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Sat Aug 26, 2023, 10:34 PM Aug 2023

I have such sad news to share. Tudor just passed away. [View all]

He was OK this morning. As the day went on he got quieter and sleepier. Unfortunately there are NO emergency vet clinics open on the weekend in this whole county!!!

I have been sitting with him, all afternoon, giving him liquids and holding him. About 10 minutes ago I knew he was gone.

I did everything I could and have no idea what caused his death. Maybe his mother sensed something I didn't. and that's why she neglected him.

The one thing I can say I'm grateful for is that I gave him one week of life he wouldn't otherwise have had.

And I am crushed beyond repair.

Thank all of you who were such a part of his short existence on this earth.

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Oh, Siwsan, I'm so sorry! Laffy Kat Aug 2023 #1
This. Permanut Aug 2023 #6
This. nt Dear_Prudence Aug 2023 #17
Oh no! So sad. So sorry. Walleye Aug 2023 #2
Oh, noooooooooo! 3catwoman3 Aug 2023 #3
That was my thought also. pazzyanne Aug 2023 #57
This. soldierant Aug 2023 #96
So loved. blm Aug 2023 #113
Such sad news. TexasTowelie Aug 2023 #4
Heartbreaking MoonlightHillFarm Aug 2023 #5
Oh no, this is devastating news. I'm so sorry to hear this. virgdem Aug 2023 #7
😿😿😿So so sorry😿😿your love made his short life better💙 we can do it Aug 2023 #8
Oh, I'm so sorry for you and that sweet little baby. sinkingfeeling Aug 2023 #9
I'm so sorry. You did all you could and gave him comfort. Arkansas Granny Aug 2023 #10
Oh, no! I am so sorry. What a shock. We were just getting to know him. LoisB Aug 2023 #11
I am so, so sorry. Poor baby. You gave him his best chance. Nt spooky3 Aug 2023 #12
You gave him a wonderful week of care and love. MLAA Aug 2023 #13
So sorry. 58Sunliner Aug 2023 #14
Oh no! DUgosh Aug 2023 #15
I'm so sorry! Ocelot II Aug 2023 #16
I am so very sorry Siwsan. revmclaren Aug 2023 #18
I am so sorry Siwsan. Diamond_Dog Aug 2023 #19
I'm so sorry, it's such sad news wendyb-NC Aug 2023 #20
;-( elleng Aug 2023 #21
Oh, no, I am so sorry MacKasey Aug 2023 #22
My heart goes out to you. Beartracks Aug 2023 #23
Oh no! I'm so sorry you lost him. AllyCat Aug 2023 #24
He knew love and happiness with you that he wnylib Aug 2023 #25
I can't even. Ever so sorry. Was rooting for him every single day. Peace. ALBliberal Aug 2023 #26
So sorry godsentme Aug 2023 #27
He passed being so very loved. Bless you both. ALBliberal Aug 2023 #28
You gave him warmth (physical and emotional) and a belly full of food for a week. You were fierywoman Aug 2023 #29
That is so sad. Mr.Bill Aug 2023 #30
Oh dear! 2naSalit Aug 2023 #31
I am so sorry! Freddie Aug 2023 #32
😿 Deuxcents Aug 2023 #33
My sincerest condolences majdrfrtim Aug 2023 #34
So sorry Siwsan. c-rational Aug 2023 #35
Oh Siswan MN2theMax Aug 2023 #36
Sometimes our purpose is to make sure a little one has a loving departure... and that is such an Karadeniz Aug 2023 #37
I am so sorry, Siwsan. Be good to yourself. Tudor sensed how much you loved him debm55 Aug 2023 #38
I am heartbroken. I check in all during the day to see how Tiny Tudor is doing. Polly Hennessey Aug 2023 #39
I am heartsick to hear this InstantGratification Aug 2023 #40
OH NO! ☹ ShazzieB Aug 2023 #41
Aww sorry love PrincessMorgan Aug 2023 #42
Oh Siwsan. I am so sorry. MontanaMama Aug 2023 #43
I'm so sorry... I gasped on your post Ellipsis Aug 2023 #44
So sorry. Randomthought Aug 2023 #45
Oh, I'm so terribly sorry. stage left Aug 2023 #46
Oh no Siwsan.... I'm so sorry. I'm devastated for you. Thank you for letting him know onecaliberal Aug 2023 #47
I'm very sorry. Tudor was a cute little guy, and you gave him a great one week. PatrickforB Aug 2023 #48
My heart is breaking for you, Siwsan! herding cats Aug 2023 #49
How beautiful that you got to help WhiteTara Aug 2023 #50
I'm so sorry! Bayard Aug 2023 #51
Oh, so sorry to hear, Siwsan. calimary Aug 2023 #52
I'm so sorry, Siwsan. But you did everything you could for him, gave him love highplainsdem Aug 2023 #53
I am so, so sorry to hear this. You tried so hard to help him survive. judesedit Aug 2023 #54
I'm So Sorry Lemon Lyman Aug 2023 #55
So sorry for you and Tudor. Fla Dem Aug 2023 #56
I am so sad to read this. cilla4progress Aug 2023 #58
I'm sorry to hear it. Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #59
Oh Wow Siwsan! 😥 SimplyHadEnough Aug 2023 #60
So very sad and sorry...you gave him so much love and care, bless you for that. Jack-o-Lantern Aug 2023 #61
So sorry Siwsan. ❤️ littlemissmartypants Aug 2023 #62
Humans raising a kitten from birth is difficult. I have done it successfully and other times lost appleannie1 Aug 2023 #63
You did the sweetest, most sincere thing you could... bluboid Aug 2023 #64
Awhhh..so so sorry! PortTack Aug 2023 #65
Peace and Strength to you at this sad time. We all love you and yours. LeftyLucie Aug 2023 #66
Sorry for the loss of your treasured friend Artcatt Aug 2023 #67
So so sorry. He knew he was loved. catrose Aug 2023 #68
Thank you for what you do Siswan. JustinBulletin Aug 2023 #69
Lady Bast, please take Your little Tudor gently home in Your loving arms, and send peace niyad Aug 2023 #70
I'm so sorry. nt Phoenix61 Aug 2023 #71
God bless you, Siwsan. You gave Tudor wonderful memories to take over the Rainbow Bridge. keopeli Aug 2023 #72
so sorry to hear this sad news. peacebuzzard Aug 2023 #73
So very sorry to hear this. Shipwack Aug 2023 #74
Hugs mercuryblues Aug 2023 #75
You open your heart to the fragile and most vulnerable, and that takes strength Donkees Aug 2023 #76
Thank you for bringing him to our lives... 2naSalit Aug 2023 #77
I am so very sorry. You gave that little soul so much contented life, however short. hlthe2b Aug 2023 #78
I am so sorry, Siwsan. brer cat Aug 2023 #79
I'm so so sorry Siwsan. You gave him the love he needed, and a loving place... Goddessartist Aug 2023 #80
I am sorry for your loss LetMyPeopleVote Aug 2023 #81
I'm so sorry, sister! Glamrock Aug 2023 #82
OMG, I am so sorry! Mad_Dem_X Aug 2023 #83
I am sorry for you, but you gave him comfort and love for the time that he had. TNNurse Aug 2023 #84
So sorry Siswan Picaro Aug 2023 #85
... orangecrush Aug 2023 #86
Oh no.. I'm so sorry. mountain grammy Aug 2023 #87
So very sorry for you. He was an adorable little kitten scarletlib Aug 2023 #88
broken hearts Aaeia Aug 2023 #89
So sorry Saoirse9 Aug 2023 #90
Oh no. My heart goes out to you. Bless you for caring for him. Raven123 Aug 2023 #91
So very sorry, Siwsan. gademocrat7 Aug 2023 #92
So sad to hear this Rebl2 Aug 2023 #93
condolences Jean Genie Aug 2023 #94
So sorry Jaye52 Aug 2023 #95
Oh Siwsan I am so sorry! You did all you could. CousinIT Aug 2023 #97
I'm so sorry for your broken heart. Death is never a welcome visitor. 1WorldHope Aug 2023 #98
So sorry Siwsan! kimbutgar Aug 2023 #99
Oh no, Siwsan! femmedem Aug 2023 #100
oh, sweet little kittie-boy... GoldenMezzoDiva Aug 2023 #101
A short life with meaning and love lostnfound Aug 2023 #102
So Sad cactuslady Aug 2023 #103
I'm so sorry! Thank you for loving him. GPV Aug 2023 #104
How is Dylan doing? Does he realize that Tudor is gone? nt avebury Aug 2023 #105
Damn BumRushDaShow Aug 2023 #106
So very sorry Jilly_in_VA Aug 2023 #107
Oh, I am sooo sorry... CaptainTruth Aug 2023 #108
Poor little guy Marthe48 Aug 2023 #109
Dear Siwsan, MorbidButterflyTat Aug 2023 #110
I am so so sorry Chicagogrl1 Aug 2023 #111
😢🕯️ blm Aug 2023 #112
I am so so sorry. You went above and beyond in taking care of him. irisblue Aug 2023 #114
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