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11. "But let us not talk of that perfection of non-violence. It requires greater heroism
Fri Mar 29, 2013, 05:45 PM
Mar 2013

heroism than of brave soldiers ... Cowardice and brother-hood go ill together. The world does not accept today the idea of loving the enemy. Even in Christian Europe the principle of non-violence is ridiculed. While somebody writes to me from there : "Will you explain more clearly this your principle of non-violence ?' ... And there are others who affirm; 'Christianity has become a pretence at present. Christians do not understand the message of Jesus. It is necessary to deliver it over again in the way we can understand.' All ... are right from their own angles. But I must say that so long as we do not accept the principle of loving the enemy, all talk of world brotherhood is an airy nothing. Many men and women ask me, "Is it ever possible for the weak human flesh to rise above the inborn desire to avenge one's wrongs ?" I say, 'Yes. It is because we are not fully conscious of our manhood, that we cannot shed hatred and enmity'. Darwin says man is descended from the monkey. If that is true, we have not yet attained the stage of man ... "Do what you may. Without fear, without malice, and without return, I stand like a rock to receive all your blows." That is my ideal of a hero. Such heroes have become immortal. Christianity has produced such heroes and so have Hinduism and Islam. I don't subscribe to the view that Islam is the religion of the sword. History does not support it

... As mankind assimilates more and more the lesson of brotherhood, the spirit of non-violence among whole masses of men will spread wider. The history of Quakers and those others, the Dukhobors, whom Tolstoy has spoken of, shows how masses also can be filled with brotherly feeling ...

... And I have come here to ask you 'Why not go that way willingly and soon, rather than be forced into it ?' It may seem strange that I should say this to Christians. But I have pleaded for the same thing to Hindus also. Some Christians, however, tell me that Jesus' message of love was meant only for His 12 disciples. In India also, those who deprecate non-violence say that it will make India a country of cowards. To them I wish to say, 'India is doomed, if it does not accept non-violence.' All other nations also are ...

Speech by M.K. Gandhi to London Missionary Society of India in 1925

I might be mistaking but i think Easter is when he comes back to life. darkangel218 Mar 2013 #1
The special part is that supposedly he didn't stay dead. The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2013 #2
The apposals creed states that Drale Mar 2013 #27
Because his dieing brought forth the hippie fashion trend of ruining perectly good tshirts: Cooley Hurd Mar 2013 #3
Or forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mould cavity BeyondGeography Mar 2013 #7
How else are you going to make millions of crosses-on chains? Cooley Hurd Mar 2013 #8
Sounds like Mr. Hicks is probably in the t-shirt camp BeyondGeography Mar 2013 #10
Love Hicks... deutsey Mar 2013 #25
Ok, I'm an atheist skepticscott Mar 2013 #4
Are you truly this clueless? Is your google finger paralyzed? kestrel91316 Mar 2013 #5
Spending too much time with the circlejerkers in the Gundgeon ?....try reading a book, any book. Nt pkdu Mar 2013 #6
Don't try out for Jeopardy Faygo Kid Mar 2013 #9
I'll take "How to get a clue" for 500, Alex. R. Daneel Olivaw Mar 2013 #28
"But let us not talk of that perfection of non-violence. It requires greater heroism struggle4progress Mar 2013 #11
What the Jesuits taught me was deutsey Mar 2013 #12
Excellent post.. monmouth3 Mar 2013 #14
Did the Jesuits bother to note Warren Stupidity Mar 2013 #18
Yes, they did deutsey Mar 2013 #21
Your high level summary was a gross distortion. Warren Stupidity Mar 2013 #23
Whatever deutsey Mar 2013 #24
Hmmm... Warren Stupidity Mar 2013 #30
It wasn't done by a fruitcake with an assault weapon. TheCowsCameHome Mar 2013 #13
Why a reference to... Bay Boy Mar 2013 #15
He was exceedingly skilled at stamping out medallions? Warren Stupidity Mar 2013 #16
He picked up out bar tab. nt rrneck Mar 2013 #17
You made a hilarious typo Bay Boy Apr 2013 #31
Gah! rrneck Apr 2013 #32
I hope you realize Bay Boy Apr 2013 #36
Double gah! rrneck Apr 2013 #37
psst... I think you mean "dying" hlthe2b Mar 2013 #19
Ok... Bay Boy Mar 2013 #20
It's the coming back from the dead that has them all atwitter. Iggo Mar 2013 #22
When the talking serpent talked Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, who then shared it with Adam, ZombieHorde Mar 2013 #26
Because he's coming back to judge the quick, the dead, and the bad spellers. PassingFair Mar 2013 #29
Well, god created man and woman with original sin... Apophis Apr 2013 #33
Oy. Iggo Apr 2013 #38
I believe that by his death and resurrection we are all saved. ALL! hrmjustin Apr 2013 #34
I have talked to quite a few Christians edhopper Apr 2013 #35
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