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11. Yahoo finance, "C.Koch: My body is full of harpoons"
Fri Nov 27, 2015, 11:09 PM
Nov 2015

I read the summary of the interview under the tape. Sorry after enduring the three part Morning Joe tongue bath of this guy, I now just skip to the summaries for blood pressure reasons.
Now I watched the tape & you're right. Koch doesn't outright name Bernie but slurs all today's Liberals,"who've become people who want government to control people's lives" Later in the interview he said "those who want to control people's lives are apparently afraid to debate."

I still think those are fighting words and translate into a challenge to debate with a real Roosevelt liberal. It doesn't need to be Bernie,
just a clear speaking representative of Roosevelt Dem principles, the ideology that Koch's Father unilaterally opposed as a founder of the Birch Soc & of the Liberals whom today his sons claim are "people who want government to control people's lives."

When Koch claims that Liberals are "afraid to debate", it seems that Liberals (and their most Koch smeared reps) should seize the right to demand and get that debate. And that debate should be with the Koch slurer/accuser/liar in chief not with one of a Koch
puppet propagandists.

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