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Bernie Sanders Message To Supporters (6-16-16) (Original Post) Bernie93 Jun 2016 OP
The Big Elephant in the Room panfluteman Jun 2016 #1
These sorts of delusional conspiracy theories belong on Info Wars, not DU. ashtonelijah Jun 2016 #3
Yet an even more astounding theory... MrMickeysMom Jun 2016 #5
So What Is YOUR Explanation of What is Happening? panfluteman Jun 2016 #6
I have just the quote for such ignorance as yours> It goes like this: bjobotts Jun 2016 #13
You're exactly right Fluteman. Stevepol Jun 2016 #4
That's PANFluteman, Stevepol! panfluteman Jun 2016 #8
You Talk About Electronic Hacking of the Voting Machines, Stevepol, panfluteman Jun 2016 #9
Reality Snoopy 7 Jun 2016 #7
Nonsense. He merely states the demands of the people.We must reveal the Cal fraud. bjobotts Jun 2016 #11
I believe that the last LittleGirl Jun 2016 #2
This man is amazing... demmayhem Jun 2016 #10
Exactly. Well put. bjobotts Jun 2016 #12
K&R!!!!!! burrowowl Jun 2016 #14
I Doubt Any Of Us Will Every Really Know... ChiciB1 Jun 2016 #15


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1. The Big Elephant in the Room
Fri Jun 17, 2016, 01:11 AM
Jun 2016

that Bernie didn't even mention was the huge stolen primary election in California. How can Bernie really expect all those young people, all that young blood, to come out and work for his political revolution if he is tacitly acquiescing to this kind of massive election fraud and thievery? The first thing that must be fixed is our broken election system. Yes, we must get money out of politics, but at the same time, we must do whatever we can to assure fair elections, so that the inspired efforts of millions of voters in going to the polls are not just trampled on and thrown out - with the lamentable result that these young people may be totally disillusioned, and never vote or participate in the political process again.

I saw another video on YouTube tonight, by the Sane Progressive, that came to the conclusion that the massive election steal in California as Hillary claimed victory as the "presumptive nominee" of the Democratic party was nothing less than a political coup that was taking place put on by the corporate establishment of the Democratic party against the people's choice, Bernie Sanders. And that the big, bad anti-Christ Trump was being used as a kind of political blackmail tool to get people to rally behind Hillary, not because of any belief in her or what she stood for, but rather only out of fear of the alternative. I couldn't disagree with her. And Bernie seems to be acquiescing to those blackmail tactics here.


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5. Yet an even more astounding theory...
Fri Jun 17, 2016, 06:59 AM
Jun 2016

... are persons who refuse to examine the number of untraced electronic voting irregularities at the local, state and national election level.

Nothing going on here.... Go back to sleep, America.


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6. So What Is YOUR Explanation of What is Happening?
Fri Jun 17, 2016, 08:23 AM
Jun 2016

I'm sure that you would agree with me, if you have any shred of desire for fairness and openness in this primary election process, that, at the very least, the Democratic party establishment and the DNC has been tremendously unfair to Bernie Sanders. But maybe you are one of those diehard Hillary supporters, in total denial that there is anything rigged or unfair going on.



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13. I have just the quote for such ignorance as yours> It goes like this:
Fri Jun 17, 2016, 02:03 PM
Jun 2016

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance--that principle is contempt prior to investigation." --HERBERT SPENCER
You can keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if you're a fool or open it and remove all doubt. Your comment ignores all the facts and information available which support an investigation.


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4. You're exactly right Fluteman.
Fri Jun 17, 2016, 04:45 AM
Jun 2016

And the key stumbling block in the elections is the use of easily hacked and hackable voting machines and computer systems that are even easier to hack. There is overwhelming evidence (almost entirely statistical evidence since no state, no politicians, no media reporter, NOBODY seems interested in dealing with the elephant in the room) that the results of elections are being shifted in secret by rigging, hacking, maliciously programming, or otherwise messing with the final vote tallies as Rove did in 04 in OH and as somebody else will probably do in OH again and and in many other places again and again until people decide that an UNVERIFIED election is inherently AN ILLEGAL AND UNDEMOCRATIC ELECTION.

The other problems with voter suppression or changing venues or limiting the number of voting machines or changing the party affiliation illegally by using computer hacking for the most part or any of the other multitude of illegal and fraudulent methods for turning the final count in the favor of one candidate or another -- these problems are equally or even (in this particular primary) maybe more important in shifting the vote. And all of these things will have to be addressed.

But the festering infection that is the source of it all is the use of the computer systems to manipulate and alter election results.


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8. That's PANFluteman, Stevepol!
Fri Jun 17, 2016, 08:53 AM
Jun 2016

While there are hundreds, even thousands, of Americans who play the regular transverse flute, I am one of only a very few Americans who play the PANflute. In fact, to my knowledge, I am THE first American to ever play the PANflute! I was a student of the Romanian gypsy master of the Panflute, Damian Luca (you can google him up on YouTube) who was invited by professor Robert Garfias, head of the ethnomusicology department at the University of Washington in Seattle in 1976. Damian Luca had several students at the University of Washington, but I was his best student there, and he encouraged me to keep on playing. Several years later, I was a professional Panflutist with an Andean band in the San Francisco Bay area in the mid nineties - and made more money as a professional Panflutist than anything else I have ever done before or since.

What is the Panflute, you may ask? To that question, my standard answer is: You know the Greek god Pan, who was half goat and half man, and the kind of flute with multiple pipes and no finger holes that he invented? Well, I play the modern, acoustically perfected, concert instrument version of that most ancient and mythical of wind instruments. I not only play the Panflute, but I also make my own authentic, concert quality Panflutes from bamboo.

The most famous player of the Panflute is Gheorghe Zamfir, from Gaesti, Romania, some fifty miles northwest of Bucharest. I have studied with him in Romania as well as with Damian Luca, as well as with other players who have had something to teach me. Damian Luca's uncle Fanica Luca, came from a big family of Romanian gypsy musicians, and sang and played violin and other instruments, but he was most well known as a master of the Panflute (you can google up old recordings of him on YouTube as well). Seeing, in the forties that only a handful of feeble old men played the Panflute, he set out to teach a new generation of musicians how to play this beautiful and fascinating instrument, otherwise, he knew that the art of the Panflute would go extinct. Damian Luca, my first teacher at the UW, being Fanica Luca's first real student (Fanica first tried to teach his son, but he had no aptitude for it) started accompanying his uncle on concert tours, and became a kind of "poster boy" for his uncle's teaching, inspiring other parents to send their children to him for instruction. Gheorghe Zamfir, the famous King of the Panflute, was also a student of Fanica Luca, the gandaddy of the Panflute. The story of how he got into the Panflute is a rather interesting one: He went to music conservatory dead set on learning and mastering the accordion, but the accordion class quickly closed due to lack of interest and enrollment; and so Zamfir was shoved, dead set against his wishes, into the Panflute class of Fanica Luca.


(2,107 posts)
9. You Talk About Electronic Hacking of the Voting Machines, Stevepol,
Fri Jun 17, 2016, 09:04 AM
Jun 2016

But from all the videos I've seen about the big election steal in California, the main mechanism for stealing the primary was to hand out provisional ballots to all those independents who registered NPP (No Party Preference). And, as many black voters know, provisional ballots are usually thrown out and not counted. Hillary's allies at the DNC knew that Bernie was favored by huge margins among independents - so they trained and instructed the poll workers to hand out provisional ballots to independents - which were thrown out, as usual. There were other mechanisms of voter fraud afoot in the California primary, but this was the main one. This is not to belittle or deny that the hacking and flipping of electronic voting machines doesn't also go on, and is a serious problem that must also be addressed.

Snoopy 7

(538 posts)
7. Reality
Fri Jun 17, 2016, 08:33 AM
Jun 2016

I agree with your post but, let's look at the states we know have discrepancies:
NY, AZ, CA, NV & PR for a total of 171 electoral votes. With Hillary at 1705 & Bernie @ 1414 lets do the math if the elections were not rigged:
- 161

+ 161

Now tell me these elections aren't RIGGED...



(9,141 posts)
11. Nonsense. He merely states the demands of the people.We must reveal the Cal fraud.
Fri Jun 17, 2016, 01:44 PM
Jun 2016

The future belongs to the young people who are capable of evolving the party past the DLC establishment primary process which from beginning to end has been rigged to favor the establishment candidate. Bernie's demands are populist and due to the rigging you refer to the best that can be accomplished at present is to push this establishment candidate to stand for the interests of the 99%...the middle class and the working poor and not the big moneyed interests the DLC caters to like Wall street and the Banks in order to get funding. A clown like trump has no chance of being elected president and never really wanted to be president. But the reality show mentality of the Idiocracy got this buffoon to be the nominee but they are the result of republican lying and trash talking. But still, they are not a majority...not even close so now is a good time to change the democratic platform back to represent the working man and unions like it used to do because the majority of the people are looking for some one to represent them. Bernie Sanders is perfect and should be the nominee and non democrats see him as a solution they could back...which gives his supporters a strong voice to change the primary process, and the party a huge reason to listen to the populist demands of the majority of people...not just dems....which is what Bernie is doing here..showing how you can win without corporate wall street money...especially now.


(8,299 posts)
2. I believe that the last
Fri Jun 17, 2016, 02:35 AM
Jun 2016

8 minutes of this video is the most important part. Bernie asks us to go to BernieSander.com/win to find out how to run for political office in your town, neighborhood and state. This is the most important part of his speech.
How WE must get involved.

We must have representatives that have liberal and progressive stances so that we can overturn these 'red' states for a better future. The only way to do this is to get involved. This is our future, our kids' future and our grandkids' future.

Thank you Bernie for your outstanding dedication to our country. Well done.



(12 posts)
10. This man is amazing...
Fri Jun 17, 2016, 10:38 AM
Jun 2016

... when you are not all ego bound to be POTUS, your view and horizon can be much broader...


(15,435 posts)
15. I Doubt Any Of Us Will Every Really Know...
Fri Jun 17, 2016, 10:06 PM
Jun 2016

the actual numbers of those who knew of Bernie BEFORE he decided to run for POTUS or how many knew that HE didn't really want to be the one to do what he's done. He always believed in his message and that it was a message that this country needed to here. He has always been a fighter, but he could see as so many of his followers have come to see that this country could no longer continue down the path we're on.

He finally gave in and I was super happy and have been one of his earliest supporters, but I had no illusions. BUT, I have to say that he has done a magnificent fantastic job in the face of so much adversity. And ADVERSITY is the least you can call it. NEVER in my life have I seen almost the whole Democratic Party come together to keep him from getting his message out. This fact alone should have been clear to so many people who have been activists for a long time. I do have to admit that there are people here who I once thought were well informed and who I felt really believed in the voices of "we the people," but for reasons I'll never understand they decided to IGNORE real facts and turn against what so many of them professed to believe in and simply chose to support a person as if this was some popularity contest.

The name Bernie Sanders will live on long after this election and many will come to realize this man for who he really is. I see posts now saying he should "get over himself" and other comments like this, but they've completely and BLINDLY MISSED the reality of what he wants to do. It's NEVER been about him or his ego... it IS ABOUT this country and "we the people!"

I was raised as a Catholic but left all religion many years ago, but so very many times I've had to say to myself... Father forgive them for they know not what they do, but of late FORGIVENESS is hard to keep in front of me.

There are still times that I wonder if Hillary may not be able to overcome what still lays ahead of her. You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, BUT you CAN'T fool ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME! I think that's the way the quote goes. Regardless, I'm sure people know what I'm trying to say. Many years ago the Clintons started down a certain path, and THAT PATH had many crooks and curves and gravel and pits. They've navigated very well so far, but there's always boulders too!

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