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Seems there is one all ready for you Drew Richards Jan 2014 #1
I hope they have their gubmint birth control pills ready. LuvNewcastle Jan 2014 #2
I know, right? TlalocW Jan 2014 #3
Smoking dope. Rex Jan 2014 #4
Yep. If you want to reel them in, you better have some good shit. LuvNewcastle Jan 2014 #5
I, er...a close friend of mine just got hold of some purple nurple! Rex Jan 2014 #7
Don't keep it to yourself! Share the love and it will come back to you. LuvNewcastle Jan 2014 #13
TY! puff puff pass... Rex Jan 2014 #14
like this? Oscarmonster13 Jan 2014 #18
HAHAHAHA!!! Rex Jan 2014 #20
Another HarveyDarkey Jan 2014 #32
That is awesome! Welcome to DU! LuvNewcastle Jan 2014 #22
why thanks! Oscarmonster13 Jan 2014 #38
It does help someone to relax RainDog Jan 2014 #6
I have friends that call it medicine. Rex Jan 2014 #10
Dr. Feelgood on call! RainDog Jan 2014 #11
just saw a nice message somewhere about how it is such a good medicine that Voice for Peace Jan 2014 #25
Ganja Babe! Bennyboy Jan 2014 #36
We're busy. bravenak Jan 2014 #8
lmao Oscarmonster13 Jan 2014 #19
I know y'all have abortions just for fun. Wicked Democrat. LuvNewcastle Jan 2014 #23
Ask a mercuryblues Jan 2014 #35
christianmingle.com. perhaps loli phabay Jan 2014 #9
We changed our name to alsame Jan 2014 #12
Have you ever considered legcramp Jan 2014 #15
... Rex Jan 2014 #16
If one's idea of "grooming" Aerows Jan 2014 #34
They're all over at my place... MineralMan Jan 2014 #17
Seriously Oscarmonster13 Jan 2014 #21
Inquiring minds want to know... where are teh libido-y women at? The Second Stone Jan 2014 #24
Sadly, birth control pills are often used for "hormone suppression" therapy. The result is often okaawhatever Jan 2014 #28
I use my face for birth control The Second Stone Feb 2014 #43
OMG Hilarious. I've never met a man I wouldn't date because of his face, I've met MANY I okaawhatever Feb 2014 #44
That's why we are so quiet and mysterious at first The Second Stone Feb 2014 #45
Some have no sense of humor here, someone will think this doc03 Jan 2014 #26
congrats on being the first to stir that pile o shit. bettyellen Jan 2014 #30
The Festrunk Brothers were all over this 40 years ago! DebbieCDC Jan 2014 #27
in Huckabee's Viagra induced little brain Glitterati Jan 2014 #29
I was wondering why he would think that birth control could control someone's libido. liberal_at_heart Jan 2014 #39
Nothing else makes sense, does it? Glitterati Jan 2014 #40
I'm keeping quiet and in fredamae Jan 2014 #31
I'd be looking for the ultra-conservative ones Aerows Jan 2014 #33
Well, if we can't get our birth control, we'll be forced pnwmom Jan 2014 #37
Were busy. Kath1 Jan 2014 #41
A Gentleman never tells. FSogol Jan 2014 #42
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