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15. They've been using weasel words
Sat Oct 21, 2017, 04:00 PM
Oct 2017

to avoid saying the truth outright. Headlines have said shit like, Kelly May Have Been Mistaken in his Remarks. Even after the video was released, the Video Appeared to Show Kelly Misstated the Facts.

yes, when any fool can go online and find the truth....kelly lied..you apologize for a mistake.... spanone Oct 2017 #1
Thank you. It is the inability of the MSM to call a jrthin Oct 2017 #2
How is this the fault of the MSM? Haven't you seen all the reports of the false statements... George II Oct 2017 #12
They've been using weasel words Mariana Oct 2017 #15
Thank you. Your wording is exactly what I wanted to express. jrthin Oct 2017 #22
He's an empty barrel. eShirl Oct 2017 #3
Yes. And white nationalists aren't aggrieved citizens.... charlyvi Oct 2017 #4
He also said that she went up there and said it. Up there at a podium, so no he was not referencing SweetieD Oct 2017 #5
And stupidly, too. The Velveteen Ocelot Oct 2017 #6
Looks like a Trump-designed character assassination of Rep. Wilson. NCjack Oct 2017 #8
Hes an unapologetic liar! arthritisR_US Oct 2017 #7
I don't think he lied at all RandomAccess Oct 2017 #9
You are more charitable than I am. nt Atticus Oct 2017 #10
Not at all -- IMO my version is WORSE RandomAccess Oct 2017 #11
If his memory sucks that bad, he should have found a transcript. Mariana Oct 2017 #16
Or, now that his memory has been shown to be wrong gratuitous Oct 2017 #19
Good point RandomAccess Oct 2017 #21
It becomes a lie when you double-down AFTER video surfaces showing nothing of the sort happened. DRoseDARs Oct 2017 #18
Well, THAT's true RandomAccess Oct 2017 #20
+1 uponit7771 Oct 2017 #23
Some news anchors are finally using the word "lie". BigmanPigman Oct 2017 #13
He said everyone was "stunned" at her remarks. world wide wally Oct 2017 #14
the Chief Bloviator chose Kelly donotpissoffacow Oct 2017 #17
Kelly might be as dumb as Trussia, why waste credibility on this issue !? Just why ?! He could've... uponit7771 Oct 2017 #24
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