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33. The difference between Conservatives and Liberals on many issues is this...
Thu May 23, 2024, 01:10 PM
May 23

Conservatives often say that "Liberals are shoving ideology down our throats" which is really stupid since most Liberals want people to have the right to exist and do things for themselves in their daily lives. Like you said, on the issue of reproductive choice the operative word is CHOICE. Liberals do not tell other people YOU HAVE TO GET AN ABORTION. If you don't like abortion, don't get one, tell your family and friends not to get one. If you are religious, then pray to your god and have your all powerful, all knowing, omnipresent god stop abortion. We (Liberals) are not forcing anything on anyone. We want people to have a choice about what to do.

On Race and Gender, Liberals want people to simply accept and allow people to be who they are without discrimination. Conservatives say, "Cis, Straight White men are the only group you can discriminate against" which is patently false, you can't discriminate legally against people based on race, sexuality, etc... Conservatives see challenges to their identity being dominant as discrimination. Because White men receive criticism and some social and economic backlash, in the form of protest and boycott against malicious actors; they say they are under attack because they are White Men. No, you are being criticized and receiving and economic admonition because you are acting like an asshole. That is how things work. If I own a store, and I say and do things that people don't like, then I expect some people are going to not want to buy from me or support me. That is just life.

Conservatives absolutely want to dictate to others what is acceptable or not. Liberals also have ideals on how society should look. The difference is that Conservatives actually want to actively dictate and force people to live the way they see fit, while Liberals tend to be more passive and within guidelines, want people to think and act as they wish, as long as they are not actively hurting others.

You know you are handling your coworker just right. Good for you. Srkdqltr May 22 #1
Maybe next time TexasBushwhacker May 22 #2
Steer clear of this person. Hard to do at MOMFUDSKI May 22 #3
You're absolutely right in your response to this very pushy, and nosy person. It's none of her business what SWBTATTReg May 22 #4
Next time she approaches you, calimary May 22 #5
You have more patience than me. Grins May 22 #6
Among other things, it's such an arrogant thing to say. yorkster May 23 #25
Well according to her own Bible... orwell May 22 #7
Oh, what a perfect riposte. 3catwoman3 May 22 #11
It's not just one pushy person - they are all like this TBF May 22 #8
Sixth generation Texan here hamsterjill May 22 #10
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They are all like this DENVERPOPS May 22 #15
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Good for you! tazkcmo May 22 #17
Why can't you be as aggressive as she is? barbtries May 22 #18
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Right on! MLAA May 23 #20
If the opportunity presets itself KS Toronado May 23 #21
I had a maga fundie friend that had been my sister's caregiver. Hope22 May 23 #22
True, but in their small minds they think everyone is their friend because they are so wise. KS Toronado May 23 #23
Lol! Hope22 May 23 #29
We all just have a limit, right? hamsterjill May 23 #26
We try though. Hope22 May 23 #31
take that up with God? Ok, let's do that. patphil May 23 #24
I'm sorry XanaDUer2 May 23 #27
Somehow they ALWAYS assume you agree with them Freddie May 23 #32
I don't EVER assume anyone agrees with me... 3catwoman3 May 23 #34
That's the difference between "us" and "them" Freddie May 23 #35
The difference between Conservatives and Liberals on many issues is this... Caliman73 May 23 #33
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