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34. true enough
Sun Nov 9, 2014, 04:05 PM
Nov 2014

we have no shot at a real progressive.Hillary is what it is going to be and yes I will vote for her...and i will hate it

WRITE-IN WARREN! [View all] R. P. McMurphy Nov 2014 OP
That's basically my plan, except I expect that there will be better candidates named on the ballots. NYC_SKP Nov 2014 #1
Welcome President Walker! yeoman6987 Nov 2014 #29
I don't care. I won't vote for Hillary Clinton. nt NYC_SKP Nov 2014 #32
Who said you have to? yeoman6987 Nov 2014 #33
Hillary is the best thing that could happen for the INdemo Nov 2014 #30
I love Warren, but DFW Nov 2014 #2
Great plan! rock Nov 2014 #3
lol! Indeed. nt Zorra Nov 2014 #5
Writing in a candidate in the Presidential election is complete fail. Zorra Nov 2014 #4
I am no longer willing to vote for the lesser of two evils. I know there are many others peacebird Nov 2014 #6
Bull. Shit. Rosco T. Nov 2014 #8
Nope. Just saying I will no longer give my vote to the lesser of two evils peacebird Nov 2014 #11
But you will help the 'thug win by lessening the Dem's vote count... Rosco T. Nov 2014 #19
+1 Historic NY Nov 2014 #31
So essentially, you're saying that ... frazzled Nov 2014 #15
No it's cause they don't get a pony... Rosco T. Nov 2014 #20
In states that are sure to go Blue, it's not. NYC_SKP Nov 2014 #7
did we learn nothing from this disaster election? backwoodsbob Nov 2014 #14
Bingo! peacebird Nov 2014 #16
The only solution is world revolution. Not voting for a Democrat is not going to change the system. Zorra Nov 2014 #17
I understand what you are saying backwoodsbob Nov 2014 #18
Yes, I realize that. But they know, and we know, that they have us by the short hairs. Zorra Nov 2014 #26
I 100% agree with that backwoodsbob Nov 2014 #27
I figured you would. Zorra Nov 2014 #28
true enough backwoodsbob Nov 2014 #34
There are no write-in votes in my state. NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #9
Translation: Hi guys, I'm useless. nt Ykcutnek Nov 2014 #10
Well now, that sounds like something a crazy person would suggest. The_Commonist Nov 2014 #12
Kind of early Andy823 Nov 2014 #13
The GOP would just love that.. DCBob Nov 2014 #21
Yeah, that's a winning strategy! n/t beaglelover Nov 2014 #22
How about waiting to see who runs before deciding what to do? MineralMan Nov 2014 #23
Why don't you just write in Ralph Nader? You'll get the same results. eom Cleita Nov 2014 #24
To be honest, if she was the nominee I'm not sure I would be able to vote for her. Bluenorthwest Nov 2014 #25
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