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11. Nonsense. He merely states the demands of the people.We must reveal the Cal fraud.
Fri Jun 17, 2016, 01:44 PM
Jun 2016

The future belongs to the young people who are capable of evolving the party past the DLC establishment primary process which from beginning to end has been rigged to favor the establishment candidate. Bernie's demands are populist and due to the rigging you refer to the best that can be accomplished at present is to push this establishment candidate to stand for the interests of the 99%...the middle class and the working poor and not the big moneyed interests the DLC caters to like Wall street and the Banks in order to get funding. A clown like trump has no chance of being elected president and never really wanted to be president. But the reality show mentality of the Idiocracy got this buffoon to be the nominee but they are the result of republican lying and trash talking. But still, they are not a majority...not even close so now is a good time to change the democratic platform back to represent the working man and unions like it used to do because the majority of the people are looking for some one to represent them. Bernie Sanders is perfect and should be the nominee and non democrats see him as a solution they could back...which gives his supporters a strong voice to change the primary process, and the party a huge reason to listen to the populist demands of the majority of people...not just dems....which is what Bernie is doing here..showing how you can win without corporate wall street money...especially now.

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