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41. I always love it
Sun Mar 29, 2015, 09:07 AM
Mar 2015

when repukes are forced to double down on their hate by the bigots who fund their elections. They all must bow to their bigoted masters. That party is a mess.

He's only concerned about the potential loss of $$$$'s, doesn't give a shit about LGBT and RKP5637 Mar 2015 #1
Kinda stepped in some deep nasty stuff, didn't they? mpcamb Mar 2015 #39
"to clarify the intent of the law" Botany Mar 2015 #2
The legislature may "clarify" the law to the point of being MORE explicit about the discrimination! George II Mar 2015 #13
Seeking a do-over without actually . . . MrModerate Mar 2015 #3
Clarification: "Democrats in the General Assembly tried several times to add language Zorra Mar 2015 #4
Yes. Pence is lying again because the lazy and timid media let him do it, seldom asking the tough questions. Fred Sanders Mar 2015 #6
Indeed he has an impossible task. lark Mar 2015 #52
They did today Scairp Mar 2015 #53
+1 Sienna86 Mar 2015 #36
Hopefully this will sink his career instead of springboard it. His delusional silvershadow Mar 2015 #5
Weak central scrutinizer Mar 2015 #7
It's really sad when it becomes an issue about Indianapolis's economy, and not rights. YOHABLO Mar 2015 #8
Capitalism is a pathetic system for civil rights. Only money has civil rights, people, not so RKP5637 Mar 2015 #18
sweet irony The Jungle 1 Mar 2015 #42
Well said!!! n/t RKP5637 Mar 2015 #43
Nothing less than total repeal of that law and it's replacement with a law that totodeinhere Mar 2015 #9
Amen to that! cheapdate Mar 2015 #10
Agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t RKP5637 Mar 2015 #45
So what happens when.... Lobo27 Mar 2015 #11
I was wondering this, too. Perhaps Pence will seek more "clarification." n/t Beartracks Mar 2015 #26
why doesn't he say exactly what rights he is giving to religious freaks Skittles Mar 2015 #12
Seriously! Where does it say in the bible that providing smirkymonkey Mar 2015 #50
Post removed Post removed Mar 2015 #14
I'm sure it's only to make sure Muslims can't discriminate n/m ProudToBeBlueInRhody Mar 2015 #15
Or, if you don't like someone wearing a hijab, murielm99 Mar 2015 #16
It sure looks that way. Looks like it's open discrimination on anyone, just take your pick and RKP5637 Mar 2015 #46
Please proceed, Governor. swimboy Mar 2015 #17
Dude, shut up shenmue Mar 2015 #19
Boycotts can work Gothmog Mar 2015 #20
Indiana needs to be punished otherwise other states will try the same thing. McCamy Taylor Mar 2015 #21
Kicking & recommending hoping that he is not blowing smoke up our asses. William769 Mar 2015 #22
Indiana now equals a waste of gasoline on my way to Chicago. roamer65 Mar 2015 #23
Push all you want Gov. Hate... SoapBox Mar 2015 #24
Ready, Fire, Aim DallasNE Mar 2015 #25
We have people even on this board spreading LIES like Illinois has the same provisions alcibiades_mystery Mar 2015 #27
"Clarification" as defined in the Indiana Republican dictionary: DFW Mar 2015 #28
haha... dhill926 Mar 2015 #49
This guy is really stupid Scairp Mar 2015 #29
Asa Hutchinson Set To Sign Same Bill In Arkansas DallasNE Mar 2015 #31
He is genuinely stupid caraher Mar 2015 #40
Allow me to try rpannier Mar 2015 #30
whats discrimination ? father founding Mar 2015 #32
Keep digging, sh**-for-brains Lifelong Protester Mar 2015 #33
Intent? Cryptoad Mar 2015 #34
He is trying to fool people captainarizona Mar 2015 #35
Yeah, that was my first thought. NT Trillo Mar 2015 #44
However he is too mind-numbingly stupid to pull it off. smirkymonkey Mar 2015 #51
That was fast. He's not gonna "stand up for his principles"? BumRushDaShow Mar 2015 #37
Kiss your presidential ambitions good-bye, Pence. Paladin Mar 2015 #38
I always love it maindawg Mar 2015 #41
Apparantly he's on ABC's "This Week" and totally muffing it. bigworld Mar 2015 #47
Controlling you is the main issue tomsaiditagain Mar 2015 #48
If he can fix it I'm all for it. goldent Mar 2015 #54
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