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6. it's only going to be 9 months
Sun Jul 5, 2015, 05:16 PM
Jul 2015

After March there will be no path forward for Sanders, although he may declare an independent candidacy then. Many of his supporters will cheer. After all, a "revolution" can't be quelled by pesky southern and western Democratic primary results.

Ouch! Hmm, well it worked as well as Hillarys Libya plan 4139 Jul 2015 #1
Apples and oranges. yallerdawg Jul 2015 #2
Jeez, it's going to be a LONG 2 years... JaneyVee Jul 2015 #3
it's only going to be 9 months wyldwolf Jul 2015 #6
Are you familiar with the phrase "Whistling past the graveyard" ? Indepatriot Jul 2015 #24
Do you object to posting her own words? BrotherIvan Jul 2015 #11
She shouldn't change her position on this. JaneyVee Jul 2015 #15
So you agree with austerity BrotherIvan Jul 2015 #16
Who is going to bail out a country...again? JaneyVee Jul 2015 #19
The point I am making in *this* particular thread is one should stand up for BrotherIvan Jul 2015 #20
Did she change positions? JaneyVee Jul 2015 #25
A "Path to Prosperity" by way of austerity is akin to calling BrotherIvan Jul 2015 #33
do you imagine that Bernie supported austerity three years ago? virtualobserver Jul 2015 #4
Really? 99Forever Jul 2015 #5
2 years isn't that long. PatrickforO Jul 2015 #9
Has she changed her position? BrotherIvan Jul 2015 #10
Depends, which way is the wind blowing right now? Indepatriot Jul 2015 #13
Maybe we should all ask Pelosi! BrotherIvan Jul 2015 #14
We could save time and just ask Dimon or Blankfein... Indepatriot Jul 2015 #21
WWGT BrotherIvan Jul 2015 #23
I would like to know if she FlatBaroque Jul 2015 #17
Magic 8 Ball says BrotherIvan Jul 2015 #22
Hillary is free to flip flop yet again Report1212 Jul 2015 #31
The world is with Bernie on the IMF/World Bank enslavement of sovereign nations sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #7
The upper crust requires a constant input of confiscated wealth FlatBaroque Jul 2015 #12
Stop Smearing Hillary! Indepatriot Jul 2015 #8
Good point !!!!! orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #30
many of the 99 are with HRC on guns (gonna be a big primary issue, watch) nt arely staircase Jul 2015 #18
Thomas Jefferson us in 1825 orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #26
Go Bernie! SoapBox Jul 2015 #27
Infrastructure? NOT UNLESS WE PAY FOR IT!!! Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2015 #28
Tax the rich every time they transfer Hedge funds, Bernie solution. orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #29
Greece will lead the way out of these horrible policies. They were the first to suffer sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #32
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