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2. Wrong!
Thu Nov 16, 2017, 01:52 PM
Nov 2017

LeAnn Tweeden is a right wing friend of Sean Hannity and this was a deliberate attempt to deflect off of Roy Moore. The video was staged and she was awake, going along with the bit! That makes this thing very different!

Wait, no, she is ALSO claiming, isnt she, that when they were ALONE he Eliot Rosewater Nov 2017 #1
Sanity is not statistical Sailor65x1 Nov 2017 #24
This is one of the most disgusting and frankly stupid things I've seen mythology Nov 2017 #35
Wrong! Chasstev365 Nov 2017 #2
Exactly, and isnt she also accusing him WHILE they were alone, how convenient Eliot Rosewater Nov 2017 #4
+1000 smirkymonkey Nov 2017 #7
Let's see... Maybe you're right, maybe not Ezior Nov 2017 #25
I disagree, when it comes to Hannity its VERY germane to the accusations. Those hacks will uponit7771 Nov 2017 #28
Yes, agreed, but TheCowsCameHome Nov 2017 #3
Agreed True Dough Nov 2017 #5
I don't believe her MFM008 Nov 2017 #6
Me neither. This has the smell of a RW set up. Dream Girl Nov 2017 #37
Not yet. I think it will turn out the photo was staged. kcr Nov 2017 #8
Why then did he apologize to the accuser? brooklynite Nov 2017 #15
He apologized for taking the picture. kcr Nov 2017 #19
The time has come for people to stop telling other people what to do. moda253 Nov 2017 #9
I need to log off now. B2G Nov 2017 #10
Nah, stay and fight the good fight. SaschaHM Nov 2017 #12
Please stay! Really your posts are illuminating ChubbyStar Nov 2017 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author Skittles Nov 2017 #11
DO you have an actual source/quote of this claim? SaschaHM Nov 2017 #13
Do you have a link to the photographers ... Whiskeytide Nov 2017 #16
DU never acquits itself well in these kinds of things. WhiskeyGrinder Nov 2017 #14
Maybe that's because we are all humans with likes, dislikes, biases, contradictions, and failings. FSogol Nov 2017 #20
I'm sick of trial via social media. grossproffit Nov 2017 #18
Yes, this is an incredibly important point. Bleacher Creature Nov 2017 #21
Many people pretend to have absolute knowledge of what may or may not be discussed. LanternWaste Nov 2017 #22
K & R! rogue emissary Nov 2017 #23
Sen Franken is a Democrat, so of course people here will minimize the accusation Lurks Often Nov 2017 #26
It'd be the same. A Man that people like was accused of doing wrong. SaschaHM Nov 2017 #31
Sometimes the line between right & wrong here gets awfully damn blurry Lurks Often Nov 2017 #36
The Republicans have finally found a way to make Moore just a wonderful man katmondoo Nov 2017 #27
questioj if he resigns DonCoquixote Nov 2017 #29
Franken apologized; the victim accepted the apology and said he shouldn't step down brooklynite Nov 2017 #30
No..she's not going to say that..of course not, she's setting up her mates... Kirk Lover Nov 2017 #33
Which incident are you referring to...the kiss or the picture? He said he does not remember the Kirk Lover Nov 2017 #32
I agree. DemocraticWing Nov 2017 #34
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