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Wed Feb 20, 2019, 02:34 PM Feb 2019

You asked for it! The Democratic Primaries forum opens TODAY! [View all]

This discussion thread was locked by Skinner (a host of the Announcements group).

This is kind of important. You might want to read through the whole thing.

There are only 348 days left until the Iowa Caucuses! Which means it's well past time for the official Democratic Presidential primary season to begin here on DU. As usual, we will require that all discussions about the Democratic presidential primary take place in a dedicated Democratic Primaries forum. But this year we are making a few changes that will hopefully improve the experience for everyone. Check it out....


Discussion of the 2020 Democratic Presidential primaries is only permitted in the Democratic Primaries forum, and in the dedicated candidate supporter groups. These discussions are not permitted in Latest Breaking News, Editorials & Other Articles, Video & Multimedia, General Discussion, The DU Lounge, or anywhere else. In certain forums you will be prompted with an interrupt page directing you to post your Democratic primary discussions in the Democratic Primaries forum.


In order to post in the Democratic Primaries forum, you must select your preferred candidate. (If you are undecided, don't worry -- "Undecided" is one of the options.) Your selection is logged by our software, and then presented on your Profile page, and in place of your signature line when posting in the Democratic Primaries forum. Currently you may select from the following: Undecided, Biden, Booker, Brown, Buttigieg, Castro, Delaney, Gabbard, Gillibrand, Harris, Hickenlooper, Klobuchar, O'Rourke, Sanders, Warren, and Yang. We can easily add additional candidates later if necessary, and candidates will be removed when they drop out of the race or officially declare that they're not running. You can change your candidate preference at any time.

Keeping track of members' candidate preferences has the following benefits: 1) When someone posts about the primaries, their stated candidate preference will provide useful context to their post. 2) We can tally the number of people who have indicated a preference for each candidate to get a general idea of how much support they enjoy on DU. 3) We will use stated candidate support as a means to grant access to dedicated candidate supporter groups. 4) We can potentially use candidate preferences to balance the partisan makeup of juries that are called to judge alerted posts, if we deem it necessary. 5) We can use candidate preferences to display or hide posts from candidate supporter groups on the Latest Page or elsewhere.

Members' regular signature lines and avatar images do not appear when posting in the Democratic Primaries forum. Instead, only the special candidate preference signature line appears.

Remember, if you don't want to see posts from the Democratic Primaries forum, you can trash it. Just click the "Trash this forum" button at the top of the forum.

+ The Democratic Primaries forum is here.

+ "If I were to vote in a presidential primary today, I would vote for..." Set your candidate preference here.

+ View current candidate rankings here.


We have added new Democratic primary candidate avatar images to our collection of available avatars. For officially declared candidates there are two avatars, a photo and a logo (potential candidates just have a photo). Currently we provide avatars for the following candidates: Biden, Booker, Brown, Buttigieg, Castro, Delaney, Gabbard, Gillibrand, Harris, Hickenlooper, Klobuchar, O'Rourke, Sanders, Warren, Yang. We can easily add additional candidates later if necessary.

To change your avatar image, click the "My Profile" link at the top of any page (or just click here) Click the "Edit" link next to "Avatar image." Candidate photos are available under the "Politicians" section; candidate logos are available under the "Logos" section.


Sometime tomorrow, we will close down the existing candidate supporter groups. Within a few weeks we will open new candidate supporter groups, incorporating some changes which we will announce later.


In case there is any question, let me be very clear: DU rules apply to the entire discussion forum, including the new Democratic Primaries forum and candidate supporter groups. If you haven't read them in a while, RIGHT NOW would be a good time to go refresh your memory. They are good rules, they make DU better, and we intend to keep on enforcing them. You can read the rules on our Terms of Service page.

To preemptively respond to the inevitable complaints: The rules make clear that constructive criticism of Democrats is always welcome on DU. But if you are incapable of presenting your criticism in a thoughtful, substantive way and end up losing your ability to post, that is YOUR PROBLEM not mine.


All too often in the past Democratic Primary season on DU was a cesspool of toxic partisan ugliness, and I am much too jaded and cynical to promise you that this time will be any different. But I do believe that it is possible (maybe?) for primary season on Democratic Underground to be better than it has been in the past. If you post with the attitude that all of our candidates are good enough, and they're all far superior to Donald Trump, then you should be fine. But if post with the attitude that any Democratic candidate is The Enemy who must be destroyed by any means necessary, then you are going to cause problems for DU and for yourself.

May the best candidate win.

BTW, if you encounter any bugs or problems with the software please post them in this thread. Thanks.

Skinner, EarlG, Elad
DU Admins
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Thank you. MrsCoffee Feb 2019 #1
"Democratic" DownriverDem Feb 2019 #44
I'm with you 100% on that. MrsCoffee Feb 2019 #53
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He didn't quit because he lost JonLP24 Feb 2019 #122
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Mic DROP! ronnykmarshall Mar 2019 #125
Just in time, thanks. nt Grasswire2 Feb 2019 #2
I LOVE HARRIS! But we need votes in the US Senate; Why not do a Dr. Howard Dean thing? Jeffersons Ghost Feb 2019 #95
I agree. We have four members of the Judiciary committee running question everything Feb 2019 #119
YAY! MoonRiver Feb 2019 #3
K&R stonecutter357 Feb 2019 #4
Awesome job! bearsfootball516 Feb 2019 #5
Thanks, Skinner. As late as last week, I'd thought it would be jumping the gun LanternWaste Feb 2019 #6
Why does "You asked for it" almost sound taunting? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2019 #7
I certainly didn't ask for it. DFW Feb 2019 #52
"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!" bhikkhu Feb 2019 #81
Some of us have. Repeatedly. question everything Feb 2019 #120
Love the new approach Politicub Feb 2019 #8
I hope it catches on. lpbk2713 Feb 2019 #9
Thanks! lunatica Feb 2019 #10
Nice! workinclasszero Feb 2019 #11
great now if there was a forum for all twitter posts with no content... nt msongs Feb 2019 #12
Yes I dislike those too. PatrickforO Feb 2019 #91
I'm guessing many either ignored or will ignore the Final Thought. theaocp Feb 2019 #13
Then let them face the consequences True Dough Feb 2019 #25
NICE !!! So does talking about the primaries also mean talking about the candidates? When will ... uponit7771 Feb 2019 #14
Thank you (and I appreciate your final thought). demmiblue Feb 2019 #15
Thanks, guys. DinahMoeHum Feb 2019 #16
true: Democrats need prosecution for Trump-treason Jeffersons Ghost Feb 2019 #96
THANK YOU!!!! Bettie Feb 2019 #17
Please waive the rule on trashing democrats... Maxheader Feb 2019 #18
Bernie isn't a Democrat. SergeStorms Feb 2019 #72
Good job! Maxheader Feb 2019 #75
For purposes of DU, he is. Ms. Toad Feb 2019 #84
Oh THANK the makers of DU BumRushDaShow Feb 2019 #19
Excellent timing Awsi Dooger Feb 2019 #20
Great! LiberalLovinLug Feb 2019 #21
Thanks Skinner, EarlG and Elad! You guys are the best! livetohike Feb 2019 #22
Thanks Renew Deal Feb 2019 #23
LOL CatWoman Feb 2019 #24
I try to steer clear of it too... WePurrsevere Feb 2019 #123
Great idea! Hopefully, this will include moving "the latest polls" into that category, as well. C Moon Feb 2019 #26
This is a wise move True Dough Feb 2019 #27
One suggestion, would be interesting to see a raw total next to each candidate percentage. bearsfootball516 Feb 2019 #28
Hallelujah! ornotna Feb 2019 #29
Question--will the current primary threads in GD be allowed to go on? Maeve Feb 2019 #30
We'll probably lock them shortly. (nt) Skinner Feb 2019 #31
Good. GeorgeGist Feb 2019 #32
k pwb Feb 2019 #33
THANK YOU!!! TygrBright Feb 2019 #34
Just in time. Thanks, dudes! yardwork Feb 2019 #35
Wow!!! Incredible!!!Thanks!!! RKP5637 Feb 2019 #36
Thanks! We appreciate your hard work. Glad to hear GD and LBN will stay clean.... KY_EnviroGuy Feb 2019 #37
Thank you and well done! KPN Feb 2019 #38
Thank you. safeinOhio Feb 2019 #39
Aaaaannnd....we're OFF to the races!!! Yee-ha! Honeycombe8 Feb 2019 #40
Ever thought of running for office? nolabear Feb 2019 #41
It's very gracious of you to include "Sanders" among the Democrats. TygrBright Feb 2019 #42
The rules have been explicit on this issue for two and a half years. Skinner Feb 2019 #43
Excellent, thanks. Might not come amiss to note in a FAQ sticky for the forum itself, though. TygrBright Feb 2019 #46
He is running as a Democrat and could win the Dem nomination, Liberty Belle Feb 2019 #59
What about posting in the state forums? Some potential candidates will have implications hlthe2b Feb 2019 #45
I tend to think that would be fine. Skinner Feb 2019 #48
Thank you. nt littlemissmartypants Feb 2019 #79
Great stuff...thx! NRaleighLiberal Feb 2019 #47
Great idea! Power 2 the People Feb 2019 #49
Are we allowed to . . . Roadside Attraction Feb 2019 #50
Skinner answered that with a link to this ... left-of-center2012 Feb 2019 #71
The first primaries are nearly year away. DFW Feb 2019 #51
Skinner gets an A+ for this. oasis Feb 2019 #54
Brilliant! applegrove Feb 2019 #55
dang. you guys are geniuses. mopinko Feb 2019 #56
very interesting how you have set it up Kali Feb 2019 #57
Agreed. Remember, if you trash Bernie or Kamala or anyone and they wind up as the nominee, Liberty Belle Feb 2019 #58
Agree 100%; save the vitriole for the opposing candidate come 2020. Don't be played. Evolve Dammit Feb 2019 #77
If Bernie ends up as he nominee we get Trump for 4 more years wiley Feb 2019 #87
Nicely done, DU team. MH1 Feb 2019 #60
Thank you DU Admins! ffr Feb 2019 #61
Thank you Skinner, EarlG, and Elad!! ailsagirl Feb 2019 #62
how about not allowing Twitter posts? KayF Feb 2019 #64
Good thinking, Skinner! Thanks! nt LAS14 Feb 2019 #65
Great! klook Feb 2019 #66
Good Idea. MarcA Feb 2019 #67
Just in time. Hallelujah. nt Hekate Feb 2019 #68
Well played. This is a great way to do it IronLionZion Feb 2019 #69
An exciting idea! defacto7 Feb 2019 #70
Thank you, Skinner! sueh Feb 2019 #73
¡Gracias, Skinner! IluvPitties Feb 2019 #74
yay! Arigatou! yuiyoshida Feb 2019 #76
Awesome! Thanks! Wednesdays Feb 2019 #78
Thanks again y'all, for all of your good work. ❤ nt littlemissmartypants Feb 2019 #80
Is there any way to make the poll portraits line up left to right? LAS14 Feb 2019 #82
They are supposed to show left to right. Skinner Feb 2019 #83
Also, the names don't show next... LAS14 Feb 2019 #88
Huh. It works as you say in Edge. The problem is in... LAS14 Feb 2019 #86
I'm using Chrome on Windows 10, and it is working. Skinner Feb 2019 #89
Thanks! That worked. Who knew... LAS14 Feb 2019 #100
Anybody but Bernie wiley Feb 2019 #85
Wonderful! - I've already trashed it! ThoughtCriminal Feb 2019 #90
Thank you, thank you, thank you. argyl Feb 2019 #92
Thanks, Admins! calimary Feb 2019 #93
Thank You. Can there ever be a "ranked choice" option? Steven Maurer Feb 2019 #94
Can there be a "whoever is the Democratic nominee" option ? eppur_se_muova Feb 2019 #97
Eric Stalwell blue cat Feb 2019 #98
If you were to vote in a presidential primary today, would you vote for Eric Stalwell? Skinner Feb 2019 #99
Uh, that would be Swalwell. klook Feb 2019 #101
Thanks! May DU stay civil, may the hackers and trolls be few, and may the best candidate win! FailureToCommunicate Feb 2019 #102
QUESTION re: close down the existing candidate supporter groups MH1 Feb 2019 #104
I think we are not shutting down the Barack Obama group. Skinner Feb 2019 #105
Thanks. What about others, like Kerry, O'Malley? nt MH1 Feb 2019 #107
Not sure. (nt) Skinner Feb 2019 #108
What about The Hillary Group? BooScout Feb 2019 #111
Not sure. (nt) Skinner Feb 2019 #112
Please do not close the Hillary group question everything Feb 2019 #114
+ infinity, question everything! sheshe2 Feb 2019 #117
Yes, Please Leave Hillary's Group Cha Feb 2019 #116
I would like to echo the requests Sparkly Mar 2019 #126
I'm thankful. Good idea. It was getting hard, mahina Feb 2019 #106
All Candidates are good enough romainetarra Feb 2019 #109
half a month short of a year before the Iowa caucuses stevesinpa Feb 2019 #110
Those first two sentences are a joke. Skinner Feb 2019 #113
Thank you for the forum and I love the way people declare who they like Beringia Feb 2019 #115
Whatever candidates go through this campaign apkhgp Feb 2019 #118
Could I post in candidate supporters forums? JonLP24 Feb 2019 #121
What about the states groups? question everything Mar 2019 #124
In 2016, asked for this multiple times but it was never done - why? why now? Justice Apr 2019 #127
Have the rules changed to one mention per state primary comtest? progree Mar 2020 #128
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