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19. Trump's goons...
Sat Dec 9, 2023, 11:05 AM
Dec 2023

There’s a Republican who is very close to TFG named Roger Stone. He did worse than Hunter. Stone evaded paying $2 million in taxes. Guess what happened? He was allowed to settle and wasn’t criminally charged. Stone leads an extravagant lifestyle almost bankrupting himself. But, Stone practically skates free and goes on grifting.

Rudy owes $550k in unpaid taxes. He wasn’t dragged into court, criminally charged and threatened with jail time. The IRS placed a lien on his home. Rudy lost a great deal of his estimated $100 million fortune due to extravagant spending, legal bills, and 2 divorces. Rudy practically skates free, and goes on begging for money.

Weiss was appointed by TFG. And this case has TFG’s allies all over it: Bill Barr, Rosen, and Donoghue.

The only thing Hunter is guilty of is being a Democrat, and the son of our President.
It'll be a nothing burger. My opinion only. And besides, this has ZERO to do with President Joe Biden. n/t iluvtennis Dec 2023 #1
...which is why there's no reason not to prosecute Hunter Biden if there's evidence against him. brooklynite Dec 2023 #15
probably the same tax thing that was part of the plea deal that went sour Orangepeel Dec 2023 #2
Sounded like it with the PlutosHeart Dec 2023 #3
"What are the charges?" "Don't worry, we'll come up with something." Grokenstein Dec 2023 #4
But it's not the GOP Polybius Dec 2023 #5
My understand there is a Special Counsel, but Garland is probably letting it go forward to avoid claims of favoritism Kennah Dec 2023 #12
That would be....the Special Counsel that garland appointed? brooklynite Dec 2023 #16
I thought the TFG AG appointed him Kennah Dec 2023 #21
The actual weaponizing of the DOJ! SunSeeker Dec 2023 #6
OMG! PSPS Dec 2023 #7
I was all set to vote for Hugh Rodham in 2016 Kennah Dec 2023 #13
This is what actual political persecution looks like Bayard Dec 2023 #8
Even regular people. Captain Zero Dec 2023 #9
H. Biden paid the back taxes. maxsolomon Dec 2023 #10
While not often prosecuted, he wasn't the "1st person" MichMan Dec 2023 #14
Sure but pare that down to just question 21 f Shermann Dec 2023 #18
thanks, that was my point maxsolomon Dec 2023 #22
As someone else noted, if his name wasn't Biden, this would be over. ificandream Dec 2023 #11
The person who noted it was Biden's lawyer... brooklynite Dec 2023 #17
the gun charge wouldn't have been pursued. maxsolomon Dec 2023 #23
Trump's goons... CousinIT Dec 2023 #19
Funny how they indicted him for non-payment when he paid the back taxes and penalities.. Historic NY Dec 2023 #20
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