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94. Silly me for being so neive that Barney Frank would...
Sat Jan 9, 2016, 02:59 AM
Jan 2016

...get cozy with one of the corporate favorites. Thought he had more instincts to fight for little guy. Obi Wan was wrong about Anakin, I was wrong about Frank.

Why would anyone doubt her sincerity vis a vis Wall Street? Scuba Jan 2016 #1
Apparently, she didn't say "cut that out!" when they were writing her checks. n/t winter is coming Jan 2016 #3
She said "cut that check"! JonLeibowitz Jan 2016 #7
DUZY demwing Jan 2016 #10
LOL!.. Segami Jan 2016 #20
and they happily obliged... CoffeeCat Jan 2016 #21
Appreciate The Transparency!!!! The More Hillary et al Doeth Protest.. CorporatistNation Jan 2016 #92
But where's that famously wealthy, Maserati driving 1%er on that list? Divernan Jan 2016 #100
Nice! Bubzer Jan 2016 #30
... CharlotteVale Jan 2016 #36
LOL azmom Jan 2016 #73
Winner!!!! 840high Jan 2016 #81
lmfao... you get my vote for post of the week! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2016 #102
LOL...that she did, many times n/t Oilwellian Jan 2016 #113
+1K! Plucketeer Jan 2016 #57
OMG....just look at that! Punkingal Jan 2016 #8
Post removed Post removed Jan 2016 #22
Recommend you edit your post. The "shrills" piece will get your post hidden. Scuba Jan 2016 #25
Her plan is better in regulating Wall Street, BTW, her plan is attacked Thinkingabout Jan 2016 #2
Her plan may be fine. Her sincerity about implementing it is the question. Scuba Jan 2016 #5
Exactly. Why would anyone trust her? Dawgs Jan 2016 #29
Her plan is half hearted kenfrequed Jan 2016 #71
Yeppers. nt SusanCalvin Jan 2016 #88
Precisely Scuba! Her plan, her plan... there IS no plan, except the one where Hillary will say ANYTHING to get elected President. InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2016 #103
Yep. bvf Jan 2016 #110
You haven't sen those ads Plucketeer Jan 2016 #58
Yeah, a vulture fund backing Marco Rubio. Fuddnik Jan 2016 #59
got a link to support that claim? questionseverything Jan 2016 #80
Clinton isn't credible, when it comes to finance, economic, foreign policy and trade policies Tennis Magnet Jan 2016 #4
+ Eighty Gazillion Scuba Jan 2016 #6
I certainly agree. Welcome to DU. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #66
Hi, Tennis Magnet! I agree. And when it Duval Jan 2016 #70
++1 840high Jan 2016 #82
What Hillary Clinton proposes isn't a Fantasy. Amimnoch Jan 2016 #9
So, our choices are to vote for someone who will undoubtedly try to accomplish winter is coming Jan 2016 #13
So, no rebuttal or refute.. just acceptance that Sanders is either lying or clueless? Amimnoch Jan 2016 #16
. Perogie Jan 2016 #18
Just so I understand... Bubzer Jan 2016 #41
You know, most people didn't think we could go to space either. Fawke Em Jan 2016 #68
With the emphasis on doing the work! We all have the responsibility to Duval Jan 2016 #72
You're not one of those who believe we actually jonno99 Jan 2016 #77
Of course we landed on the moon. We needed to know what we'd be bombing! n/t winter is coming Jan 2016 #79
Despite what you've been told... Fawke Em Jan 2016 #91
Cool. Hopefully, it was understood that my comment was tongue-in-cheek. jonno99 Jan 2016 #114
Excellent post! Enthusiast Jan 2016 #97
Huge +1! Enthusiast Jan 2016 #96
You pretty much summed up my views Winter... Bernie is "The One" who can finally lead us to the Promised Land. InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2016 #104
Republicans hate Clintons more than they hate black people shawn703 Jan 2016 #27
doubtful that they hate her more. I've read some pretty awful things they've written about our Amimnoch Jan 2016 #32
I think their hatred for Black skin is greater than their hatred for her, but either way randys1 Jan 2016 #76
in other words, you can't rebutt the TPed material in any way stupidicus Jan 2016 #37
What Sanders proposes has been tried and tested: in the 1930-ies. Betty Karlson Jan 2016 #47
Do you actually think anyone read that? CoffeeCat Jan 2016 #52
This message was self-deleted by its author Amimnoch Jan 2016 #53
I support Sanders... thesquanderer Jan 2016 #60
Much respect to you and your response. Amimnoch Jan 2016 #64
You clearly didn't read the whole HuffPo article ymetca Jan 2016 #61
+1, thank you dreamnightwind Jan 2016 #69
I am 72. I have had an amazing life. Just unbelievable. JDPriestly Jan 2016 #87
Simply beautiful, JD. Thank you. Enthusiast Jan 2016 #98
Couldn't agree more JD... great post! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2016 #106
*Very* nicely said. n/t bvf Jan 2016 #111
People should read the whole article. Very well mmonk Jan 2016 #11
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jan 2016 #12
HUGE K & R !!! - THANK YOU !!! WillyT Jan 2016 #14
Translation: Bernie offers pie in the sky that can't be had leftofcool Jan 2016 #15
Like? Katashi_itto Jan 2016 #49
"I'm going to break up all the big banks" leftofcool Jan 2016 #62
Thats your argument? You Think Hillary will have an easier time then? Katashi_itto Jan 2016 #65
Ever heard of executive action?! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2016 #107
Sanders will win and the historically gerrymandered GOP congress will complete his agenda.. uponit7771 Jan 2016 #84
Why are Sanders supporters so hung up on Wall St and income inequality? tk2kewl Jan 2016 #17
It seems that Hill supporters are either ignorant U of M Dem Jan 2016 #24
Charming. NurseJackie Jan 2016 #34
It's taken awhile. floriduck Jan 2016 #38
Oh, my! (Among other things, that's very amusing.) NurseJackie Jan 2016 #44
What will be even more amusing is when she's the nominee ConservativeDemocrat Jan 2016 #48
It won't be long now. (Still ... waiting is the hardest part.) NurseJackie Jan 2016 #51
LOL. Yep. SunSeeker Jan 2016 #93
LOL! bvf Jan 2016 #112
Wealth extraction... which of the two candidates has mastered that technique?... hmmm InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2016 #108
... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #28
Why are Clinton supporters so attached to Wall Street and income inequality? eom Betty Karlson Jan 2016 #46
A lot of them are republicans. JRLeft Jan 2016 #55
DINOs, maybe. But not Republicans. Betty Karlson Jan 2016 #56
I wouldn't say she has ZERO crossover appeal Art_from_Ark Jan 2016 #86
Because the middle class is shrinking and has been since Duval Jan 2016 #74
I assumed the sarcasm tag was self evident tk2kewl Jan 2016 #75
Her credibility is unchanged with her gullible supporters Android3.14 Jan 2016 #19
The headline says it all. GoneOffShore Jan 2016 #23
Clinton is spot on and a breath of fresh air. NCTraveler Jan 2016 #26
Seriously? Explain her rejection of Glass Stegall. Has she something better? Katashi_itto Jan 2016 #33
in other words you can't dispute the dishonesty noted in the TP stupidicus Jan 2016 #40
I made the point a day or two ago that I thought Hillary was more rounded than Sanders cause uponit7771 Jan 2016 #85
Aww I trust Hillary a little more than...umm...thinking....how about Ted Cruz? Katashi_itto Jan 2016 #31
Now that's just unfair. I trust her more than Trump too. hedda_foil Jan 2016 #43
I don't trust her. On anything. She's out for herself CharlotteVale Jan 2016 #35
I wish I couldn't agree. Enthusiast Jan 2016 #99
self-inflicted injuries are the worst kind. Let's hope she gets better at it, no? stupidicus Jan 2016 #39
And Yet . . . Gamecock Lefty Jan 2016 #42
and gladly so when it's negative stuff like this stupidicus Jan 2016 #50
After all the dishonest attacks from Clinton, DWS, and the rest of her cronies, Betty Karlson Jan 2016 #45
Bernie Will be Tougher gordyfl Jan 2016 #54
Asking why Clinton campaigns lie... 99Forever Jan 2016 #63
K&R nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #67
It's politics. If she wins Iowa big, it was a smart move Babel_17 Jan 2016 #78
I just heard Bill throw out the "...1-3 Supreme Court appointments" thing silvershadow Jan 2016 #83
Hillary Criticizes Bernie's Plan to Break Up Her Friends' Banks LS_Editor Jan 2016 #89
K&R nt 99th_Monkey Jan 2016 #90
Silly me for being so neive that Barney Frank would... Duckfan Jan 2016 #94
K&R for accuracy! This post should have hundreds of recommendations! Enthusiast Jan 2016 #95
Wall Street is people, my friend. merrily Jan 2016 #101
Remember that time EdwardBernays Jan 2016 #105
Hillary and honesty mix like oil and water. She lies as easily as she breathes... InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2016 #109
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