize the number was that high. TBF Mar 2012 #5
Support is great here, but honest criticism should be welcome. rhett o rick Apr 2012 #24
Thanks. Agreed. Operative word here is, Zorra Apr 2012 #26
I'm glad you think so. Zorra Mar 2012 #11
Beautiful post(s). Joe Shlabotnik Mar 2012 #6
Thanks so much, Joe. Leopolds Ghost Mar 2012 #8
Beautiful post, thank you Joe. sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #9
Thank you, beautiful post backatcha. Zorra Mar 2012 #10
I love that RFK quote also. sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #16
Posters like the one you were arguing with UnrepentantLiberal Mar 2012 #7
That was an excellent and beautifully written, heartfelt post. sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #15
Thanks, Sabrina1. Zorra Mar 2012 #17
I wish I would have found you sooner... BB_Troll Mar 2012 #18
You don't need leaders if you have momentum! ellisonz Mar 2012 #20
"how long can this movement last without a leader or set of leaders that will unite us even more?" Zorra Mar 2012 #21
Great Post unionworks Mar 2012 #19
So glad Zorra Mar 2012 #22
You did great, Zorra pinboy3niner Mar 2012 #23
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